TITLE: Come undone


PAIRINGS: Bakura/Ryou, Mariku/Malik, Yami/Yugi, maybe some future Seto/Jou

WARNINGS: Major Yaoi AU, Implied sex, innuendo, foul language, a bit of OOC-ness, drug usage

FOR: My best net friend, corn3ts, as a belated birthday gift and an apology for my delayed beta duties. ^_^ Also, to my very persistent cousin Jen, who threatened to feed me to her plushies if I didn't make her a B/R fic. And of course, this is for all of you Bakura/Ryou fans out there. I hope you'll enjoy!

NOTES: Since this is an AU, I doubt there would be any brouhaha about Duel Monsters, so if you're looking for something where Yami and Bakura are duking it out using their cards, well, you've come to the wrong place, honey. Also, another thing is that I've made surnames for Ryou, Yami, Bakura and Mariku, so they could be easily distinguished.

SUMMARY: Ryou, who's studying in an all-boys school, is dragged by his best friend Malik to a rather seedy-looking club. There he meets the boy of his dreams, one Hidomu Bakura. But Bakura has a secret that could cost them their lives. Will their love survive? And more importantly, will they survive?


Kring! Kring! Kring!

The shrill ringing of the alarm clock on his bedside stand intruded in on Ryou's dreams, jolting his senses to full consciousness. He groggily banged his fist hard on the alarm once, yawning slightly after it stopped its ringing. He was about to stand up from the foot of the bed and oblige his aching bladder by going to the bathroom just a few feet away from him, but another sound interrupted his thoughts again.

And this time it definitely wasn't the alarm clock.

Oh, no… something much worse.

He glanced above at the top of the bunk bed that he and his roommate and best friend Malik were sharing, and promptly turned his head away. He had just witnessed another rather disturbing moment in his best friend's colorful sex life.

God, he hated it when he saw two bodies moving under Malik's sheets every damn Saturday morning that Kami-sama had created.

Discreetly, Ryou coughed to get the random person that Malik was screwing and Malik's attention.

"Ooohh…yes…keep doing that…"

Not-so-discreetly, Ryou coughed again.

"Oh, Malik, baby… I didn't know you could twist that way…"

With his eye violently twitching, Ryou loudly said an exaggerated "Ahem-Ahem!"

"That's it, suck you little-"


Rustling of sheets were heard, then suddenly Malik poked his light-blond head out of the sheets and grinned sheepishly at Ryou. "Morning, Ryou! You're looking beautiful today!" He said cheerily to the silver-haired boy glaring at him below. Ryou sighed loudly as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Malik, what did I tell you about about having sex on a Saturday morning when I'm still here?"

"Uhm… to never even dream of doing it ever?"

"Yes, exactly. I'm going to the bathroom in a few seconds. When I get out there, I expect to see you, and only you in that bed of yours…and stop grinning at me like that, Malik, because you are not getting out of this one."

Said guilty party squawked rather awkwardly in indignation and almost fell out of the top bunk, momentarily forgetting about the other person beside him. "Aaaaw… Ryou! I'm a normal teenage guy with raging hormones! Normal teenage guys with raging hormones absolutely need a good Saturday morning screw!"

Ryou crossed his arms in front of himself and narrowed his eyes even further. "So, you're saying that I'm not normal?"

"Yeah! C'mon, I mean, sixteen and still a virgin-"

"Takahashi's still a virgin?!" Interrupted a loud and obviously disbelieving voice from under the sheets next to Malik, who elbowed the voice's owner in the face.

Ryou, for his part, shook his head in disgust and amusement. But when he heard about the 'virgin' part, his cheeks immediately turned red. "Whatever. I'm going now, okay? So, when I come back…" Malik nodded and waved a hand in dismissal. "Yeah, yeah… spare me the lecture of my consequences."

Ryou turned his back on them, and went inside the bathroom, shutting the door immediately. Malik sighed and looked up at the ceiling, before quickly pulling the covers surrounding his bed partner. "Okie-dokie, Kenji-kun, you can get out now!" He said, looking down at the naked form of the burly, well-muscled boy lying beside him. "Aaw, baby, we were only just starting…" Hands tentatively caressed Malik's arm, before the other boy pushed him away with a sudden bout of strength. Kenji fell down the top bunk, landing head-first on the floor.

