Chapter Fifty - Forbidden

When Will got back to the Kin 's quarters he found Severus at his desk looking tired and miserable and Harry at his side, both bent over the same piece of parchment with a frown on their faces.

"Anything happen while I was away?" Will asked as he crossed the room.

Severus looked up, "Speech."

"Do ye think think the kids will care what you say? Ye could just say what the old headmaster used to say. Don't they get dragged all the way up the country on a steam train? I reckon they probably just want a good feed." Will suggested as he approached the desk and remained standing in front of it. He wanted the Kin's attention and he wanted his situation clarified before he went any further with anything.

Severus frowned again but looked at Will with curiosity, "It is more for the press to report about my performance than it is for the children's benefit I am afraid."

"Well then I watch those politicians on the news all the time, I am sure I can come up with some feel good blah blah blah for you, " Will offered, "I've told Hermione about Ron by the way, just so you know."

Harry looked up at that, "You did?"

"Huh, like you didn't intend that I should. We ran into Ron and Draco down in the dungeons and they were awful to her. She was upset, they left me little choice."

"How is she?" Harry asked already cringing at the expected answer.

"Upset and tired but ok when I left her, she needs some time to think, I left her some space to do that."

Will could see the visible relief in Severus and Harry's faces.

"So," He began once they had appeared to have absorbed his news, "I asked her for a date and she has agreed in principal, so am I still forbidden?" Will asked suddenly feeling a welling up of emotion flooding through himself, he forced himself onwards trying to control what he felt to be anger and frustrated passion as he did so, it was much more intense than all the feeling he had been trying to drink away back at Sgoil Dubh, he didn't feel in control of himself, "I swear I will take her even if you don't." Even as he said it he knew it wasn't the persuasive argument he had been hoping for but a raging disaster that would get him killed.

Severus straightened in his chair and stared at Will intently, "We would kill you." He stated.

Will took one step away from the desk, "At this point I wouldn't care if you did, I will kill myself if I can't have her. I will go to her now and take her away from here and when you find us I will die in her defense. Tear her from my arms if you can." Even in his possessed state of mind he wasn't fool enough to think he could beat them, only that he couldn't continue to resist what had been building in him for weeks and was now let loose.

Will was breathing heavily and seemed possessed by some uncontrollable force, for a moment both Severus and Harry were speechless, he hardly seemed to be even Will any more.

"Severus, do you want to kill him?" Harry asked eventually as the standoff quietly continued.

Severus frowned as he considered it, "No."

Harry grinned and came away from the desk towards Will who was still looking a bit passionate to say the least, he wasn't intimidated or feeling defensive at all, "Me neither. Then it has to be right, he must be the one."

"It appears so," Severus admitted, "He must have been the one all along. Is this why you were drinking?"

Will had calmed a bit, "Yes, I've never felt anything like this before, I couldn't stand it. Couldn't live with her in my head and so far away. Is this what it feels like for you two? This is insane."

Harry touched Will's arm gently, "Then you are not forbidden. When she is ready you must go to her and be hers."

At that moment Ron came bursting into the Headmaster's quarters with Draco on his back. Will took one look at the new Kin, seemed to fill with rage again and made off across the room towards them.

"Should we intervene?" Harry quickly asked his Kin.

"No," Severus said with confidence.

"But Will isn't a Kin and Ron looks fresh from practise..."

"Get your sword and be ready, we can act quickly if need be."

Ron saw Will approaching and looked surprised to see someone who had been so calm on all other occasions suddenly looking so furious. Draco had slipped from Ron's back and was clinging onto Ron's arm again. He seemed to have quickly adopted the position in order to be steady on his crippled foot without having to use the crutch at all.

"I know what you two have done," Will started accusing Ron more than Draco, "You didn't even have the decency to tell her, I had to. She thought you were still going to be her husband. She wanted to talk to you, was agonising over it. How dare you just run around the school behaving like two children, she was upset!"

Ron didn't rile to Will's words but regarded him with the indifference of someone who knew he was no threat, "Why do you care?"

"Because I care for Hermoine, because she is my..." Will paused, he knew what had been about to slip out but that wasn't right, he didn't know what to call her, "Because I need not have been made to wait for someone who belonged with me!"

Ron shook his head and made for the stairs to the attic, "Jeez, not you as well. My not wanting her should work out just fine for you then shouldn't it? I don't see your problem."

Will wasn't done with Ron, "Those are my quarters now, you cannot enter!"

Ron turned, "Is this whole castle going mad?" Ron demanded turning towards Will, "I came for my stuff, I haven't got my stuff."

"I will pack it for you and send it down."

"You can't, you're a Muggle, you'd need to shrink it all." Ron countered.

"I will get Harry to do it then." Will insisted.

Ron gave up, "Fine, whatever."

"Shouldn't you be down in your dungeon anyway, isn't that what Kin do, hide away somewhere and make babies."

This riled Ron, suddenly he was furious, "Is that all you think we are? We are warriors, the greatest there ever was. We won't be playing happy families, we will be defending this castle, nothing shall pass us. We are not going to turn into THEM!" He concluded pointing with disgust at Harry and Severus.

"Ron?" Draco spoke at last almost like he was pleading.

Ron put a hand on his Kin's arm, "It's ok, I am done, I'll take you to dinner now. Everything is fine."

