Author's Note: Here's a new fic I'm writing. Please bear with me, because it's my first R to NC-17 rated fic, and I'll accept praise and constructive critics. This story is dedicated to Matrix Refugee, the biggest Joe lover here, although in this story he has a little participation.

Title: My Birthday Gift

Author: Danielle Swinton

Rating: R (mild sexual content)

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Fantasy

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Disclaimer: David was created by Brian W. Aldiss; Kubrick, Spielberg and DreamWorks own him. The same disclaimer applies to Gigolo Joe. Sabrina Valmont and her friend Brianna are mine.

Warning: Alternative Universe, own characters, mild sexual content, first time (sexual AND to me as writer of this kind of R to NC-17 rated fics).

Notes: Inspired on Laurie E. Smith's awesome (but unfinished) fic "Birthday Girl". My fic takes place in Rouge City, more specifically in "Mildred", one of the clubs Joe shows David when they were looking for Dr. Know.

Summary: On her 20th birthday, Sabrina Valmont receives a very strange birthday present.

"I propose that we built a robot that can LOVE"


"But we ship thousands of Lover models every month!"

"Of course, you're your own best customer, Syatsoo-sama"

"Quality control is...very important!"

Everybody in the room laughed at Syatsoo's last comment. However, besides the amusement it brought, it lit an idea into Dr. Hobby's mind. Maybe they could create a new brand of Lover-mechas...the question


The cold night air running through her body made her shiver into her short blue satin dress. As she played with a strand of her slightly wavy brown hair, her green eyes wandered around the place. "Mildred" was the name of that place, a club, as she recalled. Noisy music, flashy lights, drinks available 24/7, hot people (especially guys) everywhere. It wasn't what 20-year-old Sabrina Valmont expected for her birthday. But her friend Brianna wanted to give her a surprise.

"Okay, I know she had good intentions, but this is NOT exactly what I wanted" she whispered to herself as Brianna, her red-haired friend, gently pushed her to the club's entrance.

"Hey, B...I've been driving 2 hours from Haddonfield to meet you here!" Sabrina said "What's going on, uh? Why are we here?" she asked, with a puzzled look on her face.

"You'll see" Brianna said "You need a little fun in your life"

"But why?! Why here? Why tonight?" the other girl asked.

"Chloe told me about this place during French class" Brianna said "And you need some fun, especially TONIGHT!" she emphasized the last word, which made Sabrina remember something.

That night was her 20th birthday, a very special day for her, not just for another party hanging out with the guys or for the presents she was going to receive, but for the big step it meant. "Turning from 19 to 20 is a big step" she had heard from somebody. And God, whomever who said that, he or she was right.

"Come on, Sab" Brianna said, and Sabrina numbly followed her, with a blank look in her green eyes. The extremely noisy music made her want to cover her ears with her hands, but there was no use. The music kept banging in her covered ears, sending some pain to her head.

A tall, bulky looking man asked them for their IDs, gesture that they found rather stupid, although they looked pretty young for being 20. After a little arguing with the man, the girls sat down in the bar table.

"What can I bring you, ladies?" a tall, red-haired man asked them.

"A Bloody Mary" Brianna said.

"A Coke for me, please-" Sabrina said, but Brianna stopped her.

"Make that a Rum and a Coke" her friend said.

"Brianna, alcohol the last thing I need right now" she said wearily. She was really tired, due to a hard day at school and her office work; the last thing she wanted was to get drunk.

"Oh, please" Brianna said "Can't you just forget about school and work JUST FOR ONE NIGHT?!" she emphasized these last words, and Sabrina nodded, a little annoyed by her friend's pushy attitude.

"Well..." she thought for a minute, then she said to the bartender "A bourbon, please" Brianna surprised at her friend's choice, so Sabrina explained "It's my sister's favorite drink. I want to know what is she so nuts about"

"You got it, girls" the bartender smiled, as he went to prepare the drinks.

As the bartender prepared the drinks, Sabrina took a good look at him. He was well built, maybe in his 20s, with tanned skin, green eyes and fiery red hair. He definitively was one of the most gorgeous men she had seen, but something in him didn't fit for her... there was a slight glow in his face that intrigued her, that blank, artificial look which interested her. But she knew she had seen that before...

"Brianna...wait a minute..." Sabrina finally said "These guys look so perfect...I've seen them before"

"Of course, honey!" Brianna said "These ARE perfect! They're Mechas!"

"What?!" she almost shouted, shocked, then she whispered "You mean...these are robots?!" Brianna nodded, and she said "I knew they were way TOO perfect..."

