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Chapter 3 Ruri's Log Ruri's quarters Almost eight weeks after the escape of orbit from Earth

Ruri looked up at her ceiling of her room. The one she was issued when she was stationed on this ship. The shelves and room were bare only a table, chair, bed and computer terminal was the only furnishings in her room.

She looked at the crono on the computer terminal monitor. The time flashing on the screen was 03:30. She rolled back over and looked up at the wall. "Unfamiliar ceiling,"(1) she said to no one in particular.

She got up and adjusted the P.J.'s she was wearing and sat down at the terminal. And called up her suitation log she's been keeping sense she came on board. Eight weeks without an update…on this ship of fools. She thought as she began to type.

The Day the Nadesico broke through the big barrier.

The crew was slightly relaxed after leaving the atmosphere. "Minato," Captain Yurika Misumaru said "Plot a course for Satisuk Midroi 2."

The reply of, "Aye Captain" was heard from the curvy brunette as her fingers danced over the navigation controls.

From the view port of the bridge the distant form of the Asteroid Satellite as the ship adjusted its course. Ranma and the rest of the Aestivalis pilots stepped out of the elevator when as the Satellite was getting closer. All of them were speechless.

Megumi imminently went to work on the comm system when she got the Comm frequency from Omoikane, the ships central computer. She haled the Colony, "Satisuk Midori 2 this is the experimental heavy battleship Nadesico we are requesting docking clearance to resupply and pick up the remaining crewmen stationed there, over."

The Radio flared to life as the Comm operator of the Asteroid responded, "This Satisuk Midori 2 control we read you loud and clear Nadesico you're cleared to come in. That's a nice voice you got, over."

Megumi blushed as she thanked him for the complement. Before she could get a response SM 2 suffered a series of explosions.

Ranma sat there as the explosions to place his stomach felt like it was about to regurgitate his entire lunch, all 30 courses of it. If anything else it tempered his resolve to fight the Jovan's.

"Captain," Ruri stated still in her monotone acting almost completely unaffected, "shock wave approaching. Impact in 3… 2… 1…." The screen went static as the shock wave of the explosion passed though the Nadesico. "Shock wave as has passed." She stated as the screen came back to life, "Minor damage in the port Phase Transition Engine repair crew already on there way."

"Thank you Ruri-chan" Yurika said as the three entered the elevator. A sickening silence puckers the trio until the general quarter's alarms were sounded.

"What now!" Ranma said disgusted

Ruri appeared on the screens "Attention there is a possible intruder on board all crew members report to the armory's for weapons this is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill."

"Great" Ranma muttered.

The lift opened to a fury of movement as the crew moved with a slightly out of practiced form. "Come on guys lets get this over with I have the episode of Gekigangar that Ranma missed queued up and ready to play."

Ranma on the other hand wasn't looking forward for this. Damn it I'm a martial artist not a common solider. As a frown plastered his face as they made the turn into the armory.

As they entered the armory Prospector was waiting for them with a sliver brief case at his side. "Ah…I've been waiting for you Saotome-san." He said as he sat the case down on a table and opened it.

In side the case was foam protecting around it and cut insert for a gun. The gun itself is a very strange set up with what looks like no place for a clip or even shells, on the handle was two openings on each side of it.

Ranma looked at the weapon. "That's nice sir but I really don't need a gun. I prefer to use my hands when needed." He shuddered at the thought of him taking a life with a gun in his hands.

Prospector smirked and picked up the weapon. "I know your reluctance to take a weapon but let me explain this model before you jump to conclusions." He pointed to the handle. "This part has four special gathering ports, two on each side, to gather the energy you put into your battle aura. Basically it's a Chi blast gun that you can vary the lethality of the shot with your own chi aura." He finished as he offered the weapon to Ranma.

Ranma took the offered weapon and brought forth is aura as the four ports started to glow the same color as Ranma's aura. He smirked, "Not bad what gave you this idea."

"Surprisingly it was the Chinese Amazon's they were looking for a weapon that could handle the Musk and the Phoenix tribe and still could be considered a non-lethal weapon." Prospector said causing Ranma to twitch a bit.

Ranma nodded, "Figured Xian Pu would think of something like this she was a lot more intelligent than the way she spoke appeared to be." He said as he spun the weapon on his Index finger before holstering it on a belt holster. "Gai, Akito you guys ready yet?" he asked the other two.

