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Kagome/Inuyasha/Kikyou Triangle.
Rin/Sesshoumaru/Kagura Triangle

Rivers of the Heart
Chapter One: What once was lost, can never be found…

The afternoon light shone through the spacious windows of her twenty-fourth floor office. The young woman occupying the room sat behind her black desk staring sadly at the red flashing light of her answering machine. Her eyes moved to the picture resting next to the phone. With a soft sigh, the dark haired female pressed the play button.

"You have one unheard message," the automated voice broke the silence of the spacious room.

She rose from her soft leather chair and walked slowly over to the wall of windows that looked out into the metropolis she called home. She hugged the black blazer closer to her body. She could not wait until maintenance got the heat working in her office, it was freezing.

"Kagome, sorry I couldn't talk to you when you called. But I don't think I have to ask why you called. I am sorry but we can't come visit right now. Miroku started his new job yesterday and spring term started last week. I have over nine hundred students between the three classes I teach at the University. We don't have time for each other let alone make a trip back home. I am sorry. Hopefully by the summer we'll have our lives organized enough for a visit. How does that sound? Ok well I have a class in about five minutes so I need to go. Hope to talk to you soon. Love ya and tell Kikyou I love her too. Bye"

Kagome closed her cinnamon colored eyes when the automated voice returned, "That was your last message."

"Damn it, Sango," she whispered, "we need you here now."

She walked back over to her desk, poking her tiny fingers out of the large sleeve; she picked up the only picture on the desk. It was an image of five people in their cap and gowns, happy as hell that they graduated from college. Everybody was smiling and flying high on cloud nine. Miroku held Sango on his back holding up a peace sign towards the camera. Sango's arms were captured waving above her head. Inuyasha stood to the left of Miroku both his arms wrapped around his two favorite females. Kagome smiled as memories flooded back to better times. Inuyasha had his arm around her shoulders hugging her close to him in the photo while his other arm was wrapped tightly around his bubbling fiancée's waist.

Kagome blinked back a tear. Kikyou. It had been a long time since she had seen her best friend smile like she was in the picture. Sango, Kikyou and her were best friends. Miroku and Inuyasha were as well. They had all vowed to stay close friends forever. However, not long after Miroku and Sango got married they moved across the country, and only once came to visit, when Kikyou and Inuyasha were married.

She sat the picture back in its place on her desk. She leaned against the sturdy piece of furniture and folded her arms across her chest, her mind rummaged through the facts of her life.

When Sango and Miroku moved away all she had left was Kikyou and Inuyasha. As the years past Kikyou and her had become closer and together regularly called Sango to catch up and talk. Not long after graduation Kagome and Inuyasha went into business together, and like her friendship with Kikyou, their company and their relationship with each other flourished. She considered Inuyasha her best male friend and she knew he felt reversibly the same.

Kagome could remember a time when she was head over heels in love with the boy. But she had been too shy to ask Inuyasha if he felt the same, so in an attempt to get his attention she started dating a young man named Hojo, in hopes that if Inuyasha really did like her then hopefully he would come to his senses and ask her out. Her plan only showed her that he held no interest in her, when he started dating Kikyou not long after and then later married her.

It took a long time for her to get over him; the only person that knew of her feelings for him at the time was Sango. So Kagome couldn't be mad at Kikyou because she had not been aware of her friend's feelings for him. As time past, Kagome made herself believe she was no longer in love him and that the only form of love for him was a close friendship.

The heat kicked back on and began spewing from the vent in the ceiling. Kagome silently thanked whoever had fixed the floor's unit. She was glad that she could finally give Inuyasha back his jacket. She glanced down at her watch. Five more minutes and his meeting should be finished. His office was just across the hall.

Her and Inuyasha's company, Tessaiga Corporation, was now one of the largest in the country, which associated and quite frequently worked with an equally large company, called, Tenseiga Incorporated. Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshoumaru was CEO and owner of the company.

Tessaiga Corporation had only recently moved into their twenty-four-story building. Three fourths of the twenty-fourth floor consisted of her and Inuyasha's offices. The only thing that separated the rooms was a small waiting area and their secretary's workstation and desk.

For the longest time, everything was perfect in her life. She had two very close and good friends by her side. Her business was successful. Everybody she loved was happy and safe. Inuyasha and Kikyou were even considering starting a family. But then eight months ago, tragedy struck.

