And now for something completely the same

Aero: I hope you're happy. It took a LOT of sugar to get rid of Flash!

Not my problem. I'm only giving the Adepts some interesting new ... quirks

Aero: Quirks my ass! [Casts Tempest]

[Hair all messy] Grr. You TOUCHED the hair. AERO, PREPARE TO DIE!

[Bats Aero into LEO with combat umbrella produced from Weaponspace]

[Ryoga wanders in, notes that it isn't where he wants to be and leaves] [Garet wanders in, notes that it isn't where Jenna is, thanks Mars, then walks off] [Two lab mice walk through the scene, doing nothing but take up space]

Enough with the gratuitous cameos! I don't own nothing!

[Aero slams into the ground at near terminal velocity]

Aero: That's a double negative! [Casts Ray] Say it right!

[Charred] Fine, I own nothing, not even the cameo gag I ripped off a show called Animaniacs.

[Casts Ply] [Grumbles] It's always the defensive ones.


Part 1b: Nerimian Winds of Change

Ivan sat alone in the bar in Vale. It was dull without the rest of them around, even if they had only been gone for an hour or two. There was nobody to Mind Read, nobody to play pranks on and worse of all, no embarrassing moments to blackmail people with. And to those that lived in Vale, they learned of one of the most frightening forces in all of the lands ... a bored Jupiter Adept.

Said bored Jupiter adept decide to walk about Vale in an attempt to find something to do. It didn't take a genius to see that he was bored. Inwardly, he was wishing for some excitement. He was walking by the Psynergy stone in the center of the rebuilt Vale when he suddenly found himself drenched from hair to foot.

"Why does it always have to be WATER?" A high-pitched voice called out.

"Bwee!" Something else in the water called out

"Oh P-Chan, how did you get here?" Another girl's vice asked, as she plucked the thrashing piglet out of the water

"Probably got lost," the first voice said, with a hint of venom in the voice. She was glaring daggers at the piglet, which was naturally in Akane's death grip and stuffed in her bosom. Odd thing is that the piglet looked like it could get a nosebleed at any moment.

"Quit picking on P-Chan!" The second voice said, before pulling out a Masher Mark 2 and malleted the first girl out of the water and into the Inn's wall, a good 30 to 40 feet away. Those that saw the feat were impressed despite the property damage. After all, Jenna usually used Dragon Fume and Searing Beam to blast Garet through a wall - this new girl did it on strength alone. The crew in the water held up signs reading 10, 6, and 6.

"You've done better little sister." Nabiki said at Akane's death glare.

"She's right, honey." Ukyo agreed.

"Oh my fairest Akane, now that you are ... URK!" Kuno tried to spout, but was malleted into LWO by an extremely irritated Akane.

"Now that Akane, was a ten" Nabiki admitted, watching Kuno sailing into the sky. Ukyo nodded.

It was then that Ivan decided to brave the strange crew. Inching up quietly to them, he decided to Mind Read them first to determine whether it was safe. The familiar rings of Jupiter Psnergy surrounded the adept as he probed the mind of the closest one. The chef twitched, having had some experience in magic, as her mind was probed.

#Just what has Ranchan gotten us into this time, and why does Akane have to hit him all the time?# Were the thoughts that Ivan picked up on the chef. Delving deeper into her thoughts, he saw only what could be described as Really Weird Shit. And that is saying something coming from one that has traveled from one end of Weyard to the other.

Just to confirm the Really Weird Shit that he was reading from the one girl, he decided to walk over to the girl that had now just pulled herself out from the wall. Her fiery red pigtail had some hairs in disarray, and her Chinese vest and pants were sporting minor damage, but he looked fine. The young adept offered a hand to the young lady. Poor Ivan was only tall enough to look into her well-endowed chest. Seconds later, he was passed out on the ground, with a stupid grin plastered on his face and the traces of a nosebleed.

