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Moving to Summer Bay Summary: The Charmed ones and their Significant others decided to move to Australia, Summer Bay. But soon they put all the ones around them who gotten close in danger Will the Charmed ones and Cole and Leo able to Save them? Read to find out. (Prue, Cole, Chris, Wyatt and Paige are all in) **************************************************************************** *******************************************

Jade Sutherland and her twin sister Kirsty sat in their bedrooms talking "I mean the Cole guy is so cute if I wasn't single I would of gone with him but he married" Kirsty said "I haven't seen him is he the blonde one?" Jade asked "Blonde? No he has black hair" Kirsty said 'Oh I heard that their was another guy who was just handsome as Cole" Jade replied "Oh that might be Cole brother in law Leo Wyatt. Did you know Kane and Cole both had something in common" Kirsty said "Yeah what that?" Jade asked but Kirsty didn't reply "Kirsty?" Jade said waving her hand in her face.

"How did you get in here" Kirsty said jade turned around and saw a tall man and gelled black hair but his eyes were dark as coal. "Dad!" Kirsty called out "Oh no one is going to help you" he said "Dani!, Scott!, Matilda!, Henry!, Max!, Beth!, Kit!, RobbiE!" Kirsty screamed the man threw a ball "Kirsty get down!" Jade said pushing her sister out of harm's way. A rapid knocking came at the door "Kirsty, Jade" Rhys yelled to them "Dad Help" Kirsty screamed the man threw another ball nearly hitting Jade.

The Sutherlands and the Hunters ran upstairs to Kirsty and Jade room where Kirsty was screaming. "Somebody else is their" Dani said "Beth call the police now!" Rhys said Beth wasted no time and ran to the phone "Kirsty!!, Jade!! Hang on the cops are coming" Rhys yelled frantically to his daughters.

The Halliwell family was just finishing dinner when Sirens wailed passed they ran outside they police cars stopped in front of the Sutherlands house

"Oh my god what going on?" Phoebe asked when she saw policeman coming out armed. "I don't know but I am going to find out" Piper said then she ran to the scene followed by the rest of her family expect Wyatt. The Sutherlands were out of the house when Piper arrived "Dani what happened?" Phoebe asked "That some guy who in Jade and Kirsty room I don't know how he got their, Kirsty said he just appeared" Dani said scared a cold shiver went up Piper spine, it was a warlock attacking the Sutherlands Twins! "I gotta help" Cole said running to the back no one noticed expect his wife who ran after him. Cole found the room very easily since the window was smashed from a Energy ball.

"Cole you don't have any powers anymore" Phoebe yelled "Yeah but some warlocks might not know that and when they see me they will ran away" Cole said then he climbed up a pole "Be careful, I love you" Phoebe yelled. Unknowing behind her Seb and Kane were trying to sneak up as well.

The warlock shimmered by the smashed windows he heard sirens and police around armed. He laughed at the scared girl the blonde was staring at him if that would scare him. "Well I had fun it time for your beddy time" he said Then the blonde fell even thought he didn't do anything she was having a Panic attack.

He was about to throw the ball but two strong arms wrapped around his throat the warlock grimaced in pain dragging Cole in. Cole didn't let go of the warlock but then two more figures came from the window Kirsty dragged Jade and herself to a corner of the wall "Kane!" Kirsty yelled The warlock flung Cole and a knife appeared in the warlock hand and threw it at him Seb punched the warlock in the face before he could react Kane lifted a chair and whacked the warlock doing very little pain. Phoebe climbed inside as well taking in the scene. "Kirsty" Jade said waking up "Jade we will be okay" she replied Cole got up the Knife well the Atheme was in his hand he threw it at the warlock hitting it where it hurts, then a Police officer smashed the door down "Freeze" he shouted several more cops came in. The warlock entwined in flames "You never be safe Cole Turner" He yelled before he was vanquished leaving a scorch mark and a very confused cops, Seb, Kane, Jade and Kirsty.

When they all came out Rhys and Piper ran to their family members to check if they were okay "Cole!. Phoebe are you insane" Piper said to the two 'Hey if we didn't smashed in their Piper Jade and Kirsty would have been history" Cole replied "Well I am just glad you are okay" Piper replied "It was a warlock wasn't it?" Paige asked coming up behind them Cole and Phoebe nodded their heads.

The Halliwells entered the house as a blue light came in "Who are you" Piper asked the woman who orbed "A Whitelighter come to tell you that you are for now in grave danger, if you can't destroy what to came then your town is in risk" she said then she orbed away before they could say a word. Then a cry was heard "Wyatt" Piper said remembering her child that was left here by himself.

Once Piper calmed Wyatt and out him to sleep they went to a room where a trunk was containing the BOS. "Since Chris or Leo can't orb we will have to hope on the book" Piper said taking it out "How is it going to help us thought?" Paige asked "I don't know" Piper replied. "The police had a hard time covering what happened" Prue said "But then they decided to say he burned himself, I don't think The Sutherlands girls or the guys will fall for it" Prue said.

Piper opened the leather book "I thought I would never seen this again but now I am staring right at it" Piper said "Why can't we just get a normal life" Piper asked everyone in the room they all looked away. "I suppose that not way god created us" Chris replied "Well us anyone" Chris said his cheeks growing red looking at Cole "Hey he probably created me just the not way he wanted to" Cole replied "Or maybe it so Cole destiny can be changed to be with me" Phoebe said. "Maybe we just need to kill this one last evil before we are free" Paige said "But how we have no powers, everyone in this town is going to end up dead the only reason why Cole could vanquished the warlock was by luck!" Piper said tossing the book. "Piper we will be okay somehow" Leo said

"God I hate this planet" she said ignoring Leo. "Life is so complicated isn't it" Paige said. Then the book started glowing "Piper" Chris said noticing the book, Phoebe backed a couple of steps until she was in the arms of her lover Leo moved closer to Piper, Prue, Chris and Paige stared in amazement then a figure appeared "Mum" Piper gasped.

"You have one last thing to destroy before you can totally have a normal life, you must protect this town, evil will strike again at a party, defeat the evil beside becoming heroes of the town you will be normal once again and or ever please hold these powers that will go inside you don't lost control, My dear daughters and your lovers, and Chris I have faith that you can this last thing" The Halliwells mum said then she vanished. Bright lights containing the powers for the family came out, they hit each family members making them glow. When the lights faded Piper nodded her head towards the ceiling "Okay just this one last time" Piper said

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