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Akito: is he gonna replace me? [Praying that it happens]

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Chaos in the Year 2196

By Light02

Chapter 1

New trouble for our hero

2196 AD Nergal Heavy Industries Headquarters (formerly the district of Nerima)

Prospector stood there staring at the Cryo-sleep Pod. Inside this pod sleeps the greatest martial artist, who ever lived, I just hope he'll help us. He thought as the pod was opened and began the restoration process on the occupant…one Ranma Saotome. Yes that's right Ranma is in that pod. Nergal kept a good record of all the greatest Marital Artist ever sense Nergal's founder...Nabiki Tendo bought out the entire ward and started Nergal back in the late 1990's. His sources said Nergal was originally founded to help fund Ranma's Cryo stasis until the technology was advanced enough for him to be awaken. Heck his debt to Nabiki is kept in the record office as a backup plans if he refused to help them voluntary.

Ranma's head was aching…worse than the many times he was hit with Akane's Mallet. "What did that uncute tomboy feed me this time?" was his first words out of the tube.

"I believe it was something that looked like Miaso soup…from the info Tendo-san kept on your file." Said a man in Red vest and Tan button up shirt and Purple tie and matching slacks. "Ranma Saotome, welcome to the year 2196"

Ranma blinked a couple times before he went into a full donkey bray…"That's rich how can it be 2196 when it's 1996[1]" he said as he looked out the window. "Where am I?" he said trying his best not to sound frightened.

"Nergal Heavy Industries Headquarters, Tokyo Japan. To be specific the former district of Nerima." The same man said.

"No…it can't be…." Ranma said in shock… "What about everyone I knew…Oyaji, Tendo-san, Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane…Shampoo…Ucchan…Ryoga?"

"Akane was tossed out of the Tendo clan when they found out it was her cooking that put you into your state, she was later found dead believe to be killed by your other suitors in revenge…" Prospector decided to fill him in on what happened after Ranma, who has been placed in his position 200 years ago.

Ranma just had a morbid chuckle, "Somehow I knew that was gonna happen. I always said that her cooking was gonna hurt someone someday just didn't think it would happen to me." He said as he sat up and tried to stand. "So you were able to find a cure to her cooking?"

Damn he's as smart as Tendo-san said he was, it's a pity he had to hide his intelligence from his father who though an ignorant man was a manly one. Prospector though before answering. "Your quite correct Saotome-san. And as payment we would like you serve on board an experimental battleship that we are about launch. Its crew is an all-civilian crew who volunteered to protect Earth and Mars from the Jovan Lizards."

Ranma thought it over for a long time. We're at war with an another race. And here I though my life couldn't get any stranger. "What sort of position were you thinking about placing me on board the battleship?"

"With your martial arts abilities you would best considered for one of the Aestivalis Pilot positions." Prospector said precisely as he nodded toward two men in the shadows as they came forward. Ranma noticed the guy dressed in a red jacket and black pants walked with a gate that could only prove he was a pilot. The taller bulkier man was dressed in a brown business suit with a red tie and with dress shirt. "These two are Yamada Jiro…"

"Daigouji Gai!" Responded an angry Jiro, "My name is Daigouji Gai damn it!"

"As I was saying before I was interrupted by Yamada-san." Prospector said using Gai's given name much to the annoyance of said pilot. "This is Goat Hory the de facto commander of the Nadesico until Captain Misumaru gets here in four months." He continued with the introductions. "Yamada-san, Hory-san this is Saotome Ranma the famed leader of the Nerima Wrecking Crew and the Grandmaster of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu, or Anything Goes if you want a simpler name for his style, and as of 2096 the oldest human alive."

Where have I heard that style before…Ran ½ it can't be this guy is the basis of an Anime series? This I got to find out. Gai though before asking, "You're telling me that this guy is the basis for the funniest animé series and second most popular, next to Gekigangar of course, Ran ½?"

"Quite correct Yamada-san, Tendo-san commissioned a series about the late 2020's concerning Saotome-san. And trust me all the adventures Saoto Ran had really happened to Saotome Ranma." Prospector answered as he got a surprised look from Ranma, Figured that this would be a big surprise for him.

"Then does that mean he has that water curse Ran had in the series?" Gai asked quite excitedly.

Ranma answered, "If you mean the Nyaniichan from Juesnkyo then yes I do turn into a girl when I get splashed with cold water." Seconds after he explained it he felt cold water splash on him, becoming Ranma-chan once again. "As you can see it's real before either one of you gets the idea to grope my chest, that's happened one to many times for my tastes."

Gai who was holding the glass in question grinned sheepishly. "Okay…I know damn well you could whoop my ass in more ways than one, and I sure as hell don't want to end up like Kuno did."

