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Chapter 10

The doors of the church lay open as Ron and Bonnie walked towards the church. Putting the shotgun into a more comfortable position and entered the church first. In the dim light he pulled out the newspaper clipping and looked at it. Studying it, it showed to him that Kim hadn't been killed yet. Putting the piece of paper into his pocket again he walked further into the church.

"Stay close" said Ron.

"Ok" came Bonnie's reply.

The two people stepped deeper into the inner reaches of the church, the darkness broken by the candles in the church that had been lit. Walking further into the church they found the crucifix lying on the floor, partly broken. Ron bent down to look, as he saw something lying on the floor beside it. Moving the crucifix out of the way, and looking at what lay on the ground, Ron saw that it was just a shiny piece of metal. Ron looked back up at Bonnie.

"It's nothing, just a piece of met..." Ron's voice was cut short as the killer bought down a piece of metal, hitting him in the head and knocking him out.

* * *

Ron opened his eyes, and allowed the surroundings to slowly come back into focus. His memory of the events then came back to him. He had been caught along with Kim and Bonnie. He had failed. The person dressed in black walked over to Ron.

"Ah, I see your awake now, good, you'll be able to see my plan work out as I get what I want".

"Look, why don't you take me, let Kim and Bonnie go" said Ron.

"No, I can't do that, I have no need to kill you, you're just going to be tied up until I finish, so you don't mess around with my plans again".

"Look, you can take me; just let Kim and Bonnie go".

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, it is Kim and Bonnie that I need to kill, and that Martyn person that you obviously told to get away from here. I'll get him soon".

"Well then won't you at least take off that ski mask? Or are you too scared to show your face?"

"Glad you asked, I've been waiting for you to ask me that. I'll let you see the person who will soon have immense power".

The person turned so that his face was fully facing Ron, and began to pull off the mask. The first thing he saw was a mouth turned in a maniacal grin. The rest of the mask came off and the killer stood there, looking straight at him.


"Hey Ron, surprised?" asked a crazy sounding Josh Mankey.

"Well, I can't say I'm entirely surprised" said Ron, his mind going back to a few days ago when what appeared to be a demon replaced Josh in his car.

"Well whether or not you suspected it was me, I'm here, you're here, and soon three other people won't be here".

"What do you mean?" asked Ron, an answer lingering in his mind.

"As you probably have already guessed, I mean that I am going to kill Kim, Bonnie and that Martyn person".

"But why?"

"Again, glad you asked. I was always that cool, dreamy person at school, the one that all the girls wanted. Sure it was all very nice then, but it doesn't get you far in life I tell you. I had the brains, but afterwards I found myself in a bad position, nothing going right. It was then that my savior arrived".

Josh paused and let out a small evil sounding giggle, a giggle as it was not quite a full laugh.

"The devil came to me. Satan was my savior".

He's crazy thought Ron.

"He told me that he would give me power, allow me to become his right hand man if I was to do something for him. I had to kill seven people, each one being responsible of committing one of the seven sins. For example that Ryan person who is now dead was a greedy man, and Bonnie, she is the person who suffers from anger".

"So what about Kim?" asked Ron.

"Kim? Kim commits the sin of jealousy".

"Jealousy? What do you mean jealously?"

"The whole saving the world thing can take a toll. All of the missed school time, the interrupted life, all she wanted to do was have a normal life and she was jealous of those people who just got to live a normal life. So she was... well just jealous"

"So why this town, why here, why not somewhere else?"

"It's a small remote place, with a few people, it's the perfect location for my scheme. And the name is suitable; it's what attracted me to this town in the first place".

"What do you mean the name?"

"Ecifircas, it's sacrifice spelt backwards- Ecifircas valley, it's sacrifice valley. So you see..." Josh's voice was cut off. He fell to the floor, and behind him stood a triumphant Kim, holding the slightly broken crucifix in her hands.

She dropped the crucifix to the floor, and another part broke off.

"KP, you're ok" said Ron, overjoyed to see Kim standing there.

"I'm fine; he knocked me out and left me on one of the pews. But he spent too long here, and I woke up. I saw him talking to you and I found this crucifix on the floor. It was quite simple afterwards".

"Ok. I don't suppose you could untie me and Bonnie KP?"

"Sure Ron" said Kim walking over to the pews that Ron and Bonnie where tied to. Untying the rope, Ron stood up and shook the rest of the ropes off of him. He looked at Kim again.

Bonnie stood up and looking at the scene in front of her asked "Should we leave now?" asked Bonnie.

"Yeah, you'd better go, there's just some things that need to be sorted out here" said Ron.

