Eternal Love

AU: Quatre asks his master, Duo how he was made. Vampire fic

1x2, maybe eventual 3x4

Shounen ai, Quatre POV

WARNING: Might contain some violent and bloody moments in further chapters. But nothing too bad.

Disclaimer: I don't own Duo, Heero, Quatre, Trowa or any of them really. Otherwise they'd be doing dirty things for me ^_^

"I want to know how you were made, Duo"

Slowly he raised his eyes to meet mine, those sparkling amethyst orbs still making me shiver whenever he met my own innocent blue eyed gaze. A soft smile played across his lips as he sat back in his chair, interlacing his fingers across his lap.

As usual, my master had been reading one of his many mortal books, those about mortals falling in love, about them overcoming great evil, or simply about their everyday lives. I had been led on the floor in front of the roaring fire, idly drawing sketches. It was when I was able to pick out the minute detail of the quill that I used, that I remembered the one question I'd put off asking him for what must be years now.

"You wish to know how I was made?" he repeated softly, closing his leather-bound book and resting it on the arm of the chair, "You want to know.. who made me? Who I was before I was reborn into darkness?"

I nodded, my mouth suddenly feeling dry. My beautiful master gave me a quick, lop sided smile, before pushing back the chestnut strands from his pale face. His hair was long and beautiful, and I envied his glossy brown locks in exchange for my platinum blonde ones.

"I came from America, as you already know" he began softly, turning his head slightly to stare into the fire, "I lived on a small farm with my father and three brothers. Being the second eldest, I was usually left to look after my two younger siblings whilst my father and my oldest brother went out and worked on our farm, the only one for miles in our tiny community.

We weren't rich. My father was a kind man, he would give food away to those who needed it, and in return they'd give us something from their trade, from carpenters to bakers. He would even give food to the orphans and widows of the village, without a second thought. It was only until I was older that I learned his concern for the orphans especially was because my elder brother and I were ones ourselves. He and my, who I used to call mother, adopted us as they thought they were unable to produce children. Yet they gave birth to two twins a few years after, which sadly caused my mother's death.

I remember, that very day my life started to change for the worst. It had been a harsh winter, and I had awoken to find snow piled up to the very window sill. I lept out of bed, and ran downstairs where my father was sat, his head in his hands. He looked up at me, and for the first time I'd realised how old he actually was. He looked so worried and worn, and yet he managed a small smile as I asked him if everything was alright.

"No Duo..." he began softly, looking out towards the snow covered windows, "The cattle are out there still, under the snow. The crops have been killed by the frost. The barn blew down last night, and the wood is damaged beyond repair. The storm even found it's way into the pig sties, and even the youngest piglet has been lost"

I sat down in a chair, shocked. So much had happened, and yet he was still smiling, and there was still that sparkle in his eyes.

"What?! Why are you so happy about it?!" I remember asking, my voice heavy with bitterness and anger. He just shrugged, and turned back to face me, placing his hand over mine,

"Everyone's fine, aren't they? You... your brother... the twins, you're all still with me. And that's what matters"

The storm hit worse than expected. In helping out about the village, my father caught a chill and died just before the Spring came. His funeral was a huge affair within the village, he was greatly respected in the community. And we... we greatly missed him. I did. He taught me a lot... and yet it was so long ago... "

Duo broke off and sighed, bringing his hand