Title: The Journey Begins

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. Probably not even all of the story, but it did all come out of my head and I own that.

Author's Note: This is my first ever fanfic. Actually my first story ever. I am not a writer and have never even wanted to be a writer, but I love the show and have a lot of time. I want lots of reviews because I have never written anything and I want to know how to make it better. Go through line by line and tell me what to fix or just say it sucks. I think fanfiction should be written for the fans so tell me exactly what you think. I promise to consider each review long and hard.

About the Story: It will be Luke/ Lorelai... eventually. I have lots of stuff in my head and I want to get then together slowly, naturally. But not too slowly and they will get together. I probably won't write much Rory romance in this story because, frankly, I am way more JavaJunkie than anything else.

Ok, On with the Story.

All but a few lights in Luke's diner were out. The tables were wiped, the floor swept. The man himself, stood behind the counter performing his nightly ritual of counting receipts. He had done this every day since he opened the diner. It was a routine. He liked routine. It kept things normal, the same. He didn't do well with change.

However, this routine also included something that he hated. Thinking about Lorelai. As much as he tried, he could never keep his thoughts from her for very long. Tonight she was out. Probably on a date. Probably with Jason. He hadn't heard much about the man she had been seeing lately, except in passing and what he could get out of Sookie without seeming as though he cared. He honestly didn't understand what Lorelai saw in him.

Luke had never liked any of her past boyfriends but this guy was different. He understood the other guys. Christopher was Lorelai's first love and Rory's father. There would always be a connection. Max had been sophisticated and smart, able to keep up with Lorelai's wit, but Luke suspected it was more of a physical attraction and little else. There had been a few others between Max and the most recent, but Luke never got the impression that any of them were serious.

He couldn't say the same about this one. Lorelai smiled a lot more lately. She went out a lot more. He still didn't get it. The man worked with her father, so Luke knew Jason was from a world that Lorelai had spent most of her life trying to get away from. Though Lorelai hadn't elaborated, much to Luke's relief, he had heard a few stories from Lorelai. Jason had funny sleeping habits, taught his dog weird tricks, and was fond of calling Lorelai "Umlauts" to agitate her. You couldn't sneeze in Star's Hollow without everyone knowing two minutes later and Luke got the impression that the general consensus was that Jason was a cheeseball. He was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it, and now that included Lorelai. What could Lorelai have liked about him, other than the idea of doing something that would mean defying her parents?


Luke slammed the cash drawer closed and realized that he had cursed aloud. He closed his eyes and scolded himself for getting worked up. Lorelai could do what she wanted. Besides he had Nicole.

The bell above the door jingled. Luke didn't open his eyes. He knew who it was. Somehow the ring of the bell sounded different when she walked through the door. He didn't hear the normal racket she made when entering. Teasing him and demanding coffee, the woman was seldom silent. All he heard was the click of her heels as she wove through tables and sat down on a stool at the counter. He opened his eyes expecting her to be looking at him strangely, but she hadn't even noticed. She sat with her hands on the counter, staring at them. He immediately turned around and flipped the switch on the coffee maker. He turned back around and looked at her. She didn't seem to notice at all. He took her in. She looked extra beautiful tonight. Dressed up in what he knew was one of her "date dresses." Luke saw her every day. He could name every article of clothing she owned, save for her underwear. Luke's eyes widened as he had this thought. Here she was obviously upset about something and he was imagining her underwear! The coffee was ready, so he poured her a steaming cup and set it in front of her. She still took no notice, so he lifted the cup and raised it to his lips.

"Luke! What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? That's COFFEE! Coffee is bad, remember?"

Luke set the cup down, relieved that she was finally roused from her stupor.

"I had to do something to wake you up."

Lorelai looked momentarily embarrassed by her daze.

"You had to give me a heart attack?"

Luke cocked his head and gave her a withering look.

"Me drinking coffee would have really given you a heart attack?"

"Yes because.....because it would mean that the world would have been reversed and I would have to become a health nut."

Luke smiled slightly. Her normal charm and wit seemed off tonight, but he was glad that she still had her coffee and junk food priorities straight.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked looking at her seriously..

Lorelai felt uneasy under his stare. She looked at her cup and replied "Nothing. Everything's fine."

