Note: this is rated PG13 on the safe side, I don't own anybody here, and be warned if you haven't seen the episodes of when the Sutherlands are stuck in the mine and onwards they may contain spoilers. (This is set the week after the Stalker caught) Note 2: Please read my other story Stalker on the bay or it may get confusing in this story it Rated R so you will have to go their

Starring: Jade Sutherland, Kirsty Sutherland, Dani Sutherland, Rhys Sutherland, Max Sutherland, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Beth Hunter, Scott Hunter, Irene Roberts, Hayley Smith, Tasha Andrews/Russell, Sally Flechter, Flynn Sauders, Leah Patterson, Jesse Macgregor, Kane Phillips, Seb Miller, Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart, Noah Lawson, Alex Paulos.

Guest Starring: Shelley Sutherland, Eloiuse (A/N can't remember her last name), Vinnie Patterson, Nick Smith, Brodie Hasen, VJ Patterson, Matilda Hunter and Henry Hunter **************************************************************************** *****************************************
Double Wedding Hell Summary: Kirsty and Jade big day is coming, as it approaches all hell breaks lose, The Bride is missing, Groom 1# gets cold feets, Jade Limo breaks down, Kane slips and has a fall down the stairs and someone tries to Sabotage the wedding, will the Wedding from Hell turn into a wedding Like Sally and Flynn? Only Time can tell. **************************************************************************** ****************************************** Rhys Sutherland walked down the stairs humming the wedding song tune. Even thought at first he was against but then he came to realising that his little girls were no longer little. And he saw the courage in Seb eyes when he saved Jade twice, he was sure Kane would of done the same thing for Kirsty. He walked into the lounge room, pancakes smell filled his nose as he saw his wife-to-be cooking pancakes, Kit was reading a magazines, Scott and Robbie were helping with Beth while Max was on the computer writing another story, about the event that happened one week ago, then he saw his three beautiful girls who were sisters once again laughing Dani was admiring the rings that Kane and Seb gave to the girls, Shelley who told them about her break up with David was in the kitchen talking to Beth.

"Good morning" Rhys said to everyone "Good morning" Kit replied a girl then walked in he remembered her as Kelly, Kit new friend. He walked to Beth "Hey sweetheart" Beth said kissing him "Hey good morning" he replied he was in a good mood. "Hey Scott, and Robbie" Rhys said to the boys they nodded their heads "Hey Shel" Rhys said to Shelley, "Hi" she replied. "Okay everyone your pancakes are ready" Beth said taking a plateful of pancakes to the table. Everyone rushed to the table and took a plate of pancakes and went back to what they were doing, soon 6 pancakes were left, Shelley, Beth and Rhys took two, "You want one love" Rhys offered Kelly "Sure" she replied Eloiuse walked downstairs, the Sutherlands adopted her after her family moved and she had no place to stay. She took the remaining ones and sat down. "Good morning" Shelley said Eloiuse smiled, everyone was still trying to figure out how Vinnie and Eloiuse were still alive. The two for some reason didn't want to talk about it.

"So who are the other two bridesmaid going to be?" Dani asked her two sisters, the first bridesmaid was herself, "well are aren't sure yet," Kirsty replied "Hey I know, Kit and Eloiuse come over here for a sec" Jade called out to the two red-haired , "you called" Kit said "How would you two like to be our bridesmaid" Jade said "Are you kidding, I would love to be one" Kit replied "About you Eloiuse" Kirsty asked "I would love to" she replied "Hey Max how about you, you like to be the ring man?" Jade said to Max "Sure I would love to" he said not taking his eyes of the computer. "Who are the best mans?" Kit asked "Well we are letting Kane and Seb pick them" Jade said. "Scott and Robbie don't feel left out do they" Kirsty asked "No" came the two replies. "So when the big day again?" Kit asked "In about two days, Beth taking us out for a wedding dress" Kirsty said "Why I don't take Max and the bridesmaids to find a dress and a tuxedo" Shelley said "Okay" Kit said Max and Eloiuse nodded in agreement.

Kane Phillips walked out of his room, he got the house from his aunt, he started walked down the stairs when a huge bang was heard next door causing Kane to slip and fall down the stairs.

