How to catch a CEO

a course in three easy steps by Mokuba Kaiba, with assistance from Joey Wheeler.

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, slightly weird.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 7th november 2003, by Misura

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Mokuba says :

Love is a wonderful thing. Make sure to bring to his attention that there's no one else who can make him feel like you do, because you're his True Love. Do this in such a way that he will not feel trapped, pinned down or no longer in control of the situation.

It's best to assure him you're his loyal and obedient slave first, so he won't feel threatened by the concept of caring about you. Calling yourself his 'puppy' will be a great boost to his self-confidence. You may not feel happy with him considering you his 'pet' but remember that patience is a virtue.

In time, you will rise from 'pet' to 'lover', if you just take it slow. Don't be too eager, except when it comes to activities like snuggling, kissing and [censored]. This will seem endearing to him.

Last but not least, be nice to his little brother. He'll never love you as much as his younger sibling, of course, so it's best to accept this fact and turn it to your advantage. Preferrably with computer-games, though candy and cookies are acceptable too as tokens of affection.


the third step : Letting him know you're The One for him


the wrong way

Seto opened his eyes enough to make out the alarm-clock and hit the 'Snooze'-button, before closing them again, snuggling up to ... to ... Groaning he reached out for the person whom he was positive to have fallen asleep next to the previous night, but his hands only met cold mattress.

"Joey?" he raised his voice not caring if it might wake his ... puppy up. No one answered. As his alarm began to blare again, he punched the 'Off'-button, deciding he might as well go looking for Joey since he wouldn't be able to fall asleep not knowing where the blond had gone.

As he looked around in his closet for suitable clothing, he was somewhat surprised to find it all empty. An examination of the drawers, usually containing his socks, yielded the same result. Puzzled, he picked up his discarded pajamas of last night which were still lying crumpled in a corner and went to look downstairs.

"Mokuba?" There was someone in the living-room ; he could hear an odd sound coming from that direction. The scratching (?) halted for a moment, before it resumed. Firmly telling himself he was too old and smart to believe in horror-movies anymore, Seto pushed open the door.

And shrieked, because in the end, horror-movies only went that far. None of them came even close to the nightmare currently in front of his eyes. The sacred portraits of Mokuba and his loyal three Blue Eyes White Dragons were torn down from their place, while a certain soon-to-be-dead blond was in the process of papering the walls. With Funny Bunny-wallpaper.

"Oh, hi Seto!" Joey grinned. "Sorry I haven't gotten you any new clothing yet, but the shops were still closed when I checked." Seto slowly counted to ten. In the period he needed for this, his mind provided him with about a hundred methods to kill Joey slowly and painfully. (Hey, he may be in pajamas, but he's still a genius!)

"What. Are. You. Doing?" Seto inquired through clenched teeth. Joey seemed surprised by the question.

"Redecorating, of course! This place looked so dreary! And trenchcoats just aren't your thing!" Joey shook his head.

He should have known, Seto reflected bitterly. He should have known someone who thought 'puppy' was a cute nickname and declared himself in love with his tormentor for the past few years couldn't be quite sane. Pressing the button on his cell-phone that would call Security, he took a last look at Joey, who was happily humming a song, completely unaware of what fate was about to befall him.

"Could you tell me just one last thing?" Seto asked, fighting to put his cold mask back on before the guards would come. That they'd see him in pajamas with little Blue Eyes on it (a Christmas-gift from Mokuba) was bad enough ; it absolutely wouldn't do for them to see him upset.

"Sure." Joey nodded.

"Why are you wearing ... pink?" It looked terrible, but Seto didn't add that.

"Oh, that." Joey had actually borrowed some old clothes from his sister, since he didn't have any he wouldn't mind losing to paint-spots. Shizuka had stuff like that aplenty, since she'd gotten over the period in which she liked pink, frilly things years ago. "Well, you know what they say about love making you see everything through pink glasses. I thought I'd give you a little help."


Mokuba comments :

What did Joey do right? Only one thing actually. He was utterly out of character, displaying an intelligence far below even his usual one. Worse, he took the initiative to change things about Seto's house and wardrobe, without even asking permission or consulting the invisibly present younger sibling who might have bended his plans in the right direction.

Further he tore the portraits off the wall, thus traumatizing Seto in such a way that he'll probably never dare to let anyone in his house -or bed- ever again. What started with the relatively small offense of not being there when Seto woke up, turned out a total disaster.

The one thing he did right was getting Seto's pajamas off the night before without damaging them. That may rightfully be called a miracle.


the right way

Joey woke to the smell of freshly-made coffee and the weight of someone settling on the bed next to him. Cracking open one eye he saw Seto staring down on him, an odd expression on his face. The moment he noticed Joey wasn't asleep anymore it disappeared, to be replaced by Seto's usual mask.

"Time to get up." Seto informed him, holding out a steaming mug. Joey accepted it eagerly, gulping down the coffee. Normally he'd have preferred to remain lying in bed for a few more hours, considering it was the weekend and only 8:30 in the morning, but without Seto in it, Seto's bed would feel kind of cold and empty.

"Good morning to you too." Joey hadn't meant to sound quite so ... snappy. Really. Only it was so early and the caffeine hadn't quite reached his head yet.

"Mokuba's having breakfast in the kitchen. He probably wouldn't mind sharing." Seto showed no sign of being bothered by Joey's morning temper. Somehow it didn't make Joey feel any better.

"Now, there's quite a lot of work waiting for me in my office so if you'll excuse me ... " Of course, Seto wasn't really asking for his permission, Joey knew. He was simply being 'polite'. Like nothing had happened.

"No." Putting down the empty mug he grabbed Seto's wrist as the CEO reached out to retrieve it. Seto blinked.

"What do you mean?" Blue eyes narrowed, questioning, but Seto made no attempt to break Joey's hold on him.

"No, I'm not going to let you leave me." Joey blurted out, blushing at how melodramatic that sounded. Seto made no immediate reply, seemingly waiting for Joey to continue. "I want you to stay here with me and enjoy your Saturday morning like normal people do."

Seto raised one eybrow, sitting down on the bed. "I am not like normal people." he pointed out. Joey wanted to yell with frustration. No, wait, he'd much rather yell at something else. Now, if only he could get Seto's cooperation to accomplish that ...

"True. You're way more annoying." Joey joked, working himself out from under the warm covers. The room seemed cold, but draping himself over Seto helped a little. And the look in Seto's eyes was definitely worth a bit of discomfort. "And I love you." He couldn't remember if he'd said that the night before, but it was different like this anyway.

Seto's body stiffened, blue eyes widening in startlement. His mouth opened and shut again, without any sound coming out. Joey fought down an urge to giggle, reaching up for a soft kiss.

"Maybe I don't completely hate you all the time." Seto murmured when they broke apart.

Joey rolled his eyes. "That's nice to hear. Now, how about you get rid of those clothes and stay here to wake me up properly?"

Seto sighed. "I suppose I could."

"It's quite a sacrifice I'm asking of you, I know." Joey added with a grin.

"Yes, you are a very demanding puppy." Seto agreed solemnly.

"Of course, you'd be much rather working on - "

"Oh, shut up already."

Downstairs, Mokuba started smiling and treated himself to another pancake, knowing they'd only go cold if he'd leave them for Joey.