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Subj: Win Tickets to the Masters
Date: 12/29/2000 11:10:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
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official site of the Pokémon League

Wants to send 1 Lucky Winner to the Big Show-Down in Cerulean
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Masters ticket/travel package provided by:

Indigoplateau.com has the Hottest Ticket in the Pokémon League
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We're giving away (2) Tickets to The Masters
(2 Saturday tickets and 2 tickets to the Finals on Sunday)

Hotel Accommodations and Round-trip Air

How to enter:
Just Click Here and fill out the form and click submit.
The winner will be announced only in the April 2nd, 2001 edition of the IndigoPlateau.com Newsletter.*

Want to help your odds of winning?

By filling out all of the personal information and signing up for the IndigoPlateau.com newsletter you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

IndigoPlateau.com has a few other ways to help you in your quest to win free tickets to the big show-down in Cerulean.

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By signing up for the sweepstakes those of you smart enough to already be earning valuable points towards free Pokémon League apparel and equipment will receive 7 additional entries.

*The winner of the sweepstakes will be announced in the April 2nd edition of the IndigoPlateau.com Newsletter. So you must be sure to sign up for the newsletter so that you will find out who won.
**Receive 2 additional entries when signing up a friend up to 5 friends
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