"Yeah any time Ranma, 'Lets Gekigan in!'" Gai said has he posed causing the whole room to sweat drop and a faint 'baka' is heard in the distance. Akito on the other hand just exited the room with Ranma right behind him.

It didn't take long for Gai to realize that they left him. "Oi….Saotome….Tenkawa…….MATTE!" he said as he ran out the door.

In the galley, Andy, Seiya and Ms. Howmei were sitting around. Andy was currently digging into a Mars's bowl ignoring Seiya as he was drooling over the Aestivalis again. Honestly Chief why do you have to be such an idiot.

Seiya was currently looking over the Zero Gravity battle frame for the Aestivalis. "Look at this Frame this is the cat's meow."

Andy just shook his head. "You're a strange one Chief," he said aloud garnering a sweat drop from Seiya, "I wonder what rock they found you under" he muttered.

"I heard we were supposed to get three more pilots from Satsuki Midori 2," Ms Howmei said to no one in particular, "I had hoped they turned out to be real bastards."

Andy heard this and turned to the head cook. "Why was that?"

Howmei looked at the young mechanic. "So I wouldn't have to get to know them and mourn their death in battle."

Andy looked down knowing the risk these pilots take every time they enter the pilot bubble of an Aestivalis. "I understand more than you think," As he got up and left.

As the alarm was blaring, they could hear the sound of people searching high and low for the intruder. All the while three people were still in there quarters. Gai and Akito were showing Ranma the episode he missed before the breakthrough of the Big Barrier. Ranma wasn't paying attention as usual and Gai and Akito were crying over such a valiant sacrifice.

Ranma noticed a sound coming from the vent above him. Not even bothering to inform Gai and Akito he aimed his weapon at the vent and channeled some of his aura into his weapon leaving a faint yellow glow in the barrel. As he was doing this the vent cover came crashing down with a busty red head in an EV Suit and a pair of glasses fell on top of Ranma his face right between her assets. "Urk….," Was his only response as he froze in shock.

The red head herself was bawling her eyes out, "Joe was my favorite character to, WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Gai and Akito were startled at the sound of the red head they turned to investigate only to break into laughter. "Looks like the Saotome luck strikes again."

The red head stopped crying at the mention of that name, "Saotome?" she asked as she sat up, "Saotome Ranma," she asked again to the very embarrassed boy she landed on.

He nodded.

"Jeepers…the one and only Wild Horse of Nerima and the source of classic comedy anime Ran ½?" She asked again sounding very excited Gai and Akito sweat dropped at the question.

"Who…are you?" Ranma asked sitting up slightly out of his stupor.

"Oh jeepers I did it again…" she started again starting to ramble about how she came across Ran ½ and Gekigangar 3 and her love making Doujinshi or Fan manga…."The latest one I was working on was a Ran/Ryo Yaoi comic."

That statement brought Ranma out of his stupor, "A WHAT!" he shrieked causing the other three to back away from him as a sickly green battle aura surrounded him.

Gai looked at the red head and stated, "If you have seen the show at all you know how Ranma reacts about that type of stuff." He shuddered slightly at the though of a Yaoi series.

She nodded and with a smirk said, "That and I know of a way to snap him out of it."

"I'll get a bucket." Akito said heading to the bathroom.

The red head stopped him, "No that'll make things worse." Then she turned to Gai, "My idea came from a Doujinshi I read once." She turned to Ranma sly smirk on her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips.

The reaction all around was priceless. Gai and Akito's jaws were hanging loosely. Ranma on the other hand was catatonic and his aura went from a sickly green to a pure white. As his lower motor functions started kicking his brain, which was still running the Malletsoft run from girls before Akane pounds you OS, went to Defcon 2 alert status. He pushed her away, her landing on her fanny, and started writing his last will and testament.

The red head looked confused as she slowly got up. "What was that all about?"

Gai was the first to unhinge his jaw, sighed and explained, "Ranma here still thinks that a hot-headed tomboy is gonna burst into here with a mallet to bash his head in."

"Jeepers, I didn't think Ten Aka was that violent, maybe spoiled, but not violent." The red head said.

"Her real name is Tendo Akane, and yes was a spoiled rotten little princess that liked the attention she got from the Horde of Hentai but hated boys. Hell she belittled my intelligence several times, unknown to her I had the highest grade point in the District, second highest in the nation." Ranma chuckled at that last part; "The Top Rank went to some girl name Narusagwa Naru (2) in the Hinita District."

