Author: Lily EvansPotterBlack

Title: So many Faces

Rating: PG

Summary: AU. OotP-spoilers. Harry is the metamorphasis son of Sirius and James, except he's not looking much like Sirius... Mentions of slash, Mpreg and LilyRemus. One-shot.

Harry decided to have hazel eyes that day, hazel eyes and shorter hair, darker skin and a longer nose. He looked just like his Dad that day, and James grinned when he saw him, and said he looked like a true Potter. Sirius smiled bleakily and jokingly asked if he was even involved in the birth, or if Harry was just James' clone.

Another day Harry wanted green eyes, green eyes and finer featuers, neater hair the colour of tawny and a delicater figure. He could have been Rosannah's brother that day, and Auntie Lily laughed when she saw him and Moony shook his head and lightly said to Da that he was a Scientific miracle, the love child of Lily and Moony and Prongs.

The day after Harry went for blue eyes, blue eyes and ginger hair, bigger hands and thousands of freckles. He could have been a Weasley that day, and the twins threw their arms around him and declared they were no longer the Weasley twins, but the Weasley triplets. Da suggested ideas for prank possibilties along with Dad, but when they were alone he asked Harry if that meant he was moving to the Burrow.

On the Friday Harry went for black eyes, black eyes and greasy black hair, oily skin and longer, elegant fingers. He could have been Snape's son that day, and when Severus saw him he sneered and rolled his eyes, honoured that the spawn of a Potter deemed him worthy for imatation. Sirius cried that night, Harry heard him through the thin walls, sobbing to his husband that Harry would rather be like Snivellus than look like him.

The next day was Harry's birthday, and those gathered to celebrate got a shock when Harry came down. His skin was alabastor pale, his lips pouted rose red, his hair untambamble demon black, his jaw strong and stubbled, his hand's strong and slender, his fingernail's short and bitten, and his eyes...his eyes were charchoal grey, rimmed with a soft silver that seemed to glow. He looked like Sirius that day, and he looked like James. He looked like Harry James Potter-Black that day, that day and for a long time after.