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Gunsmith Cats: A tale of two wild guns

Chapter 1: Another Boring Day on the Job

It was a beautiful day one morning as the leaves started to form on the trees, the green leaves appeared in the trees as the roads in downtown Chicago were busy. It was right after January as people were going about their daily business. It seemed very quiet back at the store as Rally was cleaning her CZ-75 at the store counter and May was organizing her explosives by color and size as Becky hasn't reported any cases to them since the Radinov case a long time ago. Rally sighed to herself as she wiped the slide carefully while May had a smile on her face since she was thinking of her boyfriend, Ken, whom she hasn't seen in a long time.

"Man.I can't believe on how boring this month has gotten." Rally said as she looked over at May while she was almost finished putting her CZ-75 back together.

"I know what you mean, Rally.but at least I have time to buy Ken a present for Valentine's Day." May said happily as she finished organizing and headed over to Rally, checking the calendar and smiled softly as she looked over at Rally. "What are your plans for Valentine's Day, Rally?"

Rally looked at May as she herself knew that she wouldn't have any plans for Valentine's Day, even though she would be alone while May and Ken would have their own plans. It was about this time that she had not thought about getting a boyfriend as she looked at May still. She actually felt jealous for May that she had someone to love unlike herself.

"Oh, well.I have plans, I just don't want to talk about it." she then said as she tried to hide the truth, the slide on the gun making a loud click as it shifted back into place. "Anyways, how about we close up shop early for today so we can go get something to eat?" she said as she changed the subject.

"Sure, just got to check over a few things." May said as Rally had left to go put up her apron and set it on a hangar, going into the garage. May stared at her for a moment as she started to see if the front door was locked along with the other stuff. She couldn't help but feel sorry for Rally since she didn't have a boyfriend and Ken had planned out his and May's Valentine's Day in advance for when he comes down to see her.

In the garage, Rally walked over to her 1967 Shelby GT 500 as she unlocked the driver's side door and opened it, getting it as she waited for May to get done. Rally had time to think about how she was going to plan her Valentine's Day without having May try and help her, not wanting to ruin May's plans with Ken. She continued to look at the dashboard of the Shelby as she sat there.

May had just finished closing everything else up as she headed to the garage of the shop as she got into the passenger side, making Rally snap back into reality and start up the car. The loud roar of the engines had echoed inside the garage as the two backed out of it and headed off for their house.

Rally continued to drive through the city as she sighed some, slowly looking back at May after she pulled up to a red light "How about you choose what we eat for today, May? I'm not in the mood to choose tonight," she said normally as she held onto the steering wheel with both hands. May saw this as she nodded some and looked straight ahead "Alright, Rally." she said as she chose pizza for dinner. Rally always used to argue with May that they always get pizza when May chooses and May argues back that Rally always ordered chinese food. As the light then turned green, she pressed her foot on the pedal as she drove from the traffic light and headed to her and May's house.

The house was a blue and white one as it was a two-story house. It was located in a quiet neighborhood near the city as the roar of the Shelby GT 500's engines came to a halt when it reached the house. May and Rally stepped out of the car as the night sky looked so peaceful with the stars shining brightly. Rally headed into her room as she had changed into her usual outfit as May would always wear her favorite Cubs t-shirt. The two sat in the living room as the TV was on.

"Well.today was pretty good, I guess." May said boredly as she sat on the couch, flipping through the channels as she yawned some. Rally walked over to May as she had sat down next to her. Rally wore a black sports bra with a pair of panties as she tossed back her hair some. "So, have you and Ken talked about what you two will be doing this Valentine's Day?" she asked as she held a can of soda in her hand.

May blinked some as she looked at Rally with a blank stare and then smiled widely. "Yes, but he said it was a secret to me. Ooh, I bet it's going to be something so special." she said with a grin on her face, which this made Rally feel depressed inside as May took a bite of her candy bar. Rally then looked at the TV screen as she thought to herself "Wow.May really has her Valentine's Day planned.". May finished her candy bar as she tossed the wrapper in the trash, heading upstairs as she yawned softly. "I'm going to head off to bed, Rally." she said as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

Rally nodded to May as she looked back at the TV, sighing sadly to herself as she grabbed the remote and turned it off. She too walked up the stairs as she went up to her bedroom and got into bed, looking out the window as she then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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