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Chapter 1

"You won't stop me from carrying out my plan" shouted the man.

"Come on Kim, lets get out of here!" called out Ron.

"Ok Ron, I'm coming!"

Ron and Kim ran towards the door.

"No! You will not stop the plan from going through, I will get power" shouted the man.

"Hurry up Kim".

"You think you can escape me? You cannot escape me" said the man raising the gun in the air. He applied pressure to the trigger, and then fired the gun. Kim and Ron paused. He took aim at Kim and fired.

* * *

3 Days ago

Darkness. He looked out into darkness. Looking around at his surroundings he saw that he was in a car, windows rolled up, looking out into the darkness ahead through a windscreen at the road in front of him. He thought why don't I turn the headlights on. He switched them on and saw that he was driving down a road with forest on either side of him. As he drove forwards something appeared in the distance, something white shining from far away. The light shone brighter as he got closer to it, and he could that something was in the light, though he could not tell what.

He put his hands up and wiped his eyes, the bright light that was shining ahead of him hurting his eyes so much that he had to look away. As his eyes opened again, the shining white light was closer. He found himself looking at it, unable to turn away from what was in front of him. And he could see now that it was a figure floating in the air, a figure clad in white as well as being in the middle of a bright white light. The figure was still; floating in front of the car.

He put his foot on the brake and came to a halt. As the car stop, he turned off the car and pulled the key out of the ignition. He put his hand to the handle of the car and pulled on it. As the door opened his got out, and found himself walking towards the figure, almost without realizing it, as though he was being attracted to it by some unseen force. He saw hair that he instantly recognized, even though he hadn't seen the person for ten years, and he tried to look away. But he couldn't. He felt a great force on his chin, and losing all resistance in his neck, he turned to face the figure head on.

Something moved, and it was a hand raising towards him. It was a decayed hand and it rose towards him. The grey fingers moved and pointed at him. The head moved and looked at him, the eyes piercing him and the mouth opened. Words emitted from them, but the man did not hear them.

Ron Stoppable woke up sweating. He sat up thinking over it and tears came to his eyes. Ten years. The events of ten years ago were entering his dreams again. He reached over to the side and picked up the bottle off of the small table and unscrewed the cap on it, drinking down some of the whisky.

He screwed the cap back on and got out of the bed. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. As the water poured from the tap, he splashed it across his face to wake himself up. As if he needed to. He walked back into the bedroom and looked at the electronic clock. 4:50.

Well there wouldn't be any more sleep today. Ron sat down and began to think about what happened those ten years ago. He had been eighteen and had the rest f his life ahead of him. He had been out driving when he had received a phone call on his mobile phone from girlfriend Kim. Her car had broken down and she needed to be picked up as she was far away from her house. He had told her that he would and set off to pick her up. However on that fateful night he had taken the wrong road, and it had taken him three hours to get back to take the right road, and by that time Kim was gone. He had found her car, but there was no one there. A few weeks later she was found in the forest a few hundred meters from the car, tortured, murdered. The killer had never been found.

Ron thought about what must have happened during that night and had his own view of what happened. Little did he know how close he was to the truth. Kim standing by her car as she was soaked by the falling rain. The only lights came from the one thing that still worked- the headlights. Looking down at her watch wondering where Ron was. Jeez, I rang him up over an hour ago. Hearing a sound she turned to look up the road, and saw the headlights of a car. The car was getting larger as it got closer. It came to a halt close to her car, the headlights causing her to squint. 'Finally' she said aloud, but getting a slightly better look at the car through the light she saw that it wasn't Ron's car. 'Who are you?' A figure walked towards her. 'Who are you?' said Kim again. The person wore a black ski mask and held a knife in his hand. Kim could of panicked, but she probably kept a clear head thought Ron, because I know that's what KP would do. The guy probably tried to grab her, but she fought back, perhaps beating him back, but he must have overpowered her, putting her in the car and driving off.

Tomorrow was going to be the ten anniversary of the event, and Ron was going to go back to Middleton one last time and visit her final resting place, trying to again apologize for what he did. Then he was going to leave this place once and for all, trying to find peace with himself and maybe settle down. He was now twenty eight, and he would have to find a chosen profession soon, he couldn't spend the rest of his days as a man who got through days by drinking, and who hardly slept due to recurring nightmares.

He took another sip of whisky, and then as he put the bottle to his mouth again he paused. This isn't what Kim would have wanted thought Ron and he bought it down so hard on the table that the glass smashed into hundreds of tiny shards. No more shall I be a drunk. I'm gonna clean up my life he thought, I'm gonna make the most of my life, for Kim, and through me Kim's memory will live on.

Ron sat back in the chair he had sat on, and something unusual happened. He was able to fall asleep, and dreams of Kim's corpse no longer haunted his dreams. Instead in his dreams the word tenth kept appearing in evil looking letters, but then replaced by the words second chance, from which pure good seemed to sign, and for some reason, these two words filled his heart with hope and joy.