"Not bad. At least it pays to have someone who's actually seen the show to know me better than most." Ranma said returning to normal thanks to Prospectors assistance.

"Hory-san you said you had a few questions you needed to ask Saotome-san?" Prospector said.

"Yes is this Martial Artist even smart enough to handle an Aestivalis?" Goat said in a stern voice.

"Relax with these nano machines injections even a baby could pilot an Aestivalis. Why did you think we hired Yamada-san over here." Prospector answered snickering all the while.

"HEY!" Gai cried out, "I resent that…it's a proven fact that mecha animé fans have better luck piloting mecha than regular pilots."

"Explain that to Subaru Ryoko, she's our best pilot and she's not even an animé fan." Prospector stated shutting up Gai.

Ranma chuckled. "Not for long she won't…I'll take that offer, beats having to pay off my debt to Nabiki." He reached out to shake Gai's hand. "It's gonna be interesting working with you."

Gai took Ranma's hand and shook it; "Yes it will. By the way what animé series did you watch back when this was still Nerima?"

"You'd be surprised…" Ranma stated before answering, "but I've watched several of the Kidou Senshi Gundam series and Choo Jikuu Yoosai Macross and a couple action adventure titles like Dragon Ball Z."

Gai was stunned that this martial artist was a mecha fan, I don't believe it he's seen the classics of Mecha anime…which means I got to introduce him to Eva and Gekigangar. "Looks like I don't have to do much to ask you to check out Gekigangar III."

* * *

4 months later

Ranma sat in the sectary's office to the current Chairman of the board to Nergal, Akutsuki Nagure. Ranma had bumped into Erina Kino Won a couple times during his Aestivalis training. He sat in the chair slightly dozing waiting for his scheduled meeting with Chairman Nagure.

Erina sat there typing away at some forms that would later be signed by Akutsuki, sitting there in a feminine business suit that matched her hair color. A slight beeping noise forced her attention on a screen that popped up from nowhere. "Please send in Saotome Ranma, I'm ready to see him."

"Right away sir." Erina said properly touching a device on her wrist causing the strange screen to vanish into thin air. "Saotome-san…" She said getting up to gently nudge Ranma awake.

"Umm…I don't wanna try your cooking you un-cute tomboy…" Said a still sleeping Ranma shuddering every so often as was dreaming about being forced fed some really bad food.

"Poor kid, don't blame him though…after reading his file I wouldn't trust any food that came from a girl like that." Erina said in pity and again tried to wake Ranma up. This time she sloshed around a water pale…after hearing how effective it was than her previous method, Mimic the Xian Pu Glomp method which ending up having him nearly back in the hospital with a heart attack. "Saotome-san," She said in a stern voice, "if you don't get up in five seconds I'm gonna dump this ice cold water on you…do I make my self clear."

Ranma's Eyes widened at the mention of cold water "Jeez I'm up already."

"The Chairman will see you now." Erina said leading Ranma to the door to the Akutsuki's office.

Akutsuki's office was about as normal as an office can be for a head of a corporation. Ranma sat down in a chair in front of a desk. Several minutes later the sound of Bodoken being tossed on his lap warned him that there would be some trouble. "Prepare yourself, foul sorcerer, I Nagure Akutsuki challenge you to return the honor of House Kuno!" The Chairman said. "Pick up the weapon, unlike the members of House Kuno you fought back in the past I'm not that much of an easy win"

Ranma got out of the chair and faced Akutsuki "Feh...I don't need this..." he smirked as he tossed the bodoken aside.

"Your loss..." Akutsuki then unleashed a flurry of blows, all of which Ranma dodged with some difficulty.

"I must say..." Ranma paused to dodge another thrust "you're quite a bit better than that idiot Kuno, you can almost hit me."

"You'll find that 'almost' isn't the word..." Akutsuki disengaged from his frenzied assault to deliver a downward slash, which Ranma expertly caught...unfortunately.

"GAH!" the pressure behind the blade slammed Ranma through the desk and into the back wall. As Ranma tried to recover Akutsuki charged to intercept. Ranma rolled to the side and made a dash for the bodoken he tossed on the floor; Akutsuki noticed this action and leapt towards the discarded weapon. Ranma was lucky enough to reach the bodoken and block by the time Akutsuki arrived to intercept.

Akutsuki grinned mischievously from behind his blade "I thought you didn't need that..."

"Well..." Ranma smiled as he strained to hold Akutsuki at bay "I've changed my mind," he then disengaged from the sword lock and backflipped towards the door.

Akutsuki fixed his stance as he prepared to attack "My ancestors were right about you, you are exceptionally good at running away."

Ranma smirked as he adopted a Chinese sword stance "And who says I'm running?"

