Gunsmith Cats: a tale of two wild guns

Chapter 5: Win or lose, everyone wins

Rally woke up the next morning to find that May been close to her, looking straight at her with a smile on her face which scared her for a bit. The scare caused May to fall back and hit the ground on her head. The reaction had made Rally's heart skip a few beats as she sat up and looked down at May.

" it next time, Rally..." May said as she got up and rubbed her head some. Rally yawned softly as she stretched her arms a bit. "Well, it was your fault for being in the room when I woke up, May..." she said as she then got on the bed and sat beside Rally with a grin on her face. " did the date go?" she asked curiously with the grin on her face.

Rally looked over at May as she thought for a moment, wondering if she should tell her about it as she nodded a bit "It was good..." she said as she then remembered back to the kiss that Kaneda and her made before she went to bed, which made her blush a tiny bit. May saw this as she grinned even more, watching Rally still

"Come on, know you enjoyed it..." May said as she had set her hands in her lap. Rally nodded shyly as she blushed more, knowing that May was right. She tossed some of her hair back as she yawned some. The sun from the window shone through the glass as it reached the end of her bed.

"Kaneda and me had a great time on our date..." Rally said finally as she had gotten out of bed and stretched her arms. She walked over to the window and sighed contently, her arms wrapped around herself as she stood there with a soft smile on her face. For once in her life, she felt complete in her life and Kaneda was the one who made her life so complete.

Elsewhere, Bill was heading down the sidewalk as he had sighed some, his hands in his pockets as he had a depressed look. "Maybe I should just forget it...Rally is never going out with me and she probably found someone other than m-" he said before he had bumped into a woman about 19, looked like she was walking to her house from a college or something as he looked at her.

"I'm very sorry, miss..." he said as he had held out a hand to the girl and helped her up. The girl nodded as she looked up at Bill and was helped up, holding his hand as she had nodded softly to him. "Thank you very much..." she said as she watched him. She nodded to him as she started to walk off. "Can I take you out to lunch sometime, miss?" Bill said as he stood there. The girl nodded as she turned to him and held out her hand "My name is Whitney...but you can call me Whit for short.." Whitney said with a smile as she shook his hand.

Bill shook his hand as he smiled softly to her "It's nice to meet a cute girl like you, Whitney. My name's William Collins." He said as Whitney then handed Bill a card with her phone number on it as she smiled softly "Here's my number, call me sometime" she said as she waved goodbye to him as she left. Bill looked at the number as he smiled widely, grinning "Well, that turned out right" he said as he had headed off to where he was going.

Back at Rally's house, May and Rally were hanging around the house as Misty and Becky came back over to hear all about Rally's date with Kaneda. Becky grinned as she hugged Rally. "Congrats on your date with him, Rally. I knew things were going to go right." Becky said with the grin still on her face. Misty nodded some as she had her hands folded in her lap, looking at Rally. "I'm glad you had a fun night, Rally." She said as she smiled softly.

Rally nodded to both as she coughed a bit by how tight Becky was hugging her "Becky, you're using too much pressure." Rally said as Becky then stopped hugging and nodded some. "Well, it wouldn't be right if I didn't hug you just right." She said with a grin as Rally shook her head "You're strange, Becky."

The girls talked all through the day until Becky and Misty had to go, leaving Rally and May to themselves as they walked off. Rally walked over to the TV as she sat down and turned it on, watching the news as she sighed some "Well, this has been a boring day, May." She said as she had sat there. May had gotten herself a soda as she walked over to where Rally was.

Later that night, the two had been sitting on the couch as they were watching a scary movie. Rally, getting so into the movie as much as May was, had her knees to her chest she clutched them tightly. A big bowl of popcorn sat between the two as they continued to watch it. On screen, a girl had been running through her house, scared of a stalker who had been creeping inside her house.

May shivered in fear as she grabbed some popcorn as she watched the movie, looking over at Rally from time to time as she sat there. Rally also grabbed a handful of popcorn as she too shivered in fear. The tingling on her back grew worse by the minute as the girl on TV had wandered into a dark hallway. Rally's eyes widened as a soft whisper came from her lips "Don't go in there. He might be waiting to get you."

Just then, Rally and May watch as everything had gone silent for a moment. The silence of it all had the hairs on their backs stand up on end as they had their gaze toward the TV. Not a sound was made until the loud tone of the phone along with a high pitched scream then filled the air. The noise of the phone had made both girls jump out of their seats on the couch as the popcorn bowl flew with them, landing on May's head.

May layed on the floor with the bowl on her head while Rally was on the couch still, their hearts beating quickly as they panted. Rally answered the phone as she was still shivering from the shock. "H-hello?" she said in a scared tone. Kaneda's voice was on the other end to calm down as she smiled weakly "Oh, hello Kaneda." She said as she layed there, her heart was beating as she laughed nervously.

May slowly lifted the bowl from her head with a finger as she glared at Rally "Well, that was so rude of him to do that to us during a movie." May said as she had some popcorn on her from the fright. The floor was littered with pieces of popcorn as Rally talked on the phone.

"Sorry I scared you, Rally. I didn't think you were watching a movie." Kaneda said in apology over the phone. Rally nodded softly as she smiled "Heh, it's alright, Kaneda. I forgive you." May saw this as she started to mimic Rally, which ended up getting hit with a cushion in the head though the bowl was used as a helmet.

"Anywho, would you like to go out on another date?" Kaneda asked as he was at his house, making dinner as he had a movie playing on his computer. Rally blushed softly as she had still held the phone, nodding softly "Y- yes, I would love to go out on another date." Rally replied as her cheeks turned a light red, not knowing she was going on another date.

Kaneda nodded as he listened to Rally, turning off something in his house as he sat down "Same time as the first date?" he asked as he straightened out his shirt. Rally nodded softly as she smiled "Yes, same time." She said as she had yawned softly "I'm going to head off to bed now, Kaneda. Good night." She said with a light giggle as she hung up the phone.

May smiled as she looked at Rally, sitting up "Wow, your second date, Rally. I'm proud of you." May said as she had a soft smile on her face. Rally nodded some as she then smirked some "Anywho, I'm heading off to bed." Rally said as she left upstairs to go to bed. May smiled some as she then threw some popcorn at Rally before she could reach the stairs that resulted in a popcorn fight.

(A/N: sorry it taken so long to get it up. Looks like Rally is up for a second date with Kaneda ^_^. Will the second date be more magical than the first? Will Bill finally score? All this and more will be revealed in Chapter 6 of Gunsmith Cats: a Tale of Two Wild Guns..)