Devil In Pink

Hey everyone new story as I promised. I do hope you to enjoy this one as much as the others. I thought this one up while watching the Zoids Episode about the beach. Day at the beach is what I call it.


The characters will be out of order a bit, so in advanced, sorry.

Chapter 1:

After destroying the plan to turn brother against brother and having friends against each other, Reese declares revenge against the person responsible. In the base, where the planned destruction was planned, she looks over her hard work that has been destroyed by the ancient Zoidian. Reese clutches the wires and holds them up, observing each and every torn wire exposed.

"I was sure my plan of destroying the guardian force would work." Reese says slinging the wires to one side. "I'll get my revenge and when I do, the guardian force will be no more."

Raven, who just happens to be in that same area spots Reese off in the distance and walks over to her. When he's within reaching distance, he speaks.

"Bad day?" Raven speaks.

Reese turns around to face Raven with an angered expression.

"What do you want?" Reese asks in a ticked tone.

"Whoa something bad finally happened and I missed it?" Raven jokes with his famous deadly smirk.

Reese ignores his comment at that moment and continues to observe all her work destroyed.

"Hope I didn't upset you or let me guess you are naturally moody." Raven says turning to leave. Reese turns from what she is looking at and to Raven who is walking off.

"Raven." Reese calls out, making Raven stop. Raven turns around to face Reese.

"How would you like to help me in getting back at the guardian force?" Reese asks hoping Raven would be interested.

"What's in it for me?" Raven asks curiously.

"You get to see Van's head on the end of a stick." Reese says as Raven smiles.

"Tell me what I have to do." Raven says perking up to listen.

Guardian Force*

Everyone is gathered in the hangar, observing the damaged Dibison.

"Great now what am I going to pilot?" Thomas freaks.

"I'll get it repaired and you will be piloting it tomorrow." Karl says with guilt in the pit of his stomach. "I should after I all I was responsible."

"Don't blame yourself Major. You were being controlled." Van says putting a hand on his right shoulder for assurance.

"I know, but I shouldn't let anything control my mind. I won't feel better until something is done about this Dibison." Karl says still observing it.

"Van is right Karl, don't blame yourself." Thomas says turning to Karl. "You were being controlled so you couldn't help it."

"Whoa Thomas agreeing with Van. Am I in the twilight Zone?" Irvine says jokingly, making Moonbay laugh.

"That was new." Van says turning to Fiona, who is now deep in thought.

::::Something has really been bothering Fiona since yesterday.:::: Van thinks to himself. He turns from the groups and over to Fiona. He taps on the shoulder, making her jump and sharply turn to him.

"Oh Van it's just you." Fiona says holding her chest.

"Yeah who else would it be. I know something has been bothering you since yesterday and I'm here when you want to talk about it." Van says assuring Fiona, making her smile.

"Thanks Van. I found out something about Reese." Fiona says thinking back to what was found.

"What's that?" Van asks.

"She also is part of the ancient Zoidian race. I don't get how, but she is." Fiona chokes out.

"How did you find that out?" Van asks curiously.

"A spark, I can't explain it." Fiona says trying to explain the feeling. "It's rather hard to explain."

"Telepathic link?" Van asks guessing.

"Some around there. I don't understand what she wanted." Fiona says turning to the damaged Dibison.

"She's just as worse as Prozen and Hiltz." Van says turning back as well.

"I'm going to go lye down for a bit." Fiona says alerting van.

"Sure ok. Would you like for me to escort you there?" Van offers.

"Oh sure, thanks Van." Fiona says walking towards the door.

"Major, I'm going to escort Fiona to her room. If anything comes up, you know where to find me." Van says as Karl turns to him nodding.

Van and Fiona exit the room and down to Sector C to the bedrooms.

"Do you want to total my Iron Kong to even the score?" Karl asks turning to Thomas, who looks at him with a weird expression.

"No." Is all Thomas can say.

Sector C*

Van has led Fiona to her room, escorting her inside.

"Van I don't know how to explain it, but something in my mind told me that she is part of the Ancient Zoidian race." Fiona says as Van sits her down on the bed.

"Does that mean more danger for us?" Van asks sitting next to her.

"Maybe, but hey if I need a blood transplant, we know who to go to." Fiona says making Van smile.

"Well you get your rest while I got help them figure out what they are going to do with the Dibison." Van says getting up as Fiona lies down.

"Ok. Check on me in a little bit?" Fiona asks sweetly.

"As always." Van says leaning down and kissing her forehead. She smiles as Van exits the room.

"Maybe when I wake up, I will think more clearly." Fiona says closing her eyes.

Raven and Reese*

Reese has just gotten finished explaining the plans of revenge against the guardian force.

"So tell me again how Fiona comes into this?" Raven asks recalling.

"Well The ancient Zoidian will fit in helping me tear apart the guardian force and get on her our side. That will weaken them, knowing one of their own is against them." Reese says with wickedness in her voice.

Raven smiles.

"Now let's get to work." Reese says pulling raven along.

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