Okay, this is just a warning to anyone who actually reads my stories the next chapter(s) might be a little late in coming. I have been swamped in school and my work schedule has been driving me up the wall! Also, for the last 11 days, I've had a killer migraine. So sue me. Anyway to answer any questions/reviews.

My last chapter was bad. Really bad. Or so I think. It was kinda just a last ditch effort to get that out of the way. It all ties up nice and pretty I swear but I had to introduce the plot devices. Which were:

Amaya's a killer She kills with her fans(if you didn't pick up on that) Suoh has creepy cousins! J/K But they are gonna keep track of Amaya-chan. Who needs it she's in trouble(if you hadn't figured that out) Suoh's cousin was killed the same way as the 'mysterious murders' in other words the whole thrust into the brain thing... I'm gonna have to change this to like PG-13 or something aren't I?

Oh and I know I've ignored Nagisa and Utako lately. In all honesty they aren't mentioned much in the manga, unless you're talking about 20 Mensuo. No they are in the anime frequently though. Anyway, I promise to have them put in my next chappie. I'm using Amaya to tie everything together so its probably gonna be a girls thing. Shopping maybe? Hm, or just tea.

Anyway gotta get back to studying, I have an AP test this Friday!!