Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire


Theory Becomes Fact

Spike had promised eight o'clock, the hour had come and gone. At nine Giles and Wesley had left, telling the rest if Spike and Buffy decided to show up in the near future, to ring them in Wesley's office, and they'd return. It is now almost ten and the blonde couple still hadn't shown their faces.

Gunn, Fred, and Angel had opted to leave around nine-thirty, giving the rest of the group the same instructions as the two watchers had just thirty minutes before.

Lorne having nothing else too interesting to do, had stayed in the room with the Scooby's.

Xander sits across from the anagogic demon, playing some strange form of solitaire. Where from what Lorne could make out the object is to lay out four piles of four cards, flipping the top one over, then proceeding to deal out a card to lay at the side of the first pile, and proceeding by placing the same suit on the card until he could find the next card with the same suit and number, making a new line with it. The green demon watches the one eyed man carefully. Seeing that the cards have to match the numbers he already has lying across the table from the first suit. The young man starts to hum an older song by Michelle Branch as he turns the cards over.

Lorne flinches at the off key humming, but feels the pain that the guy has bottled up. Seeing in his mind the heart break of the young one-eyed lad, he grimaces. The girl was very pretty. He doesn't say anything to Xander opting to keep what he'd seen to himself, the boy didn't need anymore of a reminder of what he'd lost. Plus he didn't want to see a grown man crying at the moment. The humming had changed to some song that the demon couldn't recognize, and he felt a wave of resentment.

Lorne tunes the boy out, looking over to the long, lean form, of the other brunette in the room, the youngest of the Scooby's. She paces the floor, her attention on the Teen People in her hands. She sings quietly to herself the words of the song blaring from the Walkman she'd borrowed from Faith earlier. "Close my eyes. Let the whole thing pass me by. There is no time to waste. Asking why. I'll run away with you. By my side. Lorne has never heard the song, being that he's more into show tunes, and old rock music, but Dawn seems to be enjoying the loud guitar riffs. He watches her intently, thoughts of Orlando Bloom float fleetingly through his mind. He shakes his head. "I've learned to let go, let go, let go. Of this pride. Asking why." Now she seems to have placed her mind on her sister. The girl smiles. He sees the family the girl will have with/without Buffy and Spike. He should tell her of her future, but his attention is dragged from her to the door.

Faith slams in through the door, he smiles brightly at her. "The walls come crumblin', tumblin' down. The walls." The dark haired beauty looks to see him studying her. "Hey, Green Jeans." She throws a hand up in the air, at him. It seems everyone's in a good mood today. He'd seen in that brief instant, that Robin was getting better, after been in the hospital all this time, and that Faith had finally found someone that she may be able to settle down with. He'd seen her with the black man, and they were fighting back to back.

"What still no, 'B'," she exclaims, looking around the room for the short, blonde. "Damn, I know us chicks have stamina, but holy shit." Her eyes grow wide, and she dances off to the beat in her head. Just as she reaches out for the knob of the door, it flies open.

"Damn, 'B'." Faith shouts, looking the two blondes that by all rights are two and a half hours late for their own meeting.

"Sorry, Faith, I didn't realize you were standing there." Buffy knowingly smirks.

"Bull, Slayer." She hears whispered in her ear, as Spike leans down with his lips close to it. She shrugs her shoulders.

Faith stares at her in contemplation. 'Shirt a bit wrinkled, Spikes hair all messy. Oh yeah, B's been gettin' her kink on.' She gives her a slight smirk. "It's five-by-five."

The whole group in the room stares at the blonde, disheveled couple, with varying degrees of amusement.

As soon as Willow had heard them come crashing in, she'd picked up her cellphone, and phoned the rest of the group. She turns to see the two and bursts out in hysterical laughter, and in the process deafens the person on the other end.

Buffy's eyes grow wide, "what?"

She feels Spike place his hands on her shoulders.

Lorne being the only sane one of the bunch at the moment, stands up, walks over to her, and gives an appraising look. "I don't know the crooked buttoning adds some character." He deadpans, as he observes the buttons that are in the wrong holes, and one side of her collar sticking straight up, while the other is tucked inside. he immediately backs away, as he sees the evil gleam in her eyes. His red eyes land on the wildly, unruly curls covering the top of the vampires head, and he smiles. "Hun, I believe it would be best if you went and found a mirror." He directs it a Buffy, but is still looking at Spike.

