Title: Angry Jack

Author: Snacky

Email: onlinefishin@yahoo.co.uk

Summary: Jacks mad, why you may ask, well read and find out.

Disclaimer: don't own Stargate or any of it characters. I make no profit, except reliving stress. It's true about yahoo so I have rights.

Authors Notes: I have a sprained ankle, find out at the end who did it.


Angry Jack

Jack was fuming; you could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. His face was bright red and jaw was set, he looked like he was going to explode.

As he walked down the corridors of the SGC, there was no man or woman that got in his way,. The truth is jack can be a very scary man when he gets in a mood like this, and today he was exceptionally angry.

As he entered Daniel's office it just made him even angrier, the archaeologist wasn't there! Should he go and rant to some one else or should he wait for the innocent Dr to return. After 2 seconds of debating it too himself he decided to go find Carter, after all it's too hard to stay in one place for any longer than 5 seconds when your this mad.

This time as he walked towards the un-expecting Samantha Carter the corridors were deserted, no sign of life but jack didn't even notice and as he entered her lab and found no-one it pushed him over the edge, that was it no more Mr. nice O'Neill.

Setting off toward the armoury, mind set on destroying anything that got in his way. He finally reached it and took one of the many P-90's and made his way back to the place that got him fuming in the first place. The place where that evil thing lived.

He rounded the corner to his office. That's when he saw it. The most annoying, stupid, aggravating thing he has ever had the misfortune on witnessing. It was taunting him; it had to be destroyed!

He raised his gun towards his computer and to the words of 'yahoo deactivated account' and fired away. By the time the ammo ran out, his computer was a smouldering wreck. This is when about twelve SF airmen Rushed into his office to find jack with his P-90 still pointed to the rubble on the floor.

"Is everything ok sir?" One of the airmen asked, then every one of them ducked when Jack suddenly swivelled around to point his gun towards them. Jack lowered his P-90, smiled and replied,

"It is now" and walked off.

Dedicated to the good people of yahoo, who decided to deactivate my account for no reason.