As soon as Ranma stopped speaking Ruri's face appeared in front of Ranma, Gai and Akito. "An Aestivalis Zero-G frame unit with four other Zero-G frames in Tow has landed in the Hanger. Kanchou wants all pilots there to inspect the Machines. That is all," with that the screen disappeared.

As the quartette left the room, silence prevail the group. Ranma was in dismay I don't believe it a girl kissed me and I didn't get hit for it. He shook his head and looked at the red head once again. Although she sure is cute…huh were did that come from. Come on Ranma think about this, you already left one bad suitation with women now here you are blushing like a Junior High student with his first crush. He thought as a hint of red flushed across his face.

All this was not lost to the red head as she looked toward Ranma and flashed him a slight smile, causing Ranma to fluster a bit.

Gai smirked as he watched the reactions. Well that's the first one; but then again it's early if the Saotome charm works like I think it does.

The rest of trek was uneventful as they stopped at the entrance to the hanger. The door slid open revealing a woman with short green hair and a half-open EV suit with a short cut Black Tank top. She turned to the captain and said, "The name is Subaru Ryoko. There were two other pilots with me but I don't know what happened to them."

"Ryoko I'm ok!" said the red head as she bounced up and down. "My name is Amano Hikaru and I'm 17 years old. My favorite food is Pizza crust…" she rambled on for a few minutes before she mentioned it was her escape pod that was lodged in the PT engine. Hory muttered something to his communicator and the alarms shut off as she pulled a tube out of her hair and blew into it and from her headband two party favors flew out.

Ryoko and the others just sweat dropped at this, "Well…" Ryoko started, "that's one…" before she muttered, "all is left is Izumi." As if someone was listening a beeping sound came from her communications watch.

"Don't forget about me." A voice came from the communicator.

Ryoko twitched as she recognized the voice; "Izumi…is that you?"

"I'm very close…" Izumi's voice responded, "You could say I'm boxed in." she chuckled at her own joke.

Ryoko winced knowing Izumi's tendencies for bad puns that only she though was funny. She zeroed in on the source of Izumi's latest pun, the toolbox she towed on board. She triggered the mechanism that opened the box that opened the auto pull drawer.

When the drawer opened completely a third girl with long dark green almost emerald colored hair popped out of the box. "Finally I can breath again, finally alive!" she exclaimed.

What followed could be considered strange as Ryoko seemed to flip her lid and tried to shove the drawer closed with Izumi in it. "Don't shut me in." She said pushing against the box, "I'm not some Mackerel to be canned," causing Ryoko to facefault, giving Izumi a chance to get out of the drawer.

Izumi looked at the gathered group. She noticed a certain pig-tailed pilot. She slunk her way towards him, "The name is Maki Izumi." She said to everyone as she gave Ranma a once over. "Hmm…who do we have here do you have a name hansom."

"Ack," Ranma said as he backed away slowly from Izumi, who was obviously hitting on him, "Uhh…my name is Saotome Ranma…uhh…nice to meet you." He stammered out.

As if fate struck a cord, Ryoko got up and preceded to Ranma, "You…" she hissed nearly foaming at the mouth.

Ranma just stood dumbly as he answered, "Is that you Satan?"

Ryoko lunged at Ranma arms extended, hands clasping around his throat, throttling him ala Homer Simpson.

Hikaru and Izumi pulled Ryoko away from Ranma as Gai looked knowingly at the bewildered martial artist. "I might be able to explain to you why Ryoko is pissed at Ranma," he stated, "It's because if I recall he beat your top scores in all pilot training exercises, at least that's the only reason I would be mad at him" he finished has he posed dramatically.

Ryoko glared at Ranma and stated, "Your damn right it is! It took me six months to achieve those scores, my blood sweat and tears went into those scores. Then out of the blue he shows up from right out of the past and in two weeks of him showing up he tops my scores." She tried to free her self from her captives but to no use. She glared daggers at Ranma but did nothing.

Ranma just signed a defeated sigh muttering to himself, "Just great just what I need another violent tomboy that's out to kill me. Akane was bad enough." With that he headed down the hall to find someplace to sulk.

After Ranma was out of earshot Ryoko remarked, "What crawled up his ass and died?"

Gai gave the girls a brief over view of Ranma's life to the three girls. "If you want to hear the full story ask Ranma, it's his life he should tell you." He stated as he finished.

