((Disclaimer- These are not my characters('Cept for Amaya). While the
situation is my original idea(I think) I borrowed these characters from a
group of people called "CLAMP" until further notice I am only borrowing
from Clamp Campus Detectives & 20 Mensou; A Man of Many Faces. If this
changes you will be notified.-End Disclaimer
Author: Whew.. glad that's over. Now I can evilly steal all these wonderful
CLAMP chars for my own use. Mwuhahahahahaaaaa..
Nokoru: Your still on the air.
Author: Oh Sacre Merde!) ^ ^;)
Akira smiled slightly as he sat up in bed and stretched. It was a
delightful Friday morning, and he had nothing to worry about. Well..
basically nothing.
"Akiraaaaa-san!" His mother's called from somewhere else in the
house. "We're hungry!" Akira hurriedly dressed in his CLAMP school uniform
and as he rushed to the door he caught sigh of himself in the mirror. At
the age of 16 he was most probably what many considered 'handsome', his
black hair thick and cut the same way he had cut it since kindergarten with
eyes filled with affectionate warmth. These traits had earned him a large
fan club at CLAMP academy but Akira liked to deny this fact. However, he
could not help but admit that he was growing up nicely. "Akiraaaaa!" His
mothers shouted again Akira hurried to the kitchen.
"I will have breakfast ready in a minute." Akira told them, quickly
cracking eggs and beating them while searching the cupboards for his
Suoh Takamoru awoke to a slightly quieter day but he knew that it
would not stay quiet for long. As soon as Suoh entered CLAMP campus he knew
that he would either be chased by a gaggle of girls or have to deal with
his Presidents endless merry-making. Ijuin's pleasant smile and bubbling
laughter would also grate on his nerves but at least the kid did his paper
work. And managed to seem both open and mysterious at the same time; this
bothered Suoh. Akira Ijuin seemed to be an open book sweet and filled with
admiration for his elders, and yet there were times when Suoh did not hear
Ijuin when he entered a room. Times when the boy's eyes were shadowed from
Suoh's ninja senses.
If Akira was a danger to Nokoru Suoh knew what he would do, he may
regret it later but he had to protect 'that person' who was special to him.
Who was his responsibility as a ninja to defend with this life.
((Side note: Aren't I evil? Pitting Suoh and poor li'l Akira against each
other? I wonder what will happen. I do not really have any Nokoru's
thoughts because I cannot figure out how that boy THINKS!))
Akira entered the CLAMP campus and began to breathe easier. Well, tomorrow
was the weekend and he knew that whatever peace and calm he might be
feeling right now would soon be put to the test by Imonayama-senpai trying
to dodge paperwork with Takamura-senpai trying to make him finish the work
before the weekend.
Speaking of whom...
Nokoru raced towards the hedge maze, bowling Akira over not far behind was
Suoh who also ran over Akira. Picking himself off the ground Akira groaned.
Such speed from Kaichuu only meant one thing; A Damsel in Distress!
The girl looked at the hedge walls around her and continued to sob.
How could she have gotten so lost? She wondered. "Somebody help me!" She
shouted again. Already the girl had shouted for help even screamed it but
no one had appeared. The girl began to wonder if the Clamp Campus
Detectives supposed 'prowess' at helping damsels in distress was all a
sham. Just then Nokoru Imonayama appeared in front of her. "Are you lost
miss?" He asked pleasantly, holding out a helping hand to the girl taking
it the girl was helped to her feet. Suoh quickly appeared behind Nokoru
angry at his charge for ditching him. This was an impossible hedge maze,
Kaichuu should KNOW that it was incredibly likely for kidnappers to have
set a trap. He was just impossible to follow!
"Don't be angry Suoh. After all we had to help this poor girl correct?"
Nokoru asked, striking a dramatic pose and whipping out his infamous fan.
"It is the motto of the Clamp Campus Detectives!" Behind him the girl
started clapping, and then wiped the tears off her face.
"So how do we get out of here?" She asked quietly. Nokoru lost his
enthusiasm at this question and simply stated.
"I don't know." Suoh and the girl preformed a gigantic face fault, and Suoh
quickly recovered as Nokoru said, "It can not be that hard to get out of
here." and started wandering down a random path.