It was a late foggy night in early spring when Kikyou called Inuyasha ecstatic about something. She told him she would tell him when she got home. Fate didn't allow her to make it home that night. Twenty minutes from the hospital she worked at as a nurse, a driver fell asleep at the wheel and the large vehicle drifted across the two solid yellow lines into the other lane. Kikyou sped around a sharp corner, eager to see her husband and quickly found herself in a head on collision.

Kagome bit her bottom lip, she could remember that night like it had happened the evening before. Inuyasha's fear stricken voice when he called her to tell her what had happened, the agonizingly long hours of dreading and wondering in the emergency waiting room, the relief when finding out that Kikyou would live, and then the realization that things were never going to be the same.

Since her accident, Kikyou closed herself to everything. She rarely let anybody in her small, protected world and when she did, that person was met with hostility, despair, and a cold-hearted woman. Kagome's heart ached in pain for the lost of her friend. Kikyou had shut her and Inuyasha out. It hurt so much, and she knew Inuyasha was hurting so much more. Kikyou had changed, and was not bent on returning to her carefree, cheerful, and kind self any time soon. The only thing that Inuyasha could do was to be there for his wife, and hope she would open up to him when she was ready.

Kagome had hoped that if Sango came home, the three of them together again would somehow help Kikyou. But that bubble was crushed every time Kagome asked her dear friend. There was always something. Sango and Miroku were aware of the accident and called almost everyday for about two months inquiring about Kikyou's condition but neither of them was fully aware of extent of Kikyou depression.

She shifted her weight to her feet, standing upright and turning to face the door when she heard someone enter her office. She smiled as she watched the petite, brown haired girl approach her desk.

"Here is the proposal for the funds of my project," the girl said handing a thin stack of papers to her boss, "and Inuyasha is finished with his meeting. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Mori leaving as I was getting off the elevator."

"Thank you, Rin," Kagome responded while she quickly skimmed through the letter her assistant had handed her.

The proposal was perfect. When Rin's project was complete and if their client accepted the finished work, Kagome and Inuyasha planned on making Rin, Junior Executive of their business. She was an excellent businesswoman, and had excelled over every employee in the company in the first year of her employment. It was now her third year. Clients loved her, her negotiation skills were above and beyond, and she was the delegate between the Tessaiga and Tenseiga companies. Her only flaw was her persistency, which was strictly reserved for her plan to steal the Tenseiga Executive from his super-model fiancée, Kagura. So far Rin had not had any success.

Kagome placed the document on her desk and returned her sight back to Rin, "Very good. Are you planning on a visit to Sesshoumaru's office today?"

Rin grinned at the comment, clasping her fingers together she replied, " Yes, but I have to call our client, Naraku Onimugo on our progress before I leave. Then I get the lovely pleasure of spending the entire afternoon with Sesshoumaru and his assistant Jaken brainstorming a few additional ideas that Mr. Onimugo has requested. So do you want me to let you know when I leave?"

"Yes, please," Kagome matched her smile. She loved working with the girl; she was a delight to have around.

Rin bowed her head a bit before turning and exiting the room. Kagome stood in silence, staring blankly at Rin's signature at the end of her proposal. What the hell was she going do before Rin stopped by?

The tall, slender woman's body jerked slightly upon recalling that she wanted to return her partner's blazer.


Kagome quietly opened Inuyasha's office door and slid inside, his jacket draped over her left arm. She looked around for a second. His office mimicked hers exactly the single exception was that it was facing the reverse direction. It was large with two walls opposite of each other containing four very sizeable windows, reaching from the floor up to the ceiling. To the right of the entrance was a long, black table used for meetings, on the left side was a small personal room equipped with a shower, a walk in closet, and a bed. The desk sat directly between the two barriers of glass and was only five feet away from the back wall, which was covered, in ancient Japanese art.

His chair was turned so that his back was facing away from Kagome. She could hear him talking to someone automatically knowing he was in the middle of a phone call. Silently she walked towards his desk, only stopping when she was standing next to where he sat. Willing to wait until he was finished, she half leaned, half sat on the edge of his desk.

Inuyasha spun around in his chair when he felt the presence of someone beside him. He smirked at his friend after immediately locking eyes with her when he turned to face her.

"Yeah, she is standing right next to me actually," Inuyasha smirk only got wider with added hint of mischievousness.