"That's odd," Hikaru blurted, "that's nothing like the training trip in Ran ½."

Ryoko and Izumi looked at them in disbelief.

"Tendo Nabiki changed most of Ranma's past for the series for comedic reasons, but there were some of the events in the anime version that really did happen." Gai explained, "The most obvious is the Neko-ken and the Anything Goes Martial Arts Takeout and the dowry, the bowl of rice, a fish and two pickles."

Ryoko's jaw dropped how they could talk about an anime about a person who is still living. Her thoughts were a mesh of respect, fear and anger towards the pigtailed marital artist.

Before another fight broke out Yurika lead them to the conference room for a report on the events leading to destruction of Satsuki Midori 2.

Ranma meditated in the observatory staring out into the abyss that is space. He was focused enough that he didn't even hear the door slide open.

Akito was nervous as he stepped through the door. Normally he would be running for his life. But as fate would have it he has been in three combat missions defending this ship. He came up to Ranma; he knew Ranma came here often when he wanted to think.

"Ano…Ranma?" Akito said as he approached him.

Akito's voice startled Ranma back into reality so much that he nearly struck Akito, "Damn it…" he cursed, "Don't scare me like that!"

Akito gulped and bowed profusely apologizing to him. "Ranma the reason I needed to see you" He finally started explaining, "was that I wanted your opinion on something."

Ranma arched an eyebrow in a curious expression, "What do you need." He said thinking this was about some martial art technique or something.

"Well Ranma-san" Akito started again, "it's like this I need your opinion on women," causing Ranma to facefault and a huge sweat drop appearing over his head.

"Akito," Ranma said has he slowly got up, "I'm the worse person to ask about the fairer curvy sex."

"I noticed," Akito deadpanned, "although Hikaru and Izumi would have said the opposite."

Ranma chuckled nervously "Most girls after me would say that." He agreed before continuing, "Heero Yuy from Shin Kidou Seniki Gundam W (3) said, 'Always follow your emotions' they'll never steer you wrong, that's the best advice I can offer. Now can I ask what brought this on?"

Akito told Ranma about his encounter with Megumi earlier. "…and the looked she gave me when she said that she was crazy to, it made my heart skip a beat."

Ranma smirked at Akito, "I was like that once upon a time when Akane asked if I wanted to be friends with her." He smiled at that memory then sadden, "Run with it Akito while you can, you'll never know when she'll turn into a violent maniac with an unhealthy fixations with small piglets."

Akito left to stew over what Ranma told him, leavening Ranma again to think over his own thoughts.

His communicator device interrupted him again a few minutes later with a persistent beeping noise, "What now." He groaned as he responded to his comm unit.

Ruri face yet again appeared on the popup screen stating, "Pilots Saotome, Subaru, Maki and Amano report to the hanger for mission briefing that is all," and disconnected the connection.

Ranma sighed once again, "Once more in to the breach we few happy few." He said as he trotted out the door heading to the hanger.

The Hanger was humming to the sounds of mechanics fixing various pieces of Machinery as Ranma stepped out of the changing room wearing a blue E.V.A. suit. He didn't mind the color; no what really bothered him was the fact it was skin tight on him. I look like I'm nude in this suit. He thought as he approached the other pilots surrounding Goat Hory, the other captain of the ship as he got ready to brief the pilots on this mission.

"Your mission is with these Zero-G Aestivalis Frames we want you to investigate to see weather or not there is any survivors on the station also to pick up the lone Zero-G frame pilot Subaru couldn't tie down for tow." Goat said as the readout on screen showed the pilots what there objectives were, "Any Questions?" he asked after the graphic finished.

There were none.

"Ok, Pilot Saotome is in command of this mission with Pilot Subaru as your second in command." Goat said explaining the Chain of Command.

Ryoko glared at Ranma when the chain of command was announced muttering something about showoffs and headed towards the orange Aestivalis. Ranma just sighed and wandered toward his black and red trim Aestivalis.

"She's ready to go any time Mr. Saotome." Andy said as he was making the final once over by the mechanics crews before handing it off to the pilots.

Ranma looked around a bit before he remembered that he's the Saotome on board. "Please Andy call me Ranma, being called Mr. Saotome reminds me of my old man."

Andy just nodded as he jumped off the knee of the Aestivalis and dusted himself off, "Fine by me Mr. Saoto…err I mean Ranma."