"Oh, ok, well if everything's fine than you won't need this coffee." Luke knew that Lorelai could have murdered Taylor Doose and still would've confessed for a cup of coffee. Lorelai looked up at him. Luke was staring hard at her. She felt as if she was naked. He could see through to her heart and could tell it was carrying 20 extra pounds tonight. She sighed, defeated.

"Jason and I broke up", she said in a voice so tiny it was barely audible.

Luke place the cup in front of her again and she took a long sip. She stared down into it. Luke was dying to know what happened but he was too scared to ask. He didn't have to because Lorelai continued.

"We went to dinner. Tonight. I overheard him. On the payphone. Talking to his father. About my father." Her sentences were short and fragmented as though she was still trying to comprehend what had happened. Luke looked at her expectantly.

"He still works for his father. But he works for my father too." As she said this her forehead creased in confusion. Tears welled up in her eyes and she spoke as though she was hearing it all for the first time and didn't understand.

"He's been giving information to his father about my dad's business. Why would he do that? He's my dad's competition."

"I don't know, Lorelai"

Lorelai knew. Luke knew she knew, but he had a feeling she didn't want to believe it. Her tears were coming quicker now. Luke hated to see her cry but he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

She stood up quickly, her face was red with anger. She began to pace the diner. He could almost see the gears in her head turning so he tried to calm her down.

"Lorelai, I'm sorry about Jason. He didn't deserve you," Luke said in a soft voice while staring hard at his shoes. Lorelai stopped and whipped around. Uh oh thought Luke. I said the wrong thing again.

"To hell with Jason!" Lorelai spat. "What am I going to do? How can I possibly tell my dad?"

Luke was taken aback. Luke knew that things between Lorelai and her parents were never smooth. He also knew that they genuinely cared about each other a great deal, but he had never seen it so blatantly displayed.

Lorelai, however, didn't notice Luke's shock and began to babble.

"He is so happy. That jerk. And the Pringles. How could I have fallen for the Pringles? And the tv that came out of the bed. And that poor dog. What an idiot. Should've known after Atlantic city. And the underwear-less anorexic. So stupid..."

Luke, who became lost after the mention of Pringles, came around the counter and caught her by the shoulders.

"Lorelai," he said softly, "Calm down, you aren't making any sense."

"Oh, I'll show you sense making," she said in a threatening tone, even though she wasn't looking at Luke, but off into space as though she was speaking to someone else.

"Lorelai!" Luke said a little more forcefully. She looked at him as though he had just appeared in front of her.

"What? Oh, sorry. I'm just..."

"I know" he said, his voice softening. "You need to get some rest. You will be able to make better sense of it, and at all, in the morning."

Lorelai looked at him for a second before leaning forward into his arms and crushing herself against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and breathed deeply. Even in her distraught state, she couldn't help but notice how good he smelled.

Luke froze when Lorelai hugged him. He only remembered a few times in the past when they had hugged and he didn't know what to do anymore now than he had then. But he couldn't stand to see her upset and wrapped his arms around her back. She held him tight so he held her back just as tightly with one arm as he rubbed her back with the other. He placed his chin on the top of her head and wondered at how their bodies fit together so perfectly. He breathed in the smell of her hair and closed his eyes. The diner was dead silent, but it seemed strangely comfortable. The silence was broken by Lorelai.

"Luke?" she asked again using a tiny voice.


"Will you help me? Make sense of it?"

Luke, reluctant to let go, stopped rubbing her back and replied "Sure".

"Thanks" she said with her head still against his chest. She gave him one last squeeze and pulled back.

"I should go, I'm exhausted" she said with a heavy sigh. "Tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow" he said and she began to towards the door.

When she reached for the knob, Luke said "Hey, Lorelai?"

"Yeah?" She turned around.

Luke produced a to-go cup and filled it with coffee.

"To help you sleep" he said walking around the corner and handing it to her. She smiled, the first time all night.

"Thanks, again. Goodnight"

"Goodnight Lorelai"

He watched her as she walked down the street and disappeared in the darkness. He locked the door and let out a breath as though he had been holding it since she had walked in. He turned off the lights and headed upstairs to his apartment. Until tomorrow......