"Dear, this is a testing agency" her friend explained "Here the new Lover-Mechas are tested to see if they're good"

"And...what does it have to do with me? I mean, why did you bring me here?" Sabrina asked, confused. Her friend smirked.

"I got you a'll see later" she said, when the bartender brought them the drinks.


A tall, young man entered the club, with a blank look displayed in his ocean-blue eyes. He tossed a hand through his fine blond hair, and looked around the place. Loud music, flashy lights, women everywhere. He knew he was made for that, he was built especially for that, but something didn't fit. He was something really special, he knew, a brand-new model as he was told. However, there was still some confusion...maybe because it was his first time...


Alcohol made effect in Sabrina very quickly. She felt more relaxed, more laid-back; she even laughed at Brianna's steamy comments about the men surrounding them. Suddenly, when she looked up, her eyes saw a tall, blond-haired young man walking in the club. He looked at her, with a blank look in his face. She blushed slightly, but Brianna stood up, and grabbed Sabrina's hand, breaking her reverie.

"Here" she said, giving Sabrina a label card "Happy Birthday, honey!"

"What's this?" Sabrina said, as she read the label. It said 'Room 120, 10:30 p.m.'. Her face turned from confusion to stunned surprise "Brianna, can you explain this?"

"You know...since this is your 20th Birthday, you need some new experiences" Brianna said "And...well...I made a booking for you"

"A booking? For what?" Sabrina asked, and then looked around the place, all the lover-mechas in a row; a light appeared in her mind, and she knew why she was there. Her reluctance came out in soft, nervous stuttered words. " didn''s NO WAY I'm gonna-"

"I wasn't kidding when I said I had a surprise for you" Brianna smiled "Sab, this is a whole new experience" Brianna said "These Mechas are amazing; they can do things a real man can't"

"But Brianna...this is so hard, I mean, I haven't EVEN been with a real man! You know I'm a-" she hesitated, as she ran a hand through her sweaty forehead. How ironic. She was still a VIRGIN in her 20s, when all her friends had broken that gap...

"You're virgin, I know. That's why you should start with the best" Brianna tried to convince her "Chloe tried one of them once, and she's been coming here ever since"


The mysterious blond-haired man walked towards the noisy room, and approached the large table at the bar, where he saw two young women chatting. One of them looked really excited, but the other one had a confused look on her face...


"But Brianna, I-"

"No more 'buts', honey" Brianna interrupted her, and then looked up "Here's your present" she added, as a young man approached them.

Sabrina looked up, and she couldn't believe it. In front of her, there was the fine guy she saw before. As he walked closer to her, she could appreciate how handsome he was. His pale skin combined perfectly with his smooth, blond hair. When she looked at his face, that is, she took a good look at his eyes, the most beautiful, deep ocean-blue eyes she had ever seen. His mouth curled slightly, showing a kind, warm smile.

"Good night, ladies" he said, his voice was soft and clear "What can I do for you?"

"She's the girl I told you about" Brianna told him, and took Sabrina by the hand, making her stand up "This is Sabrina. Sabrina, his name is David"

"Nice to meet you, Sabrina" he said with a smile, which didn't seem as artificial as the other Mechas' smiles.

"Brianna, why did you-" Sabrina was going to say, but Brianna stopped her.

"He's a brand-new model created by Cybertronics. The company built him with new advantages, and he looks more realistic than the ones out there" Brianna explained, then she whispered "They've just started to sell him today, and this is the first club who bought you'll be the first person to try him. Think of this way, it'll be his first time, too; you're not the only one!"

"Well-" Sabrina said...maybe it was true, but it still scared her "But, Brianna, he's so real..."

"I know! That's why I chose him to be your present. What? Do you want to unwrap your present here? If you do I don't mind" Brianna joked, and Sabrina rolled her eyes.

"That's not funny, Brianna" she said.

"Have a good night, hunny" Brianna told her, then she whispered into her ear "Tell me everything as soon as you get home!" and she left.

"Well, let's go, Sabrina" David said, and gently grabbed her hand. She numbly followed him to the stairs, trembling slightly, due to how nervous she was.

"Oh, God...what am I going to do?" she asked herself.


Author's Note: I hope you've liked my story so far. And I warn you, if you don't like "R" rated fics, please think twice before reading any further. You'll see why I rated this fic as "R" in Chapter 2 and 3! (don't worry!) Nothing nasty there, just some sweet, romantic stuff.

Please, don't get me wrong. I'm exploring David's character from every angle it can be explored, and I thought it would be interesting to see him ( older version of him) in this situation (and I'll bet you were wondering who the blond-haired man was, before I said it was David!)

Keep an eye open for next chapter, and've been warned about the rating!