Ranma chuckle a bit as he jumped up to the Pilot Bubble and sat down in the command couch, he put on the restraints before sealing the cabin and activating the Aestivalis. "Ranma to Bridge come in please."

Ruri appeared on the screen again, "No Gunsight One nonsense, this time Saotome-san?"

"Nah…figured I'd better be all business this time." Ranma replied as he shook his head.

Ruri nodded again and said, "Anyway Kanchou has cleared you for launch that is all." And the screen vanished.

Ranma smirked as he moved his Aesti onto the catapult. "Ranma ikikimasu,"(4) the pigtailed pilot said as the catapult shot him into space.

Gai smirked at that. Now a Gundam reference, he chuckled to himself while watching the remaining Aestivalis launch in order save for the pink colored Aesti. Tenkawa must be sitting this one out. He thought as he walked back the quarters he shared with Ranma and Tenkawa.

As Gai left the hanger someone was climbing into the pink Zero-G frame.

Ryoko fumed as nothing came up on the scanning equipment, "I'm not picking up any Jovian activity on my scopes."

Ranma was looking over the scanning equipment. "Copy that Ryoko," he said before continuing, "Subaru, you know where you came out with these frames."

Ryoko was stunned he asked a question, "Of course I remember where I blasted my way out."

"Good," Ranma said with a slight smirk on his face, "you lead the way the rest of us will follow you."

"Copy that Saotome," Ryoko said before addressing the other girls, "Maki, Amano on me."

Hikaru in the yellow Zero-G frame flew up next to Ryoko, "I found the spot."

Izumi in the dark green Zero-G frame took the other side, "In a boiling pot," she said laughing at her own joke again.

Ryoko, Hikaru and Ranma sighed before Ryoko said, "Right then," pausing trying to get here bearings back, "Get ready to charge in."

Ranma broke his silence, "Remember girls once we are inside we'll be cut off from the Nadesico's energy feed," he checked his battery, "Anytime Subaru," seeing the opening.

Ryoko nodded as the tone stating the energy was cut, "Switching to battery back up…now."

A screen popped up in front of the four pilots, "Battery activated," Ranma said.

Hikaru smiled as they dove into the hold of the satellite, "Time to start diving for pearls…" she said to no one in particular.

Only to have Izumi cut in and finish what Hikaru was saying. "…In a boiling pot," causing the others to groan in response.

The trip down was uneventful. Ranma too the read guard position as the end of the shaft they were in approached. He watched as Ryoko knocked down the hatch to the hanger inside and smashed a button that activated the lights to the hanger.

"Oi," Hikaru said as her Aesti was looking off in one direction, "I found a real mother of pearl," she said as her mech was pointing at something.

"Good Work Amano," Ryoko said approaching Hikaru's position, "Beginning recovery process now."

As Ryoko closed in on the frame a loud voice broke the silence, "Oi!" a grey Zero-G frame with a pink bubble flew past the four and crashed into a wall. "Go for broke…" the pilot said as he kicked in the jets of the frame only to bounce around the room as if he was in a pin ball machine until his batteries gave up leaving him floating in the room.

Izumi filled Akito in, "If a physical barrier is between us and the Nadesico, the primary energy source is cut off."

Hikaru added her two cents, "That's Aestivalis 101 right there."

"Then what do I do?" Akito asked.

"This," Ryoko said as the foot of her mech lifted up, "is what we do!" she continued as she kicked Akito out of the hanger and backed toward the Nadesico.

Ranma shook his head, "Subaru," he said, "Go out there and collect Tenkawa wait for us out side."

She glared at him before flying back the way she came.

Ranma could feel the questioning looks on the other two's faces and explained, "Tenkawa didn't get the full training course," he said, "That is something I plan to rectify over the next couple of weeks."

The others nodded as Ranma moved his mech towards the lone unmanned frame. As he reached out with the Aesti's hand two yellow lights appeared above the Aesti optic sensors, the unmanned frame stood up and moved into the light showing it to be covered with seven Jovian grasshoppers; one on each arm, one on both shoulders and jet packs and the final one attached to where the pilot bubble would be.

Hikaru in shock at the site of the Grasshoppers interfacing with the Aestivalis systems she blurted out, "A Dark Aesti!"

Ranma just shook his head, Great just what I needed, "Amano, Maki guard the exit," he said as he strode toward the captured mech, "I'll handle this," he continued as he reached for the lone weapon that comes standard in the Zero-G frame, a knife.