Somewhere, Sheba just got the urge to Spark Plasma something, but shook it off.

Grumbling about perverts and little boys, Ranma-chan just slung Ivan over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and yelled into the hole that she just pulled herself out of.

"There any place that I can dump this kid?" The martial artist yelled into the hole.

"Bring him in, you can use one of the rooms upstairs," the innkeeper yelled back. Ranma-chan did just that.

A short time later, The Nerimian crew was sitting in one room of the in inn various states of dress and undress. By now, Ranma had gotten his hot water and the adepts of Vale were wondering where 'that spunky redhead' was. Also while Akane was removing her clothes, P-Chan had gotten his hot bath and a new set of his traveling clothes. The females of the gang all had robes on while their clothes were being 'Flare-dried' as one kid mysteriously put it.

Kuno had returned from his trip and crashed through in Inn's roof at terminal velocity, and made a crater in the floor where everyone just left him. The blond-haired stranger to the Wrecking Crew was on one of the empty beds, and starting to come to his senses. Unnoticed to everyone, he started to Mind Read the black-haired guy, who was wearing the exact same outfit as the redheaded girl.

Ranma started to sense some form of power being used on him when some voice chimed in his head #Lemmehandleit.Ohbythewaymyname'sZephyr.Nicetomeetyou.#. Not completely understanding what the voice said due to its mile-a-second mouth, he shrugged inwardly.

Ivan's Mind Read was in full swing as he started to peer into the young man's mind. He got as far as a pit of cats when a familiar presence spoke up in the mindscape.

#Nuh-uh.CuriousitykilledtheAdept.Youwannaknowwhattheboy'slifeislike?# Zephyr's voice rang out. Ivan, being the ever-curious Wind Adept, agreed. Poor kid didn't realize that with the Nerima Wrecking Crew, what he could only describe as Really Weird Shit, was in fact a normal day for them. He was shocked out of Ranma's mind by a splash of.

"Ptooey! I'm all wet." Ivan cried out, spitting out a mouthful of water. For the record, Mia had just Doused the young Jupiter Adept.

Glaring at the young blue-haired maiden behind her, Ivan's eyes threatening much pain, though Ivan couldn't actually work up the nerve to hurt the lady. Even Wind Adepts aren't curious enough to piss off the healer . especially since it looked like she was miffed already.

The blue-haired lady, who had walked in a few seconds earlier, was grinning at the stunned Jupiter Adept. She was going to ask the young man where everyone else was, but one look at Ivan and she was too stunned to speak. Ivan looked about, then passed out from pure shock. Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, Ukyo, and Ryoga just looked at the passed out Ivan. The girls started to strike up some small talk with the new arrival

"I feel your pain man," Ranma said to Ivan's unconscious form. Ryoga was just stunned.


Oh yeah, LWO is for Low Weyard Orbit. After all, it ain't Nerima anymore, isn't it Aero. Aero? [Notes Aero] GIMME THAT! I'm not finished writing that!

Aero: [Reading next chapter] You did THIS? The rabid fans are going to be on your ass for this!

Let them, I have you to unleash for a temporary shield.

Aero: And then what?

[Motions to springs that have suddenly sprung up in the room]


No I didn't. [Waves hand] You do not notice the cliffhanger

Aero: [Monotone] I do not no . [Jolts] How DARE you try the Adept Mind Trick! TAKE THAT! [Casts Spark Plasma, Tempest, Blue Bolt and Destruct Ray]

[Dodges them all at Amiguriken Speed, then bops Aero with a gnarled old staff]

Chestnuts - more than just something to roast on an open fire.

[Grins and holds up a bag of chestnuts]

Aero: [KO'ed, complete with swirly-eyed effects]

Beware for when universes blend, crazy stuff will happen. What will happen when the Adepts meet the Amazons and the Ancient Lecher of Nightmares. or even worse, when the Wrecking Crew discovers Psnyergy? Only time will tell.