Buffy turns quickly to her vampire. "Why didn't you say something," she squeaks, and slaps his chest, making a loud clapping noise in the process.

He rubs his chest, and smirks at her.

She sighs heavily, walking passed him, and out of the door.

"You wouldn't ruin a blokes fun? Now would you," He asks in a sarcastic tone. Brushing by the demon, he spots a nice comfy chair to sprawl out in. Which so happens to be a sofa, just big enough for himself and Buffy. He crosses his arms behind his head to wait for her return.

She walks back through the door searching for and finding the bleached vampire sprawled across the sofa in the corner. Her annoyed to no end glare piercing him. "Spike, you bleached moron."

He sits in stunned silence. He'd felt her coming back down the hall, well it wasn't actually a feeling. It was more like he'd never left her side. It wasn't like when he felt her as she approached, and it wasn't in the sense of the good kind of feeling. But like he'd crawled in her body and walked around in it. "What in the Bloody..." his mummble is cut off by her statement, and his eyes fall on her. 'What has her bleeding knickers all in a twist'

"I heard that!"

Xander looks up from his resumed card playing, startled. What? What did you hear, Buff. I didn't hear anything, and I don't think anyone else did either." He quickly glances around the room, getting negative responses from the rest of the assembled beings.

Buffy stands still as a statue, her eyes cold and calculating as she watches the angular face of the vampire slumping on the couch in front of her. "What did you do to me, Spike?" Her teeth are gritted, and she's right brassed.

"Luv." He hasn't the foggiest clue, as to what the sodding hell is going on. He was just sitting here minding his own, thinking of the fun that was had last nigh...Oh!

"Turn around, Sweetheart." He doesn't demand it, but it's implied in his tone.

"What? No! You turn around." Okay so she was going to be petulant, and petty. "There will be no turning around of me, if you want someone turned around, do it yourself."

He gets up from his seat, places his hands on her shoulders, "Pet, quit being your stubborn self and just bloody turn the hell around." She slowly starts to turn under his palms, not too sure of what he's up to. She can feel his hands move into her hair, and she gasps as he moves it away from her shoulder and places it on the left one.

He can see the very raw marks upon her neck even before he gets the hair moved. He couldn't believe that he'd done it. His fangs hadn't just pierced her jugular, but had pierced through it into the muscle. He could tell just by the way the wounds on her neck look. No one else could ever get those marks from her skin, they are the forever kind.


"Whoops! What whoops, there should be no whoops. Why are you saying whoops?"

He knew that she'd be frantic, but he didn't expect to see worry, and a little of bit of fright in her eyes as they turn to look upon him. He staggers back hitting the edge of the couch, as the feelings hit him.

He quickly grabs her shoulders, switching their positions, and making her gently sit on the edge of the seat. Squatting down in front of her he takes her hand in his. "You know that thing we were discussin' last night?" He asks it with an underlying uncertainty,

Her brows scrunch together in thought, and as it dawns on her, he feels it.

She nods yes.

"Seems the demon got tired of waiting, took the matter into his own hands." He looks down at the floor, giving her a submissive gesture. "He loves you just the same as the rest of me, an' he wanted you to be his."

Giles, Wesley, and the rest of the Fang Gang had entered the room just as Spike had hit his knees in front of Buffy. They'd listened to the whole explaination, a low growl emanating from Angel the whole while.

Suddenly, Angel tries to break through the barrier Giles and Wesley had formed with their bodies in the doorway. He hisses and snarls as the two Englishmen, and the black man behind him try to keep him from killing his grandechilde.

All eyes in the room land on the group of men in the doorway, at the vamped out commotion of Angel.

Wesley and Gunn, drag the struggling to get free Angel back down the hall, with the aide of Lorne, who'd come over as Giles let go of his bosses arm.

Giles steps into the room proper, pushing his glasses back up his nose, and looks at the blonde couple. "It seems, Buffy." He's gotten her attention. "That Spike has inadvertantly 'Mated' you."

