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The Morning After

by lime_lizard

This is a Sorato. Yes, I do like Taiora, but I'm also quite open for some Sorato action. They're cute together...whether they are ever actually 'together' or not. This is kind of a bit of a depressing Sorato, though. I don't think it's actually sad, but something bad happens to Sora... please, review for me! Oh, right ages...Hmmm...Sora is 15-16. You can figure everyone else out from that.

~ lime_lizard

NO insult is meant to Tai's hair. I repeat: NO INSULT. (I adore Tai's hair - kawaii, ne?)

A/N: Thoughts are ITALICIZED

Show me your smile;
I know It'll Be All Right

~ Takeru, "Be All Right" (trans. to English)

Part 1: Want to dance?

It wasn't supposed to happen like this...I swear...it was just one night...but I guess that's all it takes.


The morning had gone by relatively for Sora Takenouchi. Get up, eat some eggs, say bye to mom, walk to school, Math, Vocal...

Yep, pretty boring.

Sora sat in the cafeteria at lunchtime, waiting for her friend Taichi (or Tai as he liked to be called) Kamiya to come and eat with her. She sat patiently, her lunchbag in front of her. Not open, of course, because she wouldn't eat until everyone was sitting. So, basically, she would starve if Tai didn't hurry it up. She finally spotted him, coming into the cafeteria, along with his lunch. But, everyone saw him, too. How could you miss that hair? Tai spotted Sora as well, and made his way over to the table at which she sat.

"Hi, Tai. How was your morning?" Sora asked, smiling, as Tai sat down across from her.

"Oh, it was okay. How was yours, Sora?"

"I have math in the morning."

"Ohhhh...that bad?"

"Meh, it wasn't terrible," Sora said, opening her lunch bag. She pulled out a sandwich container, and proceeded to open that, too. "Vocal was cool. Mr.Sakamoto taught us this cool new German song...or whatever."

"Cool," Tai said, reaching into his lunchbag, like Sora had. He started to rummage around.

"What, is it like a bottomless pit in there? Sheesh!" Sora said, jokingly.

"Hey, did you hear..." Tai said, the end of his sentance trailing off into his lunchbag.

"A baking powder?" Sora said. (A/N: Let's hope you've seen Wayne's World. Come on, who hasn't?) "Try not to talk to the table next time...I don't think it really cares."

"Funny," Tai said, bringing his head back up. "I said, 'Did you hear that Loralei is having a big party Friday night?'. Cool, huh?" (another A/N: her name is pronounced "Laura-lee". Pretty, huh? I like that name.)

"Yeah, cool. Who's Loralei?"

"Oh, you know her...that hot girl in our grade!"

"Tai, but you think all the girls in our grade are hot, 'cept for me," Sora said.

"Hey, wait, that's not fair! I do not...just some of them...a lot of them...And I never said I didn't think you're hot, I just don't have an opinion cause you're, like, my best friend, and..." Tai said, when he noticed Sora was given him a 'oh, sure...' look. "Ah, forget it."

"I'm just joking, Tai. You know I still love ya."

"Wow, what a relief! I was getting worried there..." Tai said sarcastically. Tai stood up and got out of the table.

"Where ya goin'?" Sora asked.

"Crazy, want to drive?" Tai responded. Sora stuck her tongue out at him. "Calm down, I'm goin' to get a Pepsi."

"Oh, okay. Could you get me one, too, please?" Sora asked.

"Yeah, sure. Back in a flash," Tai finished, then walked to the vending machine.

Cool...a party. Maybe...nah. Well, I guess I COULD ask Matt to go with me, but he's got, like, 100 girls practically *hanging* off of him...Oh well, it couldn't hurt to try... Sora thought. She sighed aloud, probably enough for everyone in the whole cafeteria to hear her.

"What's wrong?"

Well, enough for Tai to hear.

"Oh, nothing," Sora said, a bit of sadness resonating in her voice.

"Oh, yeah, nothing, I'm just pining over Matt again..." Tai said, mimicking Sora's voice. He placed the two cans of Diet Pepsi on the table in front of them.

"I do not sound like that, and so what if I am?"

"Oh, nothing. I just enjoy making fun of people," Tai said, joking. Why can't you like me the way you like Matt, Sora? It's a bit unfair.