Akutsuki chuckled lightly at Ranma's stance "You might as well with that kind of stance..." he then charged towards Ranma, poised for a thrust attack. Ranma flung his sword into Akutsuki's attack, pushing himself over Akutsuki's head and kicking him into the air as he landed.

Akutsuki landed in Ranma's previous position, rubbing the back of his head to clear the cobwebs from Ranma's previous attack. "What was that about my stance?" Ranma asked in a mocking tone.

Nagure feel to his knees breathless, "Well done Saotome you pass, I see why my Great Great Grandfather had so much trouble with you, but unlike him I know when I'm out classed."

Ranma stood there dumbfounded his brain was on a mental shutdown with this loop in his mind, A Smart Kuno…A Kuno who knows when to give up. A Kuno that isn't as delusional as Takawati. As he gain back some mental capacity he asked, "Is there another reason you called me here other than the challenge cause me and Gai are supposed to report to the Nadesico tomorrow and I really need to get my things together."

"Just one question…I didn't recognize the style you used when you blocked my attack with your bodoken." Nagure asked rubbing his stomach.

"If you ever read the manga Rurouni Kenshin look up the character Aoshi of Shemshingumi, he fought Himura Kenshin with a lone Kodachi and his fists, and added a little Amazon Wu Shu." Ranma stated.

The resulting facefault Nagure suffered dented his desk. "You mean you beat me with a made up style from a ancient Shonen Manga and a style that's more known for annoying the shit out of you?"

"Pretty much" Ranma replied with his hand behind his head.

* * *

"So this is the Nadesico that every one is talking about. Kinda reminds me of White Base." Ranma said standing in the Hanger near the entrance ramp to the Battleship. He was itching every so often not used to the uniform. "Come on Hory-san is expecting us to be introduced to the crew and to be issued our Aesti's and the Kanchou should be here by now."

"Right behind you Ranma my man." Gai said as he continued on in his confident gate, "By the way Ranma are you almost done with Gekigangar 3 volume 2 yet I'm wanting it back."

Ranma didn't hear him as he was to awe struck as to when he saw the interior of the hanger…there stood three Aestivalies, One colored blue with orange trim, another colored black with red trim and finally one colored pink.

Gai on the other hand was just down right drooling at the three shinny new Aestivalies, "I see our personal color schemes were done correctly."

"Of course they're done correctly. I did it personally. I take it your two of the pilots." A man in a blue mechanics uniform and a tan windbreaker as well as brown fingerless gloves said as he approached the two pilots as he continued to introduce himself. "I'm Uribatake Seiya the chief mechanic don't you just love these babies…high grade titanium armor, variable frame technology for multi-function use." He as he kept on list features of the Aestivalis his facial expression got more and more lustful with each part.

"Must be the type that sleeps with his work." Ranma said to Gai in a low tone.

"But not only would I get the chance to work on these beauties but also the sheer number of hot chicks here is astounding." Uribatake said sounding like a kid in a candy store.

"Figures" Gai and Ranma said in monotone.

"Pilot Saotome?" A voice said coming from the Black and Red Aestivalis. "I need you to come here and finish the personal set up here."

"Ano…hai" Ranma said running to his Aesti.

"Ah good it's nice to meet you I'm your technician for this baby, the name is Andrew but people call me Andy." Said the young man holding out his hand in greeting.

"Odd I'm surprised that an American is on this ship…from the looks of it's mostly a Japanese crew." Ranma said shaking Andrew's hand.

Andy chuckled, "that's quite a funny story. You see I moved to Tokyo a few years ago and I guess that Nergal was looking through the database of available crewmen due to the shortage thanks to the UEAF. Mr. Hory interviewed me and hired me on the spot."

"Well take care of her for me I expect to be seeing a lot of action with her." He said with a smirk before turning around to see Gai had already gotten in his Aestivalis and was doing all sorts of goofy things finishing with a mock of his Aesti finisher Gai Super Upper only to fall flat on his ass. Ranma chuckled and walked to the bridge. Even though Ranma was several levels above the hanger he swore he heard Gai screaming in pain from his injury. "Baka!" he muttered although he felt like was stepping on somebody else's stick.

Upon arriving no the bridge not only was he surprised that Gai beat him there but he also had a cast on his leg. Looks like I'm the only one protecting the Nadesico until Gai is healthy. He though as he stepped out and was greeted to a site he though he left over 2 centuries ago. "Ano…I'm Saotome Ranma, sorry about this." He said as he ran into the Captain, who was a spitting image of Xian Pu.

"Oh you're the other Aestivalis pilot arriving here today," the captain said as she began to introduce herself, "I'm Misumaru Yurika, Kanchou of the Nergal Heavy Battleship Nadesico, it will be a pleasure to work with you."

