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Rivers of the Heart
Chapter Nine: Collision

Kikyou treaded slowly behind her sister Kaede, carrying two pots of flowering plants. The sky was bright blue, the trees swayed with the breeze; it was truly a beautiful day. Kaede's garden was situated on a hill rising over her small quaint home. Kikyou blankly stared at the trail of dirt they followed.

"Do ye still truly love him?" Kaede asked, breaking the silence between them for the first time that day.

Kikyou toiled with the answer to that question for a long time. Could she be in love with someone who was a constant reminder of the child that was lost to her?

"Tis not his fault that your baby died, Kikyou. And he has every right to know that ye was pregnant."

"I know…" Kikyou responded, only partially paying attention. Did she still love him?

"Ye cannot shut the world out forever. Life is precious and short, my sister. If ye doesn't not watch it, your life will have passed right before your eyes."

They reached the top of the hill; Kaede dropped to her knees, and immediately began digging holes into the rich soil for the new additions to her garden. Kikyou sat the potted plants next to her sister, and then turned to stare out into the glowing horizon. Her mind sifted through the past year. The happiness she felt being married to Inuyasha, the ecstatic joy she felt when she found out she was pregnant with his child. She always wanted children, for as long as she could remember that was all she dreamed of, having a family of her own. A deep-rooted frown spread across her face at the thought of the night that changed her life.

She was going to have a baby…that was the only thought that clouded her mind since the doctor told her that day. Even as she brushed off Naraku's advances, the idea of giving birth took hold of her. She remembered: Naraku had kissed her that night, promising her with gifts, and travels, and things she had never known. But none of that mattered. The only thing she wanted to do was go home to her husband and tell him the good news. Naraku had been angry when she left his room, until now she never thought twice about it. Then of course on her way home, she got into the accident that destroyed all her hopes and dreams. She would never be able to carry a child to term; she would never be able to have children of her own.

"If ye has not already destroyed your marriage, ye could always adopt. There are thousands of children who long for loving parents."

Kikyou snorted, "It is not the same," she replied coldly, folding her arms and stepping away from the garden.

"It should not matter," Kaede said, equally harsh.

"But it does…" Kikyou cried, "My blood, Inuyasha's blood doesn't not run through them. I want a baby that we share, that was created from our love…"

"So ye does still love him like a wife ought to," Kaede responded in statement rather than question as she placed a plant in her finished hole.

"Yes," Kikyou said weakly, watching a lone leaf fall from a branch and float towards the waiting earth.

"Ye can still save your marriage. And if the walls between ye two can be torn down, then why can ye not find a woman willing to carry Inuyasha and ye's child. Your eggs are still good, are they not?"

Something clicked inside Kikyou that sprung her heart back to life. There was hope, why had she not thought of it before. The pain in her soul dwindled as she pondered the possibilities of finding a surrogate mother to carry her child for her, "Yes…yes they are Kaede," she muttered while tears pooled in her eyes. I want my life back; I want to be happy again. I need a child…I need Inuyasha.

"So have ye decided? Inuyasha called this morning to tell ye that he is moving across the country tomorrow so ye will not have to move out of the apartment. If ye knows what ye want, then ye should go get it before it is lost forever."

Kikyou stared at her sister; she blinked a couple of times as her mind processed what Kaede was saying. Inuyasha is moving? But why? Had she hurt him that much? Yes…she knew she had, and there was no one to blame but herself. She should have confided in him about losing their child, he had every right to know. She had done him a great injustice, but she was determined to fix her mistakes.

"I am sorry, Kaede. But I must cut my visit short. There is someone back home, I have to stop from leaving."


She moaned into his mouth, smiling against his lips when he fumbled at trying to retrieve his singing cell phone from his pants pocket. The hand around her waist, gripped tighter into her skin as her fingers massaged the back of his neck along the hairline. Her legs were wrapped firmly around his waist, her navy blue skirt bunching at her hips. Her high-heels had long been dropped to the floor. His tie had been thrown across the room, and his shirt was open exposing every one of his rippling muscles. They were in his office, they should be working on Totosai's commission, but they winded up getting a little distracted.

"Damn it," Sesshoumaru cursed, feeling Rin's soft lips tease his neck. After a few failed attempts he managed to remove his cell phone and flip it open, "Hello," he said hoarsely into the receiver just as Rin sucked a piece of his skin into her mouth. She was going to be the death of him, he was sure of it.

"Well, hello to you too, sweetheart!" Kagura's voice cooed into his ear causing him to mentally curse.

"Kagura…" he acknowledged out loud.