Will started to feel calmer now that he had had a rant at Ron. He looked at Draco and the younger Kin made no attempt to hide his disappointment though Ron couldn't see it. Will remembered the way that Draco had been drawn to the pram earlier, Ron had been too self absorbed to see that as well.

"Aye, if you say so." Will said, about to turn away with certainly no intention of pursuing Ron's enlightenment of his imminent troubles.

Hermione then entered the Headmaster's quarters, her cheeks were rosy and she was slightly out of breath as if she had run up the stairs from the dungeon with Kieran's pram. She was wearing a long dress which looked very like the one she had been wearing earlier, only now it was the same colour as Will's new robes and had the same trim. She had given her hair such a complicated and immaculate up-do that she must either have had help or had done it magically.

Hermione approached Will with eyes for no other, "I thought we could walk down to dinner together," She said clearly then whispered only for Will, "Did you ask them?"

"Yes," He whispered back, not resisting the temptation to lean in towards her and smell her perfume as he did so, "I'll take you into Fort William next week if you like."

"I think I can get a babysitter." She whispered back in a flirty way.

"Oh yea," Ron called from the doorway, "I can see she is sooooo upset!"

The two new Kin left without a word more to anyone else, Will and Hermione approached Severus and Harry.

Severus waited for Will to speak first, he reached a hand out to Hermione which she allowed, "Sorry." Will said simply.

"Sorry for what?" Hermione asked.

"I got a bit, er, I don't know what it was, when I was asking if I was forbidden. Said some melodramatic things I don't even know the origin of," Will explained partly for Severus and Harry's benefit but also for Hermione.

"You meant them though?" Severus asked, it was a question that hardly needed asking.

"Yes," Will answered right away, "Was just a little more foolhardy than my normal self to say the least."

"What did you say?" Hermione asked.

"I'll tell you later," Will replied before addressing Severus, "I wish to take Hermione out to dinner next week, can I count on your permission?"

"A date? You needn't ask every time." Severus responded.

"May either of you be available to baby sit?" Hermione asked.

Severus' mouth twitched in as much of a smile as anyone other than Harry was ever likely to get, "You hardly need to ask me that either but the courtesy is noted."

"Then we shall go down to dinner, the last night before the remaining students arrive, will you join us?" Hermione asked.

"Go ahead, we will join you in a few minutes," Severus replied briefly glancing over his unfinished speech before grimacing and turning to Harry.

"And we can take Kieran for a little while?" Harry suggested.

"They're going on their first date and then who knows, it's nice for Hermione, isn't it?" Harry commented when Hermione and Will had left. Hermione had left Kieran with them and he slept soundly.

"It certainly is a fortuitous conclusion, though I very much doubt they will resist till the night of their first date as scheduled." Severus added knowingly, "Not if tonight is anything to go by."

"And what of Ron and Draco?" Harry asked.

"Hmm, I fear trouble there but nevertheless they must work it through for themselves."

"It was a bit weird, are we that weird?" Harry asked.

"Probably. Though if you notice we are more equal. It's not commonly like that amongst Kin, we are both younger Kin. Did you notice in Ron though, it was more like it was between my brother and I. He is clearly, for want of a better word, more 'alpha'."

"Your brother resisted you."

"Yes," Severus replied with some sadness, "Ron is not so strong as he was, no matter what he says. They are both still Ron and Draco too, young and reckless. No, Ron won't hold out long I am sure of it."

Will took Hermione's arm as they left the Headmaster's quarters, it felt comfortable and like a home he had never known. Living in so isolated a place and being known as the town freak had given him very few chances with girls and then women. His most prominent memory of anything approaching a relationship had been a disappointing encounter with a girl at school who had seduced him down an alley way one summer merely to fulfil a bet, a dare that had some undisclosed promise of a reward. The women she now was worked in Fort William and he saw her often when he went into town.

He looked to his side as they descended the stairs towards the hall. His life had taken an astounding turn. He longed to walk the High Street with Hermione as he did now. By the moral standards of Fort William she was far to young for him and too much of everything else. She could also turn them all into frogs. He should have doubts and yet he didn't, he could feel the connection between them that was solid and unmoving, the bond that must be due to the swords somehow. He could feel something passing between them as he laid a hand on her arm but it wasn't as it had been before when he could read her. There was a power there and he could feel the thrumming of it.

"Are you ok?" Will asked as they walked along a corridor, he could hardly believe his luck that she might feel the same even with his knowledge of the Kin.

Hermione laughed openly, "Yes, what a strange thing to ask."

"Aye well, only you weren't so happy this afternoon and you wanted to think and take some time. So I'm asking."

"I've found that thought and time are not required in this case after all. I've seen enough of those two to know that something changed after you left me this afternoon and it didn't occur by the application of logic." Hermione stopped walking and turned to face Will. She looked up at him and he drew an arm around her to pull her close to him. She reached a hand and lightly brushed the side of his face, "This is the first time I have felt like I belonged in what seems like forever."

They were alone, he leant down and lightly kissed Hermione's lips. She wrapped her arms about his neck to make him continue. If the corridor had not filled at that point he might have led her into a classroom but he took both her arms in his and reluctantly parted them to a professional distance before any of the castle residents could witness anything.

"You are beautiful tonight," He whispered to her as crowds of people passed around them on their way to the hall, "You have always been from the first time I saw you, but tonight... " Will raised a hand to twist a curl of hair round his finger.

Severus and Harry were suddenly beside them with Kieran in his pram.

"My, you two don't walk very quickly do you?" Harry teased them, grinning as he passed.