Jack's P.O.V.

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As I look about standing on the mast of this boat, I realize one thing. I must look like an idiot. Then I realize something a bit more important, the boat was begining to sink.

'Bloody Hell,' I'm practically screaming mentally, 'Anamaria's probably going to slap me for this. Maybe I can talk my way out of that. I don't like it when she slaps me,' I grin and remember some events, rather fondly, prior to me stealing her boat, 'Well, I don't like her slapping my face....Perhaps I should try to make it to port first. Then apologize to Anamaria.'

I grab the rope hanging from the mast and swing down rather gracefully despite being a bit smashed. I look around for something to scoop out water with.

'Rum bottle.....Rum bottle.....Hey! This one still has some rum in it! Ah, good; A pot.'

I begin to scoop out as much of the water as I can. Which isn't too much, this is a bloody small pot. Wind's a bit cold, especially when you're kneeling down in water. I look up as a shiver goes up my spine and notice the hung pirates.

'Poor blokes,' I take of me hat to show some respect, 'But the risk does come with the job. Pirates, ye be warned? I should probably find another place to pull this he boat into port,' I see how rapidly it's sinking, 'Although, it appears that I unfortunately don't have a choice. I best be returning to my post.'

Luckily, I reach the port just as me boat hits the bottom. I always did have some manner of luck about me.

'Pity it wasn't with me when Barbossa marooned on that island.'

I begin to walk off, hopefully unnoticed. Unfortunately, I think that old man with the pompous hair just spotted me.

"Hold up there, you"

I turn to see that; yes, he has in fact spotted me.

"It's a shilling to tie up your boat at the docks."

'Damn! He can still see it.'

"And I shall need to know your name," he finishes.

'He probably can tell just by looking at me that I'm a pirate. Perhaps an extra coin or two can persuade him otherwise though.'

"What d'ye say to three shillings and we forget the name,"

Ah, I believe he's going to take my offer.

"Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith."

'Smith? Oh well, go with it. Least it worked, unlike that with that habormanin Singapore...'

I walk of the dock feeling pretty good about this so far and-

'He probably won't notice it's gone missing. He should keep a better eye on things of value besides.'

So, I took his purse. Aye, I'm feeling very good about the way things are going so far.


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