Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. They belong to J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books. This story is set after the fifth book.

This is my second fanfic, made on request of some readers of my other fanfic 'Can't live with or without you'

- Ravenklauw -


Two houses, both alike in dignity

In fair Hogwarts, where we lay our scene

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny

Where wizard blood makes wizard hands unclean.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes.

A pair of star crossed lovers choose their fate.


The sun was burning above Surrey. The summer wasn't as hot as it was last year, but it was hot enough to chase the whole neighbourhood of Privet Drive into their houses. In the shadow of an old oak, a lonely black-haired boy was reading a book. His quil flew over the pages, sometimes stopping to write something on a parchment.

Harry Potter looked up from his book when he saw a white dove landing a few metres away. It made him remember the letter he had received from Hedwig this morning. Harry's mood had dropped in his shoes when he had read the letter. Ron had written:

Hey mate!

How you're doing? I feel great, I can tell you! But I really need your advice. You remember the letter I sent you last week about Hermione staying with us? Well, I finally had the courage to tell her what I had felt for her and I asked her whether she would like to be my girlfriend, and guess what? She said yes!!! Now, you're the expert in love situations, aren't you? With your experiment with Cho and all...What do I do next?

Greetings, Ron

P.s. Have you seen the size of our booklist?!? When are you going to D. Alley? We are going next Wednesday. Send me an owl about that...and of course your advice!

Harry sighed, he knew he should be happy for Ron and Hermione, but he hated the whole situation. No more adventures when those two are snuggling all the time, he thought. Not that he needed more adventure, because 'adventure' always came to him, whether he liked it or not. Harry fell back in his dark thoughts.

The summer had been one big sad situation. Even Harry's good O.W.L. results couldn't cheer him up. He felt like there was something missing in his heart. Sirius' death had been a slap in his face and he knew it would take him a long time before he was over that. The explanation of Dumbledore hadn't made him feel better neither. What a future he was going to have. Dead or having to live with murder, even if it was Voldemort.

A loud scream made Harry come back to reality. Uncle Vernon came running out of the house with a red face.

"What did I say!" he said through gritted teeth, "What have I told you about that owl?!?"

"I don't know the answer until you tell me." Harry calmly replied.

"Never. Let. That. Beast. Fly. Out. In.The. Middle. Of. The. Day!!!" uncle Vernon spit.

"Oooh that!" Harry shrugged.

"Don't make fun of me boy! Put that bird back in his cage at once!" Harry's uncle bit, his face almost purple. Harry ran inside, before his uncle could spit him under even more. Hedwig was sitting dignantly on the fridge, with a letter in her paw. Harry was surprised to see te seal of Hogwarts. He quickly opened the envelope and began to read:

Dear Mr Potter,

I would like to invite you for an Auror Conference on the 29th of August at Hogwarts. The Conference will start at 15.00h.

Please send an owl if you cannot attend this meeting.


Albus Dumbledore