"Oh, that's very gracious of you. So, are you going to the party on friday?"

"Yeah, what do you think? You're talking to Mr. Party Wild guy!"

"Right, forgot," Sora said, sarcastically.


The rest of the week was, again, relatively slow for Sora. Well, seeing as it was Tuesday and all, boring weeks were quite possible. Sora walked down the hallway towards her locker, then stopped in the middle.

I gotta talk to Matt... Sora thought. He's gonna be taken if I don't ask him soon...

Sora looked at her watch. It read 8:50am. Class would start any minute. But, she did have first period math with Matt. It's only Tuesday.. How lined up can this guy be?

Just to Sora's luck, Matt walked by her at that moment, on his way to get his books. She took the opportunity.

"Hi, Matt!" Sora piped up. Matt stopped, then looked to see where the voice that had called his name was coming from. He smiled when he saw it was Sora.

"Oh, hi, Sora! What's up?" he asked.

"Oh, not much. Mind if I walk with you?"

"Not a problem. Just getting my stuff for first. Come on, let's go!" Matt replied, starting to walk. Sora fell into step with him. "So, hey, you heard about Loralei's party on friday? The whole grade's invited."

"Yeah, sounds cool. Tai told me. But, I still don't know who Loralei is. Oh, well. Maybe I'll meet her there or something," she suggested.

"You goin' with anyone?"

"No, not yet...if not by friday, Tai and I'll just go friendish-ly or whatever."


"My new word. Mock it if you must. Anyways, why do you ask?"

"Oh, I just wanted to know if you were going with anyone to know whether to ask you to go with me or not," Matt said, happily.

"Really?" Sora blushed.

"Yeah, you wanna go with me?"

"Okay! Hey, you know, I was actually just gonna ask you...I was kinda afraid someone would have already asked you."

"Oh, actually they did, but just a bunch of ditzy girls who only want a chance to date the quote-unquote 'hottest and most popular guy in school'. Typical girls." Matt explained to the redhead.

"Gotta agree with you on that one." Sora stopped walking, as they had reached Matt's destination: his locker.

"Well, I gotta get my books, and I think you are in need of your math books as well. You go get em, and I'll see you in there. 'Kay?" Matt said. Sora smiled. Matt is so nice... she thought.

"Okay, I'll seeya. And thanks, Matt!" Sora said, waving as she left the blond boy. She smiled widely as she walked away.


Sora got through the morning, that 3-page long math test, the continuation of the cool German (or whatever) song, then it was time for lunch.

"Hey, Tai. How was your morning?"

"It was okay?" Tai asked.

"Were you even there for it?"

"Not completely. How was yours?" Tai asked. Sora smiled.

"Well, I had a math test, sang...oh, then there was the part where Matt asked me to the party on Friday..."

"Matt? He actually asked you? What happened to his line up?" Tai joked.

"Meh, he turned them all down."

"Oh, I see..." Tai said, wondering. "But wait, now I won't have anyone to go with!" he sulked.

"Oh. Sorry. Well, why don't you go with Mina or something?" Sora suggested.

"Oh, that's a possibility...I like Mina. She's hot, too."

"Eww...that's like saying you think MATT is hot..." Sora shuttered at the thought of Tai liking Matt like that. ***

(*** A/N: Who's Mina? Ha...I'm not telling you anything...I've got a fic coming soon about her.)

"Whatever. And don't talk like that, missy...or you'll be in a lot of trouble. Well, do you think it would be okay with Matt?"

"Well, he never specifically said 'Tai can't go to the party with Mina', so it should be alright." Sora said, a little on the joking side. Sora and Tai finished their lunch, then headed off to English class together.

So, how was part one? Good, I hope. Please review! Sorry it just kinda ended like that...I didn't want it getting too long.

an ADD-ON...

I have another...well, wait, I can't call it a fic, 'cause it's not...whatever. Anyways, I need to post it at the end here cause it's too short for it to be by itself...

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Kari [seductively]: Hey, TK, why don't you come over here and energize MY digiarmour...

...and yep, that's it. See, told ya it was too short to be by itself! See, each part is each digidestined, and I'm not clever enough to come up with a whole bunch of things at once. Really, this quote here could be used on anyone, like Yolei to Davis, or Matt to Sora, I just chose Kari cause I'm a HUGE Takari 'shipper.