"Hai that it will." Ranma said has he nervously chuckled and made a note to ask Prospector if he was right about his guess of Yurika's ancestry.

Suddenly the Nadesico was rocked with an explosion. "Kanchou the Jovian's are attacking the Hanger." Said a little girl in the science officers position

Gai suggested that he and his Gekigangar (His nickname for his Aestivalis) launch until Seiya mentioned that he had a triple compound fracture. The Science officer, who the captain referred to as Ruri, mentioned that the Pink Aestivalis was taking off.

The Admiral Nergal selected to be the military lesion contacted the pilot of that stray Aestivalis, "Identify yourself, Pilot?"

"Huh…oh…Tenkawa Akito, Ships Cook." Came the pilots reply.

Not listening to the rest of the exchange between the bridge crew and Akito, Ranma ran toward the hanger as fast as he could and straight toward his Aesti, "Andy how fast can you get this thing ready to launch when that Elevator reaches the top?" He asked as he hopped up to the pilots bubble.

Andy wiped his hands clean, "Any time, the land frame is already attached to your pilot bubble all you need to do is seal up the hatch and comm for clearance to launch."

"Good well I'm gonna go help Mr. Cook out there and the faster the better." Ranma said to Andy before sealing the Bubble. "Bridge this pilot Saotome I'm gonna go after that Cook and make sure he doesn't get hurt."

"Good luck Pilot Saotome, the Elevator is on its way back down now." Came Ruri's reply.

Ranma was to thank her when Yurika's face appeared in the screen, "Please look after my Akito, aiya." Said her eyes seemed to become twice their normal size and watered slightly like she was about to cry if he said no.

Ranma shuddered at Yurika's last words, "Hai ma'am." With that he stepped on to the elevator grabbing a rifle from the weapons rack before ascending towards the surface. "I hope this works." He muttered as he opened his comm gear, "Tenkawa can you hear me…this is Saotome Ranma I'm coming to assist you are you ok?"

"Damn it why do I always have to be scared of these things…well not any more here I come you bastards." Akito said ignoring Ranma's hails.

"Geez talk about gratitude." Ranma said as he reached the surface. He could see Tenkawa's Aestivalis fighting off the numerous Jovian's. Ranma grinned and sent his Aestivalis towards the battle saying, "Skull Leader to Gunsight One, I'm in a intercept vector how much longer till the Nadesico is ready to go?"

"Another five minutes if these idiots here actually hurried but at this pace another 7 minutes or so. By the way who is Gunsight One?" Ruri responded.

"I'll tell you later I got incoming bogies, Saotome out." Ranma said as he switched off his comm gear and activated his distortion field. "Tenkawa behind you!" he yelled over his still open channel to him and Akito's Aesti. Locking on to the Grasshopper like robot he opened fire with his Machine gun destroying it. "You alright?" He asked.

"Who are you?" Akito asked dumbfounded while catching the rifle the Black Aestivalis was using.

"The name is Ranma you stay on the ground and cover me I'm gonna take out the aerial units." The pilot of the black Aestivalis said as he turned around to face the now smaller Jovian assault force. "You want a piece of me come and get it, Kiyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" he yelled as he charged at the robots.

"Just who is this guy? He's using a style right out of an anime I've seen…Ran ½ I think was the show." Akito said as he opened fire on the Grasshoppers Ranma missed with his attacks. As he ran out of ammo he jumped up and joined in the foray, they dispatched as many as they could before falling toward the ocean.

As the made contact with the ocean the heard a noise that sounded like a clang only to find that they were standing on top of the bridge unit of the Nadesico. "Sorry if we kept you two waiting." Yurika said, "I hurried the process just you, my Akito. Now let me take it from here…Minato fire the Gravity Blast cannon full spread."

The main cannon's doors opened from below and fired a semi transparent beam of energy destroying the remaining Jovian forces. "Now that's a cannon…no Gundam series I've seen has had a beam cannon that powerful." Ranma said admiring the destruction.

"What would you know about a three century old anime, any gundam series is hard to find now days." Akito said with a look that said he didn't believe him.

"You may not believe me but I was born in 1980, that's two hundred and sixteen years ago…Gundam was just starting then." Ranma said to him, "if you don't believe me ask Prospector he has my complete file."

Just before Akito could reply Yurika came on the line and started telling him how much she loved him, how much she missed him sense she had to move from Mars when she was a kid. Ranma tuned it out and commed Ruri, "Looks to me it's gonna be one boring and strange trip."

"Yes it does seem that Pilot Saotome, but I must say this is the worse crew ever assembled." Ruri replied

"Ain't that the truth." Ranma said as chuckled.

Chapter 1 End

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