Okay, this is a Sango/Sesshoumaru love story. I just don't think that there are enough out there…in English anyway. In fact, other than Soledad, I haven't found anymore. So here it goes, this is my first Inu Yasha fic, so please bear with me. Please tell me what you think of this little sample and if I should right more. Let me know! This is going to take place one year after the death of Naraku and the shikkon jewel.


Chapter One: Unpleasant Memories

Sango walked the distance of the field, lost in her thoughts. It had been nearly a year since the last and final battle with Naraku. His death had been too quick for her liking, but she had known that Inu Yasha was right for making it quick. She knew that if Naraku were given the chance to stall death, if even for a fraction of a second, he would have somehow escaped.

She had been hoping at the time that she would have been the one to bring him down. Now, however, when she looked back on it all, she excepted the fact that it couldn't be her. Naraku would have escaped from her. He would have used Kohaku to defeat her. Sango came out of her thoughts when she reached her destination.

She knelt down at the armor-covered grave. She took the lilies she carried and placed them just beneath the weapons. "Kohaku," she sighed heavily, a lone tear falling down her left cheek. Quietly she began to speak to the buried remains of her brother. Telling him of the village and how she was living by herself, making and selling weapons. She told him of Inu Yasha and Kagome's newly revealed relationship and Miroku's new wife. Then finally ending her one-sided conversation by telling him that she loved and missed him. That she didn't blame him and to be in peace.

As she went to get up from her kneeling position, Sango suddenly lacked the strength to even kneel. She collapsed onto her brother's grave, sobbing uncontrollably. Realizing finally that she had been a fool to think that she could have come here without shedding tears. It was just that every time she visited the grave, she was forced to remember his last words to her before his death. She could remember it like it was yesterday.

She had cradled his limp, whimpering form, rocking him slowly back and forth, whispering to him that she loved him. He had reached up and touched her face, a tear sliding down his cheek as he spoke, "I love you, big sister…and I-I'm s-sorry. Please forgive me…"

Sango had been unable to control her sobs after that. She had told him to go in peace, that he had nothing to be sorry for, and as if on cue, he had died. She remembered feeling nothing, and then hatred. Hatred and anger consumed her and she began to see red. She was unable to recall most of the battle. It had just been one big blur, and still was.

Inu Yasha and Miroku had been there, of course, Kagome had been the one to deliver the arrow that would cause Naraku's downfall. Sesshoumaru, he had been there as well. Fighting on their side, for once. The five of them, herself included, had fought in unison, each of them making up for what the other lacked. Although, Sango wasn't sure how Sesshoumaru lacked anything.

Every time she had seen him in battle, he had been flawless, relentless, cruel, and emotionless. Perhaps that was what he lacked; Emotion. Compassion. Perhaps that is why Inu Yasha has always been able to defeat him. In any case, they had fought together, and that is why they won.

Sango distincly remembered getting in three direct shots before feeling nothing but pain. Pain in her back, her arms, her legs, but above all else, her stomach. She learned later that she had been caught in the crossfire. Naraku had cast out Kagome's arrow when he changed forms and sent it soaring at and into her. She hadn't even seen it. She could vaguely recall being carried by someone after it was over. Kilala had been hurt, and carried on a makeshift stretcher. That was she remembered before passing out.

Here, a full year later, and the grief still consumed her inside and out. Sango gathered her emotions as she slowly began to regain mobility. She dusted off her kimono before pulling her emotional mask back on and raising her shields again. Kagome and Inu Yasha were coming, and she had to be ready. She had to look…content.


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