Malik looked down at the burly boy, smirking slightly. Any traces of his earlier cheerful demeanor were completely gone, replaced by a glint in his amethyst eyes.

"W-what the fuck?!-"

"I said, Kenji-kun, get the hell out of here!"





Kenji gave a small squeak and hurriedly put on his boxers, then picked up the rest of his clothes ( which were just beside Ryou's bedside table ) and ran out of the room. He slammed the door shut, and Malik irritably swatted the pieces of plaster that fell on his tanned chest. "Okay, Ryou, you can come out now. I swear that I won't taint your virgin eyes anymore."

The bathroom door opened to reveal a pair of annoyed brown eyes framed by silver hair. "Not funny…" He growled, but the effect was lost since he had on a huge pout. Malik chuckled lightly.

"Fine, fine, I'm sorry, Ryou."

"You're forgiven." Ryou's eyes softened. "Who was that guy anyway?"

"Oh, him…" Malik scratched his head with one hand, while tapping his lip with the other. "Well, that was Ishino Kenji. You know, the guy one year level above us who always sort of bullies us around."

Ryou's eyes almost popped out of its sockets. "Him?!"

"Uhh… yeah. So?"

"So?!" Ryou stalked towards Malik, disbelief written all over his fair face. "Malik, he just called you a fag-whore yesterday. Plus, he almost punched you last week."

" 'Almost' being the key word there, my friend. He just adores my perfect face too much to even think about giving it a black eye." To emphasize his point, Malik propped his chin on both hands and blinked cutely at Ryou. The other boy below sighed heavily. "Malik, you're the only person I know who sleeps with the people who bully him. Don't you know that that's absolutely twisted?"

The blond shrugged carelessly. "He's all bark and no bite. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about him. Besides…" Malik's lips twisted into another dark smile. "I just threw him out…I suspect that it's a huge blow to the poor guy's inflated ego."

"So, you've broken up?"

Malik paused in thought, then nodded once. "I guess. I mean, it wasn't even a real relationship to begin with. He just gave killer blowjobs." At this, Malik smiled like a child in a candy store and giggled. "Now, that's something I'll always remember him by: The guy who always gave me blow-your-mind blowjobs."

Ryou buried his face into his hands as he felt the heated blush coming back to his cheeks. "I did not need to know that."

"Sorry, Ryou."

"Just get dressed, and we'll see about that 'sorry'."


"Hey, Ryou…"

"What is it, Malik? I'm trying to do my research paper, incase you didn't notice."

"Oi, chill! I was just gonna ask if you wanted to do something tonight."

Ryou looked up from where he was typing on his laptop and turned to face Malik. The other boy was currently sitting at the small dressing table that they shared, running a brush through his lustrous blond hair. Ryou rolled his eyes and went back to his work, but not before muttering to himself that Malik was probably the vainest person in the whole world.

"So? You wanna go out to a club?"

Without taking his eyes off the glowing screen of his laptop, Ryou replied "Malik, we have a lot of things to do, papers to finish… I can't believe you'd want to go man-hunting at this time. Besides, it's already 10 p.m."

Malik momentarily paused in his brushing, pouting at his reflection in the mirror. "Who said I was gonna go man-hunting? I just want a few drinks, maybe a little dancing…"

"If you want drinks, there's still some coke and water in the fridge. You can turn on the radio and dance, if you want. I won't mind… just not in the nude, okay?"

Malik growled in frustration as he threw the brush across the room, missing Ryou and his laptop by an inch. Crossing his tanned arms across his chest and giving the mirror a haughty look, he said "But I want wine, cocktails and tequila! And I don't want to dance alone! Besides, the radio always plays cheesy Britney songs." The haughty look disappeared, to be replaced by desperation etched on Malik's face. "Please, Ryou! I'm really, really bored!" He turned away from the mirror to come face to face with Ryou's backside.

Ryou paused in his typing and faced Malik, weariness and a trace of annoyance in his fair face. "If you really want to go clubbing, ask Jou and Seto, or Yugi, or one of your bazillion boyfriends to go with you. It doesn't have to be me, you know."

Malik quickly shook his head furiously, and walked over to Ryou. "No, no, no! It has to be you!"

Ryou frowned, not understanding. "Why?"