Kagome raised a curious eyebrow, wordlessly praying that he was not talking to the client she really hoped he was not.

"I know for a fact she is free for lunch next Wednesday. All right so it's set. Yes, I will tell her. You too. Good Day." Inuyasha reached around Kagome and placed the receiver back in its holder.

Kagome's eyes narrowed as she stared at her friend and partner, "That had not better been Manten Rogaine!"

His laughter was her answer so she threw his blazer at his head.

"Argh. Why, Inuyasha? You know how he is when he is around females. Are you honestly going to put me through a torturous lunch talking about his hair or lack there of, for only Kami knows how long?"

Inuyasha pulled the expensive piece of clothing from over his head and tossing it on his desk, "Relax, I will be going with you."

'I would never do that you, Kagome, you are the only closest friend I've got,' his mind mutely declared.

Kagome relaxed in relief, "Good! Oh that reminds me, we have a dinner meeting with Mr. Onimugo coming up. He wants you to bring Kikyou."

"Feh, right! She will want to go when hell freezes over."

"Well we have three weeks to work on her. He insisted she is present; I have to bring a date, and so does Rin. Sesshoumaru is requested to bring Kagura. He wants it to be a social business meeting. Mr. Onimugo is our most wealthy and important client so it's important to keep him happy at the very least until he has agreed to Rin's project."

"I realize that, you don't have to tell me. But you know how Kikyou is, its going to be a pain in both my ass and yours trying to get her to tag along."

She reached up and brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear, "I know, Inuyasha. We have to try."

The silver haired man nodded in agreement his eyes staring at her newly clasped hands resting in her lap, "You had better not bring Kouga. I refuse to spend the evening with that cocky bastard."

Kagome's hand smacked her forehead, smearing down her face in minor frustration, "When are you going to accept that Kouga is my boyfriend?"

"When he stops annoying the hell out of me," Inuyasha smirked, pleased with his response. He didn't particularly like the bastard, but Kagome did so he decided he would put up with the moron for her. But that did not mean he couldn't pick on her about Kouga.

Both their attention was drawn towards the door when a gentle knock emerged from the other side.

"Come in," Inuyasha and Kagome said simultaneously, giving each other a quick playful glare.

Rin entered the room, clothed in a different dress suit than the one Kagome had only just seen her in. Inuyasha's mouth dropped slightly before he could stop it. The business suit was tightly fitted to the beautifully figured girl, revealing all her curves. The dark blue skirt stopped just above mid thigh, and the matching jacket accentuated her well-rounded breast.

"You are going to be the death of him," Inuyasha amusedly stated referring to his older brother.

Rin's smile expanded from ear to ear as she advanced towards the desk, "I am clearly aware of that."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Rin, you are unbelievable."

"What?" Rin joined her hands together behind her, questioning her two superiors.

"He's about to crack. I don't know how much longer his stubbornness is going to withstand before he gives way to temptation. And trust me, he's tempted" Inuyasha said, a hint of laughter in his voice.

"Aware of that too," Rin watched them shake their heads at her, "I can't help it, I love him. And I always get what I want."

"How you can be in love with that ice machine, I'll never understand. But when Kagura finds out, it won't matter because she going to kill the both of you."

"She can't stand any female being around him. And if Kagura finds out your plans or catches the two of you…believe me there will be hell to pay." Kagome added to Inuyasha's comments.

"The she doesn't scare me. By the time she realizes she lost Sesshoumaru he'll already be married to me."

Kagome chuckled at the younger girl's determination, "Well then I wish you the best of luck. Just don't give the old man a heart attack."

"Hey, he's not old," Rin quickly responded defensively, "Sesshoumaru is only two years older than you and Inuyasha."

"I am joking, Rin. Now get going before you are late."

"Shit!" the girl exclaimed looking down at her watch and racing for the door.

Inuyasha fell over in a fit of laughter. Sesshoumaru is going to have a hernia when he gets a glimpse of her outfit.

"Saddest part of it all is that he's in love with her too."

Trying to catch his breath, Inuyasha stood from his chair and moved directly in front of the beautiful female leaning against his desk. He put both hands on her shoulder and looked her straight in the eyes, "And it's getting harder and harder for Mr. Personality to hide his feelings. He can't deny those emotions forever."

Kagome grinned in reaction but it quickly faded away as she found herself lost in deep, amber eyes. Amusement and playfulness choked on seriousness as it flooded the emotions of the two locked in each other's gaze.

After a few moments, a high pitch ring filled the room, snapping the pair back into reality.

Inuyasha averted his gaze over Kagome's shoulder to the phone. His hands fell from their perch upon reading the caller identification. Kagome turned her body so that she could see who was calling when Inuyasha made no move to pick up the phone. Her heart fell to the pits of her stomach, recognizing the name.

After the fifth ring, Inuyasha answered the phone praying that she was not calling to start up on one of her rants about some meaningless thing. He didn't know what to do with his wife. She would not let him help her she only pushed him further way with each passing day. Kikyou had kicked him out of their bedroom shortly after the accident; he now slept in one of the spare bedrooms down the hall of their lavish apartment. He loved her, so he had come to the decision that he was not going to give up on her. He wasn't going to let her alienate him completely from her life. And as long as Kagome was by his side, he would survive this trial, hopefully with his marriage still intact.

"Hey, honey." He spoke into the silver receiver.

"Inuyasha, I need you…" Kikyou's meek voice barely reached his ears and paused for a moment of time.

Hope rose in him. Maybe she was ready to talk to him about what happened to her. Maybe she finally needed him. He grasped desperately at straws.

"…to pick up some strawberries on your way home. We are out."

And his bubble exploded.

"Yeah I will." His voice laced with defeat and sadness.

"Thank you. Good bye."

"Bye," and with that he hung up the phone, then immediately placed his forehead on top of Kagome's collarbone and gently began banging his head against it.

Kagome sighed, and naturally put her arms around him, soothingly rubbing his back.

"It will be ok. Look at it this way at least she wasn't yelling."

The last time Kikyou had called him at work, she was standing across the room and could still hear the irate female blowing up at him.

He ceased his prior movements and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer and seeking comfort where he knew he would find it.

"She was actually nice. I haven't heard a nice word come from her mouth since I talked to her before her collision. It's progress, and that is all that matters," he encouraged despite his heavy heart.

"That's right. All we can do is be there for her and for each other."


Inuyasha entered his half million-dollar penthouse. He frowned noticing all the lights were off. Not having to guess where his wife was he walked to the kitchen then placed the fruit in the refrigerator. After his initial task was complete, he maneuvered through the darkness to the stairs then up towards the bedroom he once shared with her.

He watched the closed the door for a few moments searching for movements. With a painful feeling, his closed fist knocked on the wood door three times.

"What?" an annoyed, cold voice echoed from under the crack of the door.

"I just want to tell you that I am home and I got your strawberries."

"Fine, your dinner is in the freezer."

"Did you eat?" He knew she had a habit of not eating for days at a time.

"I am not hungry tonight."

Gods he hated this, he hated the entire situation. He wanted to smack some sort of sense into her...well maybe not literally. Kikyou needed to understand that she didn't die! She was given a second chance something to use too an advantage not to writher away until death did decide to take her. He used to have a fire about him. Strong, confident, he had no problem speaking his mind, he loved a good argument, he was passionate but not overly emotional about it. He used to have all the things he knew she once loved about him. But he found that they were dying too, right along with her. He only seemed to be contempt when he buried himself with work and happiness when he was with Kagome. If it had not been for Kagome, his first love, he would have fell into despair many months ago.

"Okay. Will I see you in the morning?" He asked in hopeless voice.

"If I feel like seeing you."

'Ouch,' closing his eyes in attempt to ease the pain that struck with her comment, Inuyasha sullenly walked to his bedroom to find some sort of escape. Sleep.


Kikyou sat on the edge of the bed staring holes into the baby blue carpet. She felt empty and hollow. Incomplete. She had everything she could ever want except the one thing that was denied to her on that terrible night. Tears bordered along her eyelids. The pain was more than she could bear. She would never have what she so desperately wanted and what was taken away from her.

She didn't know how the handle the pain. So she closed herself off from every emotion in hopes of locking the pain away with them. Kikyou slid her body forward, slumping to the rough carpet. It was on rare occasions that she lost control and cried. The grief and despair was consuming her soul, and she feared that she would never be healed.

She couldn't tell Inuyasha what the results of her surgery were and the reason she kept him at a distance. She would never tell him.


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