"No!" He said and grabbed the back of the wayward 18 year olds shirt. "I
remember how we got in and I can get us back out." Nokoru shrugged and
followed Suoh and the girl out of the hedge maze. Damn, if he had managed
to get lost at least today's paperwork would have been put off for a little
while. At the exit of the maze they bid the girl farewell and headed toward
the senior high student government office. "C'mon Kaichuu, you have
paperwork to do." Suoh said and dragged his student body President to his
Akira was already there with milk tea and almond biscuits to welcome to two
representatives. "Oh! Thanks Akira!" Nokoru said as he ate the food,
smiling happily at the younger man. Akira was growing up quite nicely and
while his fan club had not diminished in size and it had acquired quite a
few of CLAMP's beauties Nokoru knew Akira had eyes for only one woman.
Utuko Owhaka. Nokoru's smiled faded as Suoh handed him a large pile of
paperwork. "These must be done before the weekend." He said firmly looking
seriously at Nokoru who merely smiled politely and agreed.
"Akira have you seen my." Nokoru's question faded as the young treasurer
simply handed him his stamp. Damn well he guessed it was time for
"Suoh isn't it about time for you to leave?" Nokoru asked, looking
anxiously at the clock. For years now Friday had been the day that Suoh
left to study with his family about. well his family. It meant that it
gained Nokoru two more hours of the weekend.
"Yes.I guess it is." Suoh said, slightly distracted. Nagisa would be
waiting for him at the restaurant after he had finished up with lessons.
Suoh planned on making tonight special since it was the anniversary of
their first meeting. Distracted Suoh straightened up the piles of paper on
Nokoru's desk and prepared to leave.
"Going to so Nagisa later?" Suoh's Kaichuu asked and the young ninja
blushed and flinched at the same time. How did this man know these things?
Nokoru simply whipped out his handy dandy fan and laughed behind it.
Arriving at home later Akira was surprised not to be assaulted by his
mothers pleading for food. That is what they usually did, smiling slightly
Akira wondered if he could finally have a quiet evening to himself before
going to see Utako. Entering the kitchen he started preparing a five course
meal for his mothers, it was the least he could do for them after all.
Setting everything out on the table Akira was baffled by the fact that his
mothers had not shown up, worried about the food getting cold he hurried
through the house looking for them. "Mothers?" He called tentatively,
searching every room he could think of. "Mothers?" Eventually he found them
sitting in front of the television watching some sort of news conference.
".And so I would like to tell my adoring fans that despite threats to my
safety I will be performing tomorrow at the CLAMP campus." Akira managed to
catch a snippet of what the girl on the television was saying before his
mothers turned. "Akira-san! We want her!" The shrieked at once at Akira was
slightly taken aback. Wanted who? A flash of memory reminded him that the
singer Amaya would be performing at the redone CLAMP music hall tomorrow,
and he would be there with Nokoru and Suoh to meet her. Wait..threats to
her safety?
"Mothers..you didn't.." Mother A held up a piece of paper that read 'Twenty
Mensou will be stealing the great singer Amaya at CLAMP Concert Hall at
4:00 PM Saturday." With shaking hands Akira looked at his guilty mothers,
"I am supposed to steal a singer, from CLAMP campus whilst I must perform
my duties as Student Council TREASURER?!?!?!" He asked slightly incredulous
that his mothers would even Think of such a thing. Of all the heists over
the years Akira had a feeling this would be the worst. Stealing that chef
had been bad enough...
"Come one mother's dinners on the table." Akira sighed and led the way back
to the dining room ignoring the protests and pleas of his two mothers on
the way back. This was beginning to be too much..
Nokoru had also been watching the new conference that Amaya Kobayashi had
broadcast. A brave girl that one, even when Twenty Mensou were after her.
Still Nokoru was puzzled, why would Twenty Mensou want to steal a singer?
He already had a girlfriend...
((The plot thickens..))
Suoh strapped on his weapons, smoke bombs in the jacket and his shoes,
throwing knives, darts. He ran through the litany as he tried to figure out
how he was going to protect Nokoru tomorrow if the man decided to chase
after Twenty Mensou. Taking off all his ninja weaponry except for the
throwing knives Suoh started to get ready for his date with Nagisa.
Utako calmly waited on the balcony, awaiting Akira's visit. She was
slightly numb emotionally why would Akira steal a singer? It did not make
sense, though from what Akira had revealed his actions stemmed more from
his mothers whims then his own wants.
((So now we wonder, why DO Akira's mothers want Amaya? And how will Akira
manage to be both Student Council Treasurer and 20 Mensou at once? And what
does Nokoru know?
And where does Suoh fit all those weapons? Next time!))