Malik put a hand on Ryou's shoulder, leaning over him and pinning him to the chair, while the other hand worked on saving the file and shutting down the laptop. Ryou yelped, releasing himself from Malik's grasp. "I was just about to type one more page! One more page! Then you had to go and shut it down!" Ryou glared heatedly at the blond.

Said blond snorted and said "Oh, that can wait until tomorrow."

"No, it can't!"

"Yes. It. Can." Malik enunciated every word, like he was talking to some pre-schooler. Ryou suddenly felt deeply insulted. "Now get your lazy ass up and going, because we are going to the clu-ub!" He yelled in glee, pumping a fist into the air.

"Is there absolutely no way I can get myself out of this?"

A cheerful answer of "Nope, not a chance!" was what Ryou heard. The fair-haired boy sighed, slumping down in his seat in resignation.

"Why do I always let you drag me into these things?"

"Aaw, Ryou-kins, we've only gone clubbing once, on my sixteenth birthday. Remember what happened then?" Malik's smile turned wicked. "I met this really hot redhead there—"

"Spare me the gory details, please." Ryou said, slumping even further in his chair. "And besides, you got me drunk!" He winced at the memory, not really wanting to reminisce about those times ever again.

"Oh, yeah… I remember that me and this other guy carried you all the way here to our dorm." Suddenly, Malik giggled, putting a hand in front of his mouth. "That was fun!"

"Yeah, imagine the fun I had when I woke the next morning with the biggest hangover this side of Japan, and then I find out that two naked guys are lying next to me, and one is even draped all over me!" Ryou said sarcastically, rolling his eyes and thinking that Malik must be insane… really insane.

Ignoring his friend's none-too-subtle comments about the 'fun' he had, Malik patted him on the shoulder in a show of mock-sympathy. "I know you try so hard to preserve your virginity, Ryou. But that's going to end tonight, once and for all!" Malik looked up with a determined ( read: scary ) look on his face.

Ryou flushed a bit, then smiled slightly at his friend's dramatics, and stood up. "Let's just get this over with."

Malik blinked at him, caught by surprise. "Eh?"

"What are we going to wear? T-shirt? Jeans?"

"That's the spirit, Ryou!" Malik whooped for joy and caught Ryou's wrist in his own. He started dragging the other boy to their shared closet with renewed vigor.

"Who said you can wear a t-shirt to a club?"


"I don't think this is such a good idea, Malik…" Ryou said warily, as he glanced up at the glowing neon sign, announcing the club's name to the whole world. Apparently, "The psychedelic monkey" was most definitely not a safe club to be in, especially at 11:30 p.m. Who knew who could be there? Druggies, prostitutes, strippers, robbers, murderers…Ryou shivered at the thought. Oh, he really wanted to get out of there.

"Ryou, sweetie, you're talking nonsense again." Malik chided playfully, waggling his index finger back in forth in Ryou's face.

Ryou swiftly caught the tanned boy's finger. "Malik…"

"Nobody likes a worrywart, okay? Jeeze, it's not like we're going to be gang-raped in here. Just relax for once!"

Ryou looked down guiltily, large brown eyes sparkling. "I'm sorry, Malik. I guess all that workload has been getting to my head."

Malik's eyes softened at the sight of his innocent friend and smiled, putting an arm around Ryou's mesh-clad shoulder. "Nah, don't worry about it. We're here to have fun, not get each other into a guilt-trip. What are friends for, anyway, ne?"

The fair-skinned boy nodded, and quickly hugged Malik, putting both arms around his waist, which the other boy returned in kind. It was only a few seconds after their embrace, that they noticed that they were already in front of the line. The bouncer coughed loudly, interrupting the sweet moment.

"New boytoy, Malik?"

Ryou's jaw almost fell to the ground in surprise, while Malik only grinned. "Nope. This one's my best friend. And you know very well, Akira-san, that having sex with your best friend always destroys the friendship one way or another."

The bouncer, Akira, nodded like a wise, old sage, agreeing completely with Malik. Ryou felt very helpless as he stared at the bouncer and at his best friend, who was sporting a huge grin on his face.

Akira stared in amusement at the silk hugging Ryou in all the right places, and the almost half-naked Malik, who in direct contrast to the more conservative Ryou, was dressed in a silver mesh shirt and red hotpants. "Oh, you two are gonna get a lot of attention here tonight…" He muttered to them, winking slyly.

