A/N: So, its been awhile folks. Like two years! In that time I've watched more anime and changed my penname. I used to be Bulmayah325. I realized that name didn't make sense. (What was I thinking?) Now with a new name I feel inspired to write. I know I've left you hanging on some other fics and I'll do my best to remedy that. (If you even care anymore.) My anime background has become a lot broader and I hope to maybe write some other fics too. I haven't seen most anime of them all the way through though. Well, for now, this is as much as I can handle!

The story takes place in the world of Fruits Basket, sometime after the series ends. I haven't read the manga, sorry. (I think its still just in Japanese and other languages.) The plot revolves around Momiji, Hatsuharu, Akito and Kyo. (Definitely Haru x Kyo, not so sure about Akito x Momiji it's a little creepy. I'll see how it comes to me.)


New A/N: Now that I've finished this story (two years later), I've gone through the chapters, and tried to edit some of my mistakes (before my lovely sister Madgicai started beta reading for me,) I've read up to chapter 107 in the manga and know many spoilers, but Akito is how he appears in the anime. And that is how he will forever be in my heart. This story is Akito/Momiji, beware. I don't know what came over me, but that pairing works, I swear.

This story has been part of my life for two years, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Disclaimer: HotaruKat only owns the characters of Fruits Basket in her own head. She's pretty sure that in the real world they belong to someone else.


What would a life alone be like?

The garden had again erupted with life as winter turned to spring. Akito, quiet as death, rested his weight on the sill of his circular window and gazed at the birds through half lidded eyes. None of the creatures noticed the person silently spying on them, except one wren, who carefully hopped closer. Slowly, Akito stretched out a thin hand to the wren. With a 'chirrup,' it happily landed on his fingers.

The door in Akito's room slid open, and the birds scattered to the air. Akito didn't move after the wren had flown from his hand.

"Akito, it's three o'clock."

"I know Hatori." Akito slid from the window and let the doctor poke and prod him.

"Sorry to disturb you," Hatori sighed as he finished.

"Don't lie Hatori," Akito hissed. "Besides, the birds will come back." They always come back. "Just leave."

Hatori left as soon as Akito had finished speaking. He returned to the window and waited.

When he was little, Akito had asked for all the birds to be removed from the Sohma estate. Hatori promptly answered that was impossible; birds could go wherever they wanted. Anger and jealousy of this truth had forced Akito to throw a stone at a thrush outside his window. He wasn't sorry for its death, (he wasn't sorry for anything), but a strange feeling had possessed him as he watched the bird try to fly with its broken, bleeding wing. Birds don't even know how free they are. Akito watched the outside world. All he could do was wait, but no birds came to his window.


"Come on Haru!" Momiji skipped after his classmate. "Let's go see a movie! There's a new one out and…" He ran up behind the taller boy and started to tug his sleeve. "PLEEAASSEE!"

Hatsuharu continued walking, left arm pulling the rabbit, who desperately tried to stop him. When Momiji let go, Haru fell facefirst on the path. The rabbit had looked over at the gardens to gaze at Akito, leaning out his window.

"Hey Haru?"

Hatsuharu got up and dusted himself off. "I have plans today," he said.

"No it's not that...Don't you think Akito gets lonely?"

This question startled Hatsuharu, and he turned to look at the familiar figure across the gardens. "I'm sure he is. But, that's how you get when you're evil."

"Haru! That's not nice."

Hatsuharu snorted. He had never trusted Akito, especially after seeing the fear on Yuki's face so many times. Why would Momiji care?

"All I'm saying is that people act the way you act to them. Last time I checked Akito wasn't the nicest person to people who could be his friends." Momiji nodded absentmindedly, still looking at Akito with (to Hatsuharu's horror) a look of pity. As if he had heard Haru, Akito turned his head to look at the two. "Come on Momiji, lets go."

Hatsuharu grabbed Momiji's wrist and pulled him toward the mainhouse gate.

"Does that mean we're going to a movie!" Momiji beamed.

"No, we're going to Shigure's house."


Momiji trapsed behind Hatsuharu. He wondered what had brought about such an odd sense of compassion for the person he probably liked the least out of everyone he knew. Momiji was the self appointed therapist for the Sohma family for as long as he could remember. He thrust his own sad life under a phacade of happiness and helped (mostly emotionally) the people he thought needed it more than he did (which was everyone in his opinion).

The only person he had never noticed was Akito. Well, Momiji had tried to cheer him up once, about seven years ago. The result had been…a shoe thrown at his head? Akito threw so many things it was hard to remember. Momiji had started laughing and then Akito had reached for the china vase…

That was then. Since Tohru had started keeping an emotional check on the lives of many of the Sohmas, Momiji had started feeling a little less needed. He certainly didn't wish to be the only sane one again, but Momiji did need a challenge every once in awhile.

I'm going to help him!

Momiji looked up from his reverie to see where on earth Hatsuharu was leading him…

"Haru, where are we?" He looked around at the assortment of shops on the crowded street.

"…" Haru had been wondering that for the past fifteen minutes. "I think I took a wrong turn."

"That's okay!" Momiji took the lead at a gallup. "I know where we are now. Shigure's house is…this way!" Hatsuharu shuffled behind Momiji.

What was he thinking?