Night fell on the Sutherland House, Kirsty wasn't aware of Kane fall yet. "Oh um tomorrow Matilda and Henry are moving in too" Beth reminded everyone. "If their isn't enough room I could move out" Scott said to his mother "Nonsense you don't need to move out" Beth replied. "He just trying run away from me Beth" Dani said "Hey listen nobody asked you, you dumped me not the other way around" Scott snapped back "I dumped you because you betrayed me!" Dani yelled getting up "Oh here we go you start blaming somebody else and it ends up been me" Scott said Dani and Scott voices grew louder. They went upstairs but they still could be heard.

"I just hope Dani and Scott don't ruin our wedding" Kirsty replied the phone started ringing Max answered "Hello" he said. "Don't worry Kirs, Dani and Scott know that it the most important day of our lives" Jade replied assuring her sister "Kirsty, Flynn wants to talk to you" Max said "Flynn?" Kirsty asked in confusion as Max gave her the phone "Hello Flynn" Kirsty said "What!" Kirsty yelled jerking Max, Robbie, Beth, Rhys, Eloiuse and Jade attention. Dani and Scott came back down still at it. "I thought you were my knight in shining armour not Jade's Knight in shinning armour." Dani yelled "You know what why don't you cheat on me and Seb and forced Jade to go out with you!" Dani yelled the word forced brought back memories jade started shaking "You two knock it off" Eloiuse said walking over to the hectic Jade who was still obviously Traumatise by what happened a week earlier.

"Look what you did Dani you made your sister cry I hope you are happy" Scott said. "Guys Kane is in hospital" Kirsty said breaking the argument. "Oh dear why?" Beth asked "He fell down the stairs, Flynn said he okay and Kane told him to tell me that he still going to make it for the wedding" Kirsty said "But I don't think it going to happen" she said. "I wonder if fell because you went over and push him just to sabotage the wedding" Scott yelled "Oh now you wanna blame me for that Scott Hunter! Well I got news for you, I wouldn't hurt my sister!" Dani yelled she then walked out. "Yeah walk right out, be a wuss" Scott Yelled They could hear him going by the distant. Two figures showed up "Matilda and Henry Welcome" Beth said cheerfully seeing her two children, they on the other hand were not happy to see her. "Just cut the crap where do we put our stuff" Matilda said, "Just leave it by the door" Beth replied taken back. Matilda noticed Jade and Kirsty teary eyes "What their problem" she said "They wusses obviously" Henry replied. "For your information my husband to be is in hospital you stupid idiots!" Kirsty shouted "I gotta go see him" she said walking pass the two purposely pushing Matilda into Henry. "Okay maybe she has an excuse but about the stupid blonde" Henry said. "Hey listen you morons Jade was raped so can you aleast feel a little sorry" Eloiuse said walking up to them "Okay that it I am turning back" Matilda said "No you aren't, both of you are staying here" Beth replied. "I been here for a few minutes and it already" Jade irrupted Matilda "Like Hell" Jade said "I was going to say boring and sucked" she replied starting to feel guilty. "What is she talking about?" Henry asked "You two obliviously never watched the news, she talking about the killings and stalkers that happened last week" Robbie replied Jade trembled even more. "Okay now I am leaving" Matilda said "They gone now" Max replied Kit entered the room "Oh hi sister and brother" Kit said

"The Killer is still waiting in the dark, Josh was framed.." Jade said saying thing that didn't make sense "he bad but not bad" Jade said "Sweetie it okay" Eloiuse said touching her Jade fist met with her eye "Don't hurt me!" Jade said getting up "Eloiuse, I am sorry" Jade said starting to get out of her trance. "That okay no harm done" she replied "I gotta stay in control if I want to get married" Jade said "Married!" Matilda said. "Yeah to my boyfriend Seb" Jade replied "Listen I am sorry I didn't mean to scare you I am Jade" Jade replied. "You right" Beth replied Dani walked back in going to her room followed by Scott going to his room "Yes hi brother' Henry said as Scott took no notice of them. "Well we better get some sleep the Wedding is coming really soon" Rhys replied. Everyone went to bed.

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