"So, are we in or what?" Malik demanded impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah, get in, you little brats." Akira pushed both of them inside, and Ryou immediately heard the pounding of the loud techno music ringing in his ears.

Malik immediately started moving his hips to the beat. Ryou sighed, and hoped Malik would hear his question despite of all the noise. "How did you know the bouncer?"

Dancing with his eyes closed, Malik cracked open one bright amethyst eye and practically yelled back at Ryou. "What?!?!"

Ryou leaned in closer and repeated himself, yelling with a little more volume than before. "How did you know the bouncer?!"

Malik stopped dancing for a moment to scratch the back of his head. "Well, I sort of bribed him—"

Ryou gasped, chocolate eyes wide with disbelief. "Y-you had sex with him? I thought that you didn't go for those types…"

Malik now stared at him with disbelief. He blanched in visible disgust, scrunching his nose. "Eew, no! Ryou, give me a little more credit than that! You're not letting me finish! Look, I told him that I'd get him together with the girl who's always singing during Fridays, and I did. Now he owes me bigtime." He gave an embarrassed Ryou a triumphant look. "There, are you satisfied?"

Wordlessly, Ryou nodded, too dumbstruck at the moment to actually say anything coherent.

"Well, if you're through with your goldfish act, I'm gonna go dancing, okay? If you want to dance, you'll know where to find me."

"Right… attached to the hip of some poor, handsome fellow?"

"Bingo!" Malik grinned excitedly, already turning his vision on to the dance floor to scout for possible 'victims'. He gave a barely suppressed squeal when he presumably spotted someone worthy of his attentions, and rushed towards the dance floor, raising his arms and moving to the beat of the music.

Smiling slightly, Ryou shook his head, feeling elated for his friend. He knew of Malik's not-so-happy family life, and in the past his father beat him endlessly. His mother took his elder sister Isis away when he was only seven years old. It was probably why he was starved of love, and always wanted someone beside him. Of course, Malik was beautiful, and people kept flocking to him, wanting to oblige his need for physical intimacy. It was why Ryou was worried for him, because one of Malik's fatal flaws was his fear of commitment…

"At this point, he might never find real love…" He muttered to himself, his earlier feeling of joy for his friend washed away with sudden fear. He then spotted the bar on his left and walked over to it. Seeing a new customer, the bartender graciously attended to him.

"What'll it be, sir?"

Ryou looked up suddenly, and blinked. "Oh, uhm… I'll have a coke please."

The bartender gave him a strange look, but promptly did as he was told to.

Ryou took a glimpse at the happenings on the dance floor, and felt amused and disturbed at the same time as he watched another body grind itself onto Malik's backside. His blond friend opened his mouth in obvious ecstasy, and Ryou turned away, blushing.

"I turn my back on him for a few seconds and he already finds someone…" He shook his head slowly.

Without warning, another person sat next to Ryou, who didn't take much of notice it. The other customer banged his fist down at the table. "Oi, bar-keep! Bring me a glass of vodka! And make it snappy!" Without even looking, Ryou concluded that the person beside him was male—and a very aggressive one, at that.

The bartender returned and set the coke in front of Ryou calmly. Again, the man beside Ryou pounded his fist down. "Oi! Are you deaf or what? I said, bring me vodka! Is this what you call service?!"

Blankly, the bartender turned to face the man. Ryou saw at the corner of his eyes that the man's calm face broke, and turned panicked. "Y-yes sir, right away, sir." He hurriedly rushed to the glass cases to get the vodka.

Closing his eyes, Ryou sipped his coke, seemingly not disturbed. He didn't know what came over him, when suddenly he murmured "You shouldn't have been so rude, you know."

The man turned to him, and Ryou heard a low growl. "What gives you the right to say that? Do you even know who I am?"

Ryou set down his drink, turning sideways to face the man…

… and saw a vision of silver, chocolate and black swimming before him, creating an unforgettable masterpiece etched on his mind.


Well, that's the first one. I focused a lot on Ryou and Malik's relationship first, but next we'll have the good stuff. (a.k.a. the yaoi stuff ) and plot-building. I can tell this is gonna be a long, complicated one. Incase you're wondering, this is not a supernatural fic, so no vampire Bakura or whatever, okay? Also, Yami, Yugi and the others are going to appear very, very soon. So, if you guys want another chapter, please review! ^__^