Rin ceased her torture on Sesshoumaru, only to stare up coolly into his amber eyes. They had been granted a few extra days until Kagura's return. She was originally supposed to be home by Monday but some of the other models contracted food poisoning when they ate contaminated snails. So Kagura stayed a few extra days to help finish the shooting since her co-workers were in the hospital. Rin shook Kagura from her mind allowing a pure evil smirk pressed her lips upwards.

"How have you been managing without me, darling?" Kagura continued with the conversation.

Sesshoumaru stoically watched Rin's expression, wondering what the hell was going on in her mind. He felt her finger trace his lips then fall towards his chin and slipped clearway down his chest towards his stomach. His breath hitched slightly as her little hand reached inside his pants to grab the bulge she had created. Slowly, agonizingly slow she stroked up and down his confined length, her mouth finding his lips to swallow his moan when she squeezed and massaged a little faster.

"Sesshoumaru?" Kagura asked.

He was lost to the intense, arousing sensations his little Rin was stirring in him. Everything around him was quickly forgotten. His instincts told him to take her; fast and hard yet something nagged at the back of his mind, as if he was suppose to be doing something else at the moment. He let go of his phone, letting it drop to the floor and not giving it a second thought. Sesshoumaru pressed forward, causing Rin to lie back against the conference table in his office, and it was but a moment's time before he was above her, ravishing her body with fierce kisses and caresses.

"Sesshoumaru?" Kagura called out again from the disregarded phone, "I guess we were disconnected. Damn it and I was going to tell him I was coming home toni…" she hung up the phone.


"I have to go home at the end of the week, Miroku…but after my classes are done for the term, I will come back then we will figure out what do from there"

Sango's voice echoed through his brain. He did not deserve her. He had betrayed her, broke his promise to her and yet she was willing to give him another chance. She was a good woman, and he loved her so much. He would not disappoint her again; he would not hurt her again. Kagome had hired him Monday afternoon, and for the few days he had been working for her, things seem to brighten up. Maybe there was a future for him at the Tessaiga Corporation.

He glanced at his watch as he headed out the lavish entrance to the grand building he now worked in. It was getting late and he had a dinner date with his wife. He found an apartment to stay in, Sango would be leaving in three days to go back home and finish her spring classes. He was going to miss her the month he would be away from her, but if him staying and securing a job would help save his marriage then he was more than willing to sacrifice being apart from his wife.


Kagome gradually typed up her monthly report on her laptop. She knew she should have gone home hours ago but she knew if she did, she would wind up crying, or mopping, or worse. She had to keep herself busy, keep her mind off him. Inuyasha…a heavy sigh escaped her lips. How did they get so out of control?

Since Saturday when he barged out of her apartment, he had not spoken to her once. Hell, she didn't even think he looked her way once the last few days. If he needed to ask her something, he sent Koharu or Rin to ask for him. He spent most of the week, talking with the board of directors and preparing to move across the country to establish new Tessaiga headquarters on the coast. He was leaving tomorrow, and she hated that fact more than she cared to admit because she knew it was her fault. Her eyes stared at the teardrop that landed on the keyboard. She was going to miss him…so much.

She jumped when a knock at her office door pounded through the door. Wiping her eyes and closing her computer, she muttered a weak, "Come in…"

Inuyasha walked into his partner's office. Guilt radiated off him in abundance. He'd been acting like an ass to her since the incident on Saturday. She hadn't done anything wrong. It was his fault he couldn't control his emotions, it was his fault he failed to see how much she loved him all those years ago before he married Kikyou. He failed to admit how much he was in love with her back then as well, but his bruised ego when Kagome started dating that Hojo prick, made him act rash and ask his girlfriend to become his wife. It was his fault Kagome endured the pain she had suffered watching Kikyou and him together, it was his fault Kagome was in pain now.

Everyday that passed, their souls, Kagome and his drew closer together, entwining and refusing to let go. His love for her grew more every hour and he knew he had to get away -- as far away from her as he could get.

Distance makes to heart grow fonder.

'Damn it, no it doesn't. I have to get away from her before I wind up doing something we both regret…' he silently declared, staring down at the elaborate decorations of the tile floor. He could hear her soft gasp at his presence, but he could not bring himself to look up at her.

"Inu…Inuyasha?" she shakily asked.

Inuyasha cringed at the quivering of her voice knowing he was the one that caused it, "Yeah."

"Um, Can I help you with something?" she questioned in a low tone. He heard her rise from her seat causing him to look up. Kagome's tear stricken face pierced painfully at his heart.

