How to catch a CEO

a course in three easy steps by Mokuba Kaiba, with assistance from Joey Wheeler.

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, slightly weird, major oocness.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 29th october 2003, by Misura

For Lethe Seraph, who requested for the pink stuff. ^^; hope you'll like it!


Mokuba says :

My brother is a total sucker for anything that's cute and helpless. Or *seems* to be cute and helpless. Like, for example, me. Now, you and I know I'm far from helpless (though everyone will agree I'm cute) but that's not how I appear to be.

Make your eyes go wobbly when he's looking at you, pretend you're lost and deperate to the point of giving up all hope of a happy life. He's sure to take pity on you, if you do it right.

Keep in mind though that timing's important. Don't try this kind of things when he's busy, with either me or work. You're bound to fail.


the first step : Getting him to notice you


the wrong way

It was a warm and lovely summerday. Joey whistled as he was walking to school, for once not late. That he had also made his homework for the coming two weeks this past weekend added to his good mood as well.

When he walked into the class-room, he noticed Seto Kaiba, busily typing away at his laptop. Dumping his bag on the floor, Joey walked over to the CEO, curiously peeking over his shoulder to what was so important it couldn't wait till after school.

To his surprise, Kaiba was playing some sort of game, which captured his attention so much he didn't notice the blond behind him until Joey began to laugh. He couldn't help it, really, it was simply so weird, seeing the so serious CEO utterly focused on blasting zombies into oblivion.

"What's so funny, mutt?" Kaiba snarled, quickly changing the screen so it showed a business-document.

Joey was laughing too hard to be able to reply.


Mokuba comments :

Now, what did Joey do right in this example? Not much. He was flaunting his own happiness and on top of this ridiculed my brother's attempt at some 'normal' teenager activity, thus scaring him from ever daring to come out of his shell.

Bad puppy!


the right way

The rain formed a curtain of water, making it impossible for anyone to be outdoors for more than a few seconds without getting completely soaked. Joey was wet to the bone and, frankly, beyond caring. He was also late for school again, the third time this week which meant he'd probably get detention.

His shoes made soppy sounds as he walked into the class, not even bothering to knock or apologize for his lateness. What was the use? The teacher was going to punish him anyway. As he sat down, Yugi threw him a worried look which he answered with a smile that was much more cheerful than he really felt and grabbed what he hoped to be the right books for this hour.

The water dripped out of his messy bangs onto the pages of the book, making the paper curl up. After a while, he simply gave up pretending to pay attention and closed his book before he could do any more damage.

The rest of the day passed in a daze, while his wet clothes chilled his body to a point where he could hardly keep from shivering all the time. He was relieved as the final bell rang.

Hurrying to his locker, he didn't notice someone was following him. Someone who had been watching the blond all day long, waiting for a chance to get him alone.

"Puppy ... " Joey froze, knowing only one person would call him that. Still, though the voice seemed to be familiar the tone wasn't. For once, Kaiba didn't sound sneering and taunting. Instead he almost sounded ... concerned? Impossible.

"What do you want?" He wheeled around, shaking off Kaiba's hand that had somehow been placed on his shoulder. "I'm not in the mood for an argument right now, Kaiba." He tried to glare but the shaking of his hands slightly ruined the effect. It was hard to look tough and mean when you were shivering from the cold.

"Good." Was that a faint smile he was seeing on Kaiba's lips? "Neither am I." Kaiba casually took off his trenchcoat, handing it to Joey. "Put this on and come with me."

"What?" Joey instinctively grasped the warm and dry coat, too cold to care who had given it to him. "I'm not going *anywhere* with you!"

Kaiba sighed. "I'm only going to bring you home, mutt. Nothing more, nothing less. I promise." His eyes dared Joey to doubt his words.

Joey gnawed on his lower lip, considering his options. He didn't really feel like walking home and getting all soaked again, really, and Kaiba had no reason not to do as he promised, had he? Besides, people would see Joey getting in his car. There'd be questions asked if he wouldn't show up at school tomorrow. He might as well accept this unexpected generosity.

"All right then. But no tricks." he warned.

Kaiba rolled his eyes, probably wondering why he'd even bothered to offer Joey a ride. If truth be told, Joey was rather curious as well. Not that he was going to ask. "No tricks." he agreed solemnly, with a hint of amusement in his voice.


Neither of them spoke as the buildings slowly glided past. Kaiba kept his eyes on the road, while Joey sat curled up in his seat, still shivering in spite of Kaiba's trenchcoat that still hung around his shoulders and the heating being turned on. From time to time Kaiba glanced at him, an unreadable expression in his blue eyes.

"We're there." Kaiba spoke, breaking the silence as he stopped the car. Joey blinked, staring at the unfamiliar surroundings that were definitely not his street.

"What ... where are we? I thought you said you'd bring me home." Joey sputtered, getting out of the car nonetheless, reluctantly leaving his warm and cozy seat.

"I did." Kaiba shrugged.

"No, you didn't." Joey protested. "This isn't my house! I don't even recognize this part of town!"

"I never said I'd take you to *your* home." Kaiba pointed out. "Now, come along so we can get you into some dry clothes. Unless you'd rather catch a cold?"

Joey sighed and followed Kaiba, reasoning he might as well play along in whatever crazy game Kaiba was playing with him. Alone, he'd never be able to make it home anyway. Perhaps Kaiba would take him home when he got bored with the blond, or at least provide him with some directions.