Note: I don't own anyone from Charmed or Home And Away but I wish I did or Cole would still be their, and a hell let of others. Rated PG13 on the safe side. Note2: I know I have done like two other Charmed/H&A Crossover but I can't resist. **************************************************************************** ********************************************
Moving to Summer Bay Summary: The Charmed ones and their Significant others decided to move to Australia, Summer Bay. But soon they put all the ones around them who gotten close in danger Will the Charmed ones and Cole and Leo able to Save them? Read to find out. (Prue, Cole, Chris, Wyatt and Paige are all in) **************************************************************************** ******************************************* Piper Halliwell drove her Four-Wheel drive into a driveway of their new house. They moved from San Fransico USA to escape everything, since their job there was done they heard about a place called Summer Bay in Australia. They stripped their powers and Chris and Leo clipped their wings to begin a normal life in the bay. Her husband Leo was sitting in the front passenger seat while her younger sister Phoebe and her husband sat in the back next to her youngest sister Paige who fell asleep during the car drive. In the back-back Prue her oldest sister and their other whitelighter and also Prue dating bud Chris beside Prue was Piper's child Wyatt who was sucking on a bottle of milk. Piper parked inside a garage which opened automatically then closed behind them. "We have arrived in Summer Bay" Piper replied "Well that was long" Leo replied. "Well of course it was, USA and Australia are far apart remember Hon" Piper said "Piper I was a mortal before I died you know" Leo said Phoebe and Cole hopped out along with the other three and Paige. Then Leo and Piper got out.

Piper strolled down the beach with Wyatt in his pram enjoying the breeze that greeted her she hadn't felt this relaxed since she was a child since battling with Warlocks, Demons and such and taking care of a full house of eight people. "Wyatt I think you will like Summer Bay" Piper said to him he giggled Piper saw a sweet young couple strolling down the beach a few metres away from her.

"Hi" Piper called out to them the two turned and saw Piper "Uh hi you must be new because I haven't seen you around before" The young girl said "Yeah just moved from USA" Piper replied "That a cute baby you their" she said "Thanks his name is Wyatt" she replied.

"I am Jade Sutherland by the way and this is my boyfriend Seb Miller" she said "I am Piper Halliwell" Piper replied. "So where do you live" Seb asked "Um not too far away from a Caravan park" Piper said "Hey that where I live" Jade said.

Not too far away from the four a figure watched with a blue ball in his hand "Hope you don't get attached Charmed one because they are going down with everyone you met" he said.

Cole walked through the Caravan Park which wasn't far, the family decided to go their separate ways for the time being to get to know everyone, of course been a mother Piper said along as everyone home by dinner which will be at 6:00.

He saw a young couple sitting on a bench and thought to say hi. "Hi I am new around here" Cole said to the two. The male replied "Hi nice to meet you I am Kane Phillips and this is my girlfriend Kirsty Sutherland" "So where you from" Kirsty asked "Well technically from America" he replied "Hey we were just going down to the Diner you wanna came?" Kirsty asked "Okay sure" Cole replied he had a feeling that he would fit in this town.

Phoebe Halliwell walked into a building possible a dine-out place, it had a pool and by the looks of it a Gym

"Oh I would be on that guy if I wasn't married" Phoebe said as she saw a man with a build up body walk inside "Yeah but he not single" said a voice behind her Phoebe jumped and turned around, luckily 1. They stripped their powers 2. She didn't have Piper's or Paige's powers or the two couple that were standing before her would have been in big trouble. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I haven't seen you around so you must be new" the girl said "Yeah I am, I am Phoebe Halliwell" Phoebe replied

"I am Dani Sutherland and this is my boyfriend Scott Hunter" she said pointing to a tall man with blondish hair. "Hi how you do" Scott replied "Man you girls sure know how to pick your mans" Phoebe said. "Yeah we sure do" Dani replied. "Here can I buy you a drink" Scott asked Phoebe "Sure" Phoebe replied "As long as you aren't flirting with her" Dani said poking Scott "Hey babe you know you are the only one for me" he said both kissing Phoebe smiled they reminded her of herself and Cole.

Prue walked to two couples, she wanted to know where she can find a job quickly, she knew she should be relaxing but she wanted to do something quick "Hi listen I am looking for a job could you tell me where I could find one?" Prue asked the two the male answered "Well the surf club, the business I run needs someone, could you do it tomorrow" he said "Sure thanks" Prue replied

"Why don't you relax and sit down I heard you are new around here." The woman said Prue was going to decided against it because she still had the be careful who you trust thing but then thought she not a witch anymore. "Okay" Prue replied "I am Beth Hunter and this is my husband Rhys Sutherland" Beth said "I heard their were more of you" Rhys asked "Yeah there are but we thought we go our separate ways to meet people" Prue replied she had a feeling that she could defiantly trust these people and relaxed.

Chris Perry walked into a eating place called The Diner the place looked alright, a waitress who looked like she was from Greece or something was serving everyone. Chris noticed a guy sitting near the window and a girl with him he walked over to them "Hi I am new around here, I was just seeing if I could join you people for lunch" Chris asked "Sure sit" the guy said

"I am Robbie Hunter and this is my new girlfriend Tasha Andrews" Robbie said pointing to the girl sitting next to him "Hi" Tasha replied. Chris knew from the start he would fit in, the future that he once knew continue to deceased out of existence.

Leo walked all over the bay trying to find somebody to help him, that when a girl with red haired appeared behind him

"Hi I didn't mean to scare you" she said when Leo jumped "I couldn't help noticing that you needed help" she said "Yeah I am trying to find my way around" Leo replied. "Well I could help I am Kit Hunter by the way" Kit said "Leo Wyatt" Leo said smiling "Here I will give you a tour around the place" Kit said "Thanks" Leo replied

Paige Matthew found a palace near the beach the door was opened "Hello anybody home" Paige called out as she entered. A man came out only with a towel wrapped around him "Uh who are you?" He asked another man came down the stairs and stopped short "Who your date" he asked "I am sorry the door was opened and I wanted to have a look around, I am new" Paige replied then a girl entered she had blonde hair and blue eyes "Who are you" she asked.

"Paige Matthews I am new around here" she replied

"Oh I am Hayley Smith, those two mans are Alex Paulos and Noah Lawson" Hayley said pointing to the two guys. "I am really sorry, I just was peaking around I didn't mean to transpass" Paige replied. "No you right, Noah go put clothes on" Hayley said Noah looked embarrassed and walked to his room, "Welcome to the bay" Alex said Paige knew like every other time she moved when she was young, she would fit in.

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