He took a step closer, running his hand through his thick silver tresses. His honey orbs locked with her chocolate eyes, two hearts yearned for the other and cried out for a chance to be together. But circumstance…time…and fate were against them, and always would be so long as their love was a sin, so long as he was married to her best friend.

"Yeah, I just came to apologize," he said, shuffling his feet, and shoving his hands into the pockets of his silky slacks.

Kagome's eyes dropped to her hands, "There is no need to be sorry. You are leaving because of me, so I should be the one to apologize."

"No," his jaw clenched, he stalked forward, around her desk to stand directly in front of her, he grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him, "No…none of this is your fault. I will not allow you to blame yourself."

"Why shouldn't I?" she spat out angrily, tears rolling down her cheeks, "I am losing you…my partner, my closest friend, my…it's all my fault."

Inuyasha's expression softened as he reached out to stroke her cheek, "You can't help who you love, Kagome. I have to go because it's the right thing to do, not because of you. I love you, Kagome, more than I can handle or control that is why I am leaving."

Kagome stared at his lips; their faces seemed to inch closer together with every passing breath. Her heart leapt into her throat as she listened to every word out of his mouth, "But I don't think I could handle living without you in my life…" she spoke honestly.

"You can, and you will. You're a strong woman, Kagome. I have no doubt that you can overcome this and find someone who can give you everything you deserve."

"I don't want anybody else. My heart has belonged to you for a long time, and its not about to just let all that go just because you won't be around," she responded, wallowing in the feel of his arms as they subconsciously wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Kagome, I…" he trailed off, realizing how close they moved together. He couldn't do this, it was wrong. He had to deny his heart's desire to have her, to love her…to pretend that she was his and he was hers.

"Inuyasha, please…" she said, sniffling back more tears, her hands around his neck, fisting in his hair, she could feel his breath on her heated lips, "just this one time before…" she couldn't finish before his lips crashed down upon hers, igniting every pore in her skin. …before my heart dies…


Sesshoumaru stalked down the hallway towards the door of Rin's apartment. After she got off work, Rin was supposed to meet him at his office after she ran home to get changed. They were going out to dinner after work, but she never showed. He tried calling her cell phone, but she didn't answer. He called her apartment, only to hear her soft voice on the answering machine. Something…he did know how to explain it but something in him told him she was in trouble.

Panic nagged at his heart, worry ate at his mind…he hated these feelings…weak feelings that he could barely control. All his life he had been able to maintain a good handle over his emotions. He never let anyone too close, he refused to lose himself in the pathetic notions of love…that is until Rin came into his life. And he would be damned if he let anything happen to her, his Rin.

After a few short strides, he reached her door and stared blankly at it for a moment. Just as he was about to knock, however, noises erupted from within her apartment. Glass broke, things were pushed over, grunts and masculine voices conversed with each other but the sound that caused Sesshoumaru's heart to stop was the piercing scream of a female - Rin - inside the apartment.

The racket caused her neighbors to rush out of their rooms, their concerned faces and eyes fixed on the door that read four hundred and seventeen. Sesshoumaru ignored them, only one thought ran through his mind, and that was to save and protect what belonged to him. Using his shoulder he slammed into the barrier that blocked him from the intruders who dared lay a hand on Rin.

"I'm calling the police!" an old woman cried out, disappearing within the safety of her home.

Two coordinated and strong pushes later, he finally busted the door off its hinges. Sesshoumaru wasted not a single second as he moved quickly through the living room, down the short hall and straight to Rin's bedroom where the sounds were centered. Luckily he gained easy access to her room, only to be greeted by a sight at causing his vision to bleed red.

His Rin, was pinned to her bed, held down by two blonde men who dug their hands into her shoulders. The other male hovered over her trapping her legs between his as he fiddled with the belt around his waist. Rin was bruised, and her lip was bleeding but from his quickly observation he could see no other injuries. He also noted the scratch marks and teeth wounds on the dark haired male above her, indicating to him that she tried to fight back.

Her eyes stared hatefully at her attackers even while she continued to struggle trying desperately to get her legs free, since most of her strength was in her legs as it is for most women. Her black mini skirt had been pushed above her waist and her purple blouse had been torn open and exposing her breast to her attackers' lustful eyes. Sesshoumaru about went mad at the scene before him.

He rushed forward, targeting the man who now reached inside his unzipped his pants to pull out…Sesshoumaru did not let him get that far before his fist slammed directly into the dark haired man's temple, sending him toppling sideways. One of the blonde attackers went straight for newest addition to the room, while the other moved quickly to grabbed both of Rin's arms and twist them painfully behind her.