Buffy's eyes roll at the obviousness of that conclusion. "I'd sort of figured that one, Giles." She smirks at the stricken look the watcher gives her. "Since, it was what we'd been discussing last night."

"Wait!" Willows voice is heard from the other side of the room. She looks at the Slayer and watcher in confusion. "I thought that Spike had already claimed her, isn't that the same thing?" Her red brows draw together, as she thinks it through, and comes up with bumpkiss as a conclusion.

"A claim and a mating are very similar in nature, but they have a few subtle differnces, Willow," Giles says in explaination, his attention now focused on the red haired witch. He straightens out his shirt. "A claim only means that if another vampire desires to have her in his bed he cannot, even if she desires him also. An example of this would be: Angel for instance still wants her, but can't act on that desire because of the claim Spike has on her. But if something were to happen to Spike, Angel could claim her for himself. A claim can be null and void if the vampire that has claimed has been dusted or found something else to strike his fancy."

The room has become suddenly quiet at the explaination, all eyes are trained, intently on Giles.

"OOOOKAY!" Willow nods her head in understanding. "So a claim can be revoked, but only if something happens that gives another vampire the opportunity to claim a participant that's part of the original claim."

"Yes, exactly." Giles agrees whole-heartedly. "But with a mating. It's more like a marriage, one that even if you wanted to you couldn't divorce your mate. Angel knew the second that we approached the door what had occured. He realized that no matter what, he'd never get Buffy back. He also knew that with the claim, if Spike decided he didn't want her anymore that he'd be able to claim her for himself. That's why he didn't really go off the handle the way he just did. He realized with this developement he'd never even hope to have Buffy again. The mating is forever. She is Spikes, and Spike is hers. They shall never be apart again."

He stands there in the silence taking in all of the confounded looks that come his way. "With this happening, I truly believe that the reason we are here should be addressed."

Everyone sits up straighter, their eyes still trained on him.

"Um, shouldn't we wait for Wesley?" A Texas brawl comes from the doorway.

"Excuse my manners, Fred. But I believe that Wesley has his hands full at the moment."

Fred blushes, she'd forgotten about Angel acting like an overprotective boyfriend, in which he isn't. Boyfriend that is. "Sorry, I forgot."

"That's quite alright. Anyway, the reason were are here." Giles glance over to the blonde couple, both now occupying the sofa. "Wesley and myself have found an answer to your, dilemma." His glasses are snapped from his nose, and the tail of his shirt now shines them nervously.

Buffy smiles, warmly at him. Which eases his nervousness.

"It seems that when you clasped hands with Spike down in the Hellmouth, a term called Soul Tranference occurred. The amulet was meant to work off of the soul of the champion of the good. Which in this case just so happened to be Spike." He nods his head in the direction of the blonde vamp, and gets a smirk for his effort. "When your flesh came in contact with his," he says pointedly to Buffy, "the amulet took on the strength of your soul, also. The power of the combined souls, in all respect, overloaded the blasted thing. The amulet didn't know what to do with two champions souls, so it let you go, and kept Spikes. Which is probably the only reason that you survived the collapse. Even though the amulet let you go, in the interim the brief time that you'd clasped hands your souls had begun to meld together. In a sense you were already mated, just not in the vampire sense of the word."

"EEWW! Buffy and Spike are smooshed together. How gross."

"Not smooshed, Dawn," Giles reprimands, glaring intently at the teen. "Their souls are eternally linked to one another. Where Spike soul may end up, then it's very likely that Buffy's will be there too. They may not be the same two people, but it will be the same souls. It seems as though they have become Soul Mates, in the truest sense of the words."

"Oh, my god! You mean that Deadboy JR. and the Buffster can never be seperated? For eternity?"

Giles lets out an exasperated sigh. "Yes, Xander. They are eternally bound together."

"Way, wiggy, G-man."

"I concur to your assumption, Faith."

The comments keep coming his way, Giles tries to answer them all to the best of his knowledge. Mostly just agreeing and moving on to the next.

Sitting on the couch, Buffy and Spike ignore everything but each other, their gazes never waivering from the eyes they are connected to. They sit there thinking, 'no matter what, we'll always be together. As if reading each others minds they lean towards each other, and lose themselves in a passion filled kiss.


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