Bonnie turned away from Ron and Kim, and the unconscious Josh, walking towards the exit, walking past the broken stained glass windows and damaged pews, out into the now free air.

Kim put his arm around Kim and said "Come on KP, let's go".

"What about him?"

"I can hear sirens, he'll be arrested and we can begin to forget about it".

Ron and Kim turned to walk out of the church. Walking past damaged walls Ron felt relieved. Then, behind them Josh stood up and pulled out a gun he had carried in case something like this had happened.

"You won't stop me from carrying out my plan" shouted Josh.

"Come on Kim, lets get out of here!" called out Ron.

"Ok Ron, I'm coming!"

Ron and Kim ran towards the door.

"No! You will not stop the plan from going through, I will get power" shouted Josh

"Hurry up Kim".

"You think you can escape me? You cannot escape me" said Josh raising the gun in the air. He applied pressure to the trigger, and then fired the gun. Kim and Ron paused. He took aim at Kim and fired.

Ron watched in horror as Kim fell to the floor. There was sadness in his heart, but it was almost immediately wiped out by a deep feeling of anger. He had come this far, come so close to changing what was to have happened, and in the end only Bonnie and a person he had known for less then a few hours had survived.

Ron no longer cared what happened. The one person he really cared about had just been shot, and now all Ron wanted to do was kill the evil person that stood before him. Ron looked at Josh, who smiled back.

Ron yelled and looked at the floor and saw the crucifix lying on the floor, one end a sharp point where Kim had dropped it a few minutes ago. Ron bent down and picked up the crucifix.

Josh looked down at the sharpened crucifix resting in Ron's hands and the said "Come and get me if you can Ronald".

Ron raised the crucifix and ran at Josh. Josh raised the pistol and fired- but the shot missed Ron who carried on running at Josh, and the smiled disappeared from Josh's face. Ron stopped and then drove the crucifix into Josh's chest, digging deep into him. Josh took a step back, his hands around the crucifix, blood starting to pour from his mouth.

Ron took a few steps back and picked up the shotgun he had dropped when Josh had knocked him out, and he aimed at Josh, putting his finger onto the trigger.

"Say hello to the devil for me you son of a bitch" said Ron.

He fired. Josh was blown backwards and smashed through one of the walls where the church was beginning to fall down. The rest of the wall fell down and part of the roof collapsed. Ron threw the shotgun across the room and yelled.


He heard a cough. Walking to the source he found Kim lying on the floor, blood slowly coming out of her shoulder.

"KP, are you ok?"

"Ow, yeah I'm fine, my shoulder just really hurts".

"I know, you've been shot".

"Really? You know I never noticed that" said Kim sarcastically.

Ron allowed a smile to come to his face. It was over. He helped Kim to get off of the floor, and held her. Looking out of one of the stained glass windows Ron saw the first light of the new day shining through.

It was a new day. Ron and Kim had survived that fateful night, and the memory of Ron's previous life was beginning to fade, the visit of Ron to Kim's grave a few days ago, was quickly leaving Ron's mind, his memory now only consisting of what had happened throughout the first eighteen years of his life. He had gotten a new beginning.

"Come on KP, lets get out of here before it collapses on us" said Ron.

"Ok Ron" said Kim, the discussion with Ron over her alternate fate having already left her mind. But the time they reached the door, to them it seemed as though they had just survived an attack from a mad Josh Mankey, neither knowing that Kim was supposed to have died. The would soon forget about all the unnatural events that had occurred.

They saw the light shining bright over the top of the hills, and saw Bonnie and Martyn standing there, a group of sheriffs behind them.

Ron stepped out of the church with Kim. Looking around, both Kim and Ron where overcome with joy at having survived.

The years of alcoholism had left Ron, and he was a refreshed man, the world back at his feet for another time.

* * *

Ron and Kim stopped outside the motel, Kim waiting while Ron took out his keys. Putting the key into the lock he unlocked the car, and opened the passenger side door for Kim. Kim climbed into the car, and then Ron got in the drivers seat.

Ron looked down at his watch.

"Is suppose I'd better get you back home, your parents ought to be getting worried where you've been gone for so long".

"Thanks Ron".

The car then drove off, Ron having finally completed what he had set out to do last night, returning Kim back to Middleton. Both Kim and Ron had their lives ahead of them now, Ron now happily facing life with Kim again.

Ron had been giving a second chance. And this time he was going to live happily.

The car left 'sacrifice' valley and drove along the road, entering Middleton.

And so Ron started his new leash of life with Kim. And this time nothing was going to get between him and Kim.

And so it was that the car stopped outside of Kim's house, the two getting out and entering the house, deciding not to tell her parents just yet.

The sun rose high into the sky and burned brightly. It was a new day.