The Jovian controlled Aestivalis took two more steps and spread its arms out in a strange cross like shape and opened fire with the grasshopper's missile pods in the back.

The distraction was all Ranma needed to strike, "An opening!" he said with a cry as he jammed the knife in the head unit of the Grasshopper on the right arm.

Hikaru Amano watched in awe as Ranma completely tore into the Jovian units controlling the Zero-G Aestivalis colored blue with red and yellow trim. She checked her battery, "Two minutes till we need to get out of here guys," she said in an open channel.

As she said this, the Jovian controlled unit emptied out the missile pods to make a hole through the roof, escaping. "Damn," Ranma cursed as he activated his thrusters to chase the Aesti.

Akito was having a tough time straightening himself out as his mech's power came back on as he came back in direct site of the Nadesico. "Akito" Megumi's worried face came on a pop up screen, "you're about to the ship!"

Akito's eyes widened, "What!" he kicked on the retrorockets trying to burn off as much speed as he can, "I can do this" he mutter to himself while repeating, "I mustn't run away,"(5) he closed his eyes hoping for something good to happen when he felt a jolting stop. He slowly opened one eye to see what was going on.

Only to see Subaru's Aesti holding his unit, her face popped up on a com screen, "Baka what the hell were you thinking," she snapped.

Akito blanched a bit as she continued to chew his ass for the bone head move he pulled sortie in a Zero-G frame with no training before answering, "I just wanted to help that's all," he left out the fact he wanted to avoid Yurika as much as he can.

Ryoko just plain blinked in confusion and was about to continue when Ranma appeared in a new screen between them, "This Saotome I'm chasing the captured unit in attempt to remove the last Grasshopper controlling the Aestivalis, over."

Megumi who hadn't cut off her connection to Akito said, "Roger that Saotome."

In the distance Akito could make out two figured making there way to the Nadesico. One was Ranma's Aesti it's almost blends into space itself if it wasn't for the Red Trim. The other figure was the captured Aesti, Akito summarized, colored in Gai's distinct color palette.

Ranma cursed at his inability to catch up to the captured mech, "Tenkawa, Subaru can either of you take out the remaining Grasshopper without ruining the Frame?"

Akito saw it as his chance he broke free of Subaru's grip and kicked on the afterburners while pulling out the knife, silently he chanted "I mustn't run away" as he aimed the blade for the grasshopper. "Gekigan Flare!" he yelled as the Distortion field flared around his Aesti destroying the Grasshopper controlling the Aesti.

Ryoko whistled impressively at his display and to the screen with Ranma in it, "Not bad for a Rookie."

Ranma, smirked, "Yeah, he does have potential I hope I can bring it with the training I got planed," he said before going back to business, "Ok guys recover the unit and return to the Nadesico."

Aestivalis Hanger, Nadesico

Akito hopped off the leg of his Aestivalis to congratulations from everyone in the hanger as Ranma smirked and said, "Good job part timer and now relax cause tomorrow the training will begin," he said with a gleam in his eye that put fear in the many of the guys in the hanger, "Now I believe someone is wanting to see you," he said pointing at Megumi.

Ranma watched Akito trot off as Yurika tried to go to Akito, "Captain I think you should just let it lie," he said calmly to the young Amazon.

Yurika was about to answer when Akito leaned in and kissed Megumi, she sat there locked jawed, "but….but….he's my Akito…I'm his destined love"

Ranma just shook his head, "Yurika did he challenge you for your hand in marriage?" she shook her head, "then he's not yours," while thinking She makes Xian Pu seem tame. He thought as Akito and Megumi left the hanger together.

Ruri Hoshino's Quarters, Nadesico

8 weeks later

Ruri looked at her screen rereading what she wrote, Well that's one fiasico done now for the current one, she thought as she saved that entry and continued with a new one.


Numerated references

(1) a line by Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

(2) This one is an obvious reference to Naru from Love Hina

(3) That was the actual Japanese name for Gundam Wing, it translates to New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

(4) The word "Ikikimasu" is a direct Gundam Reference, both Amuro Raye in the original series and Kira Yamamoto from Gundam SEED say "Gundam Ikikimasu" or "Gundam Away" as it's translated

(5) Yet another Eva reference this one is a double reference to the Dub of both Eva and Nadesico both Akito and Shinji were voiced by Spike Spenser.