Sesshoumaru easily dodged the sloppy swings of the man before him, when he lost his balance; Sesshoumaru dug his sharp nails into his opponent's jugular pushing him forcefully back against a wall causing a picture to fall and shatter from the impact when it hit the carpet. He continued to squeezing the neck tighter, feeling no remorse when the male gagged and gasped for air.

Pain ripped through him as someone came behind him and shoved a sharp object into his chest and impaled it into his heart. He saw his vision blur for an instance, but determination overruled the fierce throbbing in his chest. He could feel his own blood running down his back, soaking into his shirt and blazer, but he could not stop fighting until she was safe, he would not let her die…or worse be raped.

Disregarding his possible fatal wound, Sesshoumaru let his unconscious victim drop to the floor and spun on his heels, cringing when the knife was ripped out of his flesh. His hand snapped out, gripping the masked man's wrist and using his strength to bend the arm enough to make him drop the bloodied weapon. Sesshoumaru's free hand smashed into the other man's face causing him to stubble backwards. The silver haired male was working on adrenaline alone as he continued to lay right and left hooks into the intruder in front of him until the man was bruised and bloody.

Rin watched in horror as Sesshoumaru was stabbed. It was a cheap shot, but the men who had broke into her apartment did not care about being fair. They had been all but ready to gang rape her, however, Sesshoumaru apparently had come looking for her. She muscles hurt where she had been punched and kicked. She noticed the look in Sesshoumaru's eyes which told her he was only hold on by a thread. His body was failing him, but his mind would not allow it.

She curled her body enough to get an advantage on the attacker that still held her captive. Rin shoved her heel back into his groin, pushing with all her might into the most sensitive spot on his body. The remain blonde man recoiled, his hands letting go of Rin to grip his throbbing member. Rin scrambled away from him, off the bed, and ran straight into Sesshoumaru's arms just as the police busted into the room, guns pointed and screaming for everybody to freeze.

She ignored the new arrivals, her heart crushing beneath her ribs as Sesshoumaru's eyes glazed over, "SESSHOUMARU!" she screamed as he collapsed, all life draining from him.


Kagura ran down out of the hospital elevator and headed straight for the nurse's station. Her head pounded against her skull. She had just gotten off her flight and was on her way to retrieve her luggage when a local news bulletin flashed on the television in the cafeteria as she passed. She was glad she stopped to watch because the reporter announced that her fiancée, Sesshoumaru Tama, had been stabbed while trying to protect a colleague and that he had been taken immediately to Memorial Hospital, his current condition was not known.

Her shoes slid across the slick floor as she stopped her quick movement with the nurse's desk. Her breath came out in short, labored pants, "Sesshoumaru Tama…" was all she was able to get out.

The tall, slender nurse seemed to understand what she wanted and pointed down the hall as she spoke, "He is in room thirty-eight. Are you family?" she inquired, knowing that she was risking a lot already by allowing the female that the patient saved to stay in his room, even though she had been released an hour ago.

"I am his fiancée." Kagura quickly replied, her clenched fist pressed against her heart, trying to get it to calm down, "Please I have to see him."

The nurse sighed, it was pass visiting hours but the look on the woman's face told her that the female was worried for her future husband. She glanced down at the schedule and noted that resident doctor was doing his rounds down the opposite wing that contained odd numbered rooms, "Make it quick, visiting hours have long since passed."

"Thank you so much," Kagura said, feeling a great relief wash over her as she walked in the direction the nurse had indicated.

The nurse stared after the departing woman with a frown, remembering how concerned the other female in Mr. Tama's room had been during his surgery. It almost seemed as if the young woman was in love with the respected businessman. But she shrugged off the ideas in her head and continued with work.

Kagura entwined her fingers as she neared room thirty-eight. Quietly she walked closer to the cracked door, afraid that she would wake him. He needed his rest, especially after such an eventful night. She was about to enter the room when voices inside caught her complete and utter attention.

"Did they hurt you?" she heard Sesshoumaru ask someone, but who?

"Just a few bumps and scraps that's all. Thank you for saving me," a quivering female voice answered him. Kagura blinked, she knew that voice but she couldn't quite place her finger on who it belonged too.

"Do not cry."

"I know…" the woman's voice was weak and low offering no help to Kagura as she tried to remember the person who was in the room with her Sesshoumaru, "I almost lost you tonight."

"You did not. I will not be taken down so easily."

Kagura heard the female giggle before speaking again, "I should have known. The Great Sesshoumaru will not fall for anyone."

"Except for you…" his cold voice replied, sending a deep, painful jab into Kagura's heart. What does he mean? No, he can't…he wouldn't do that to me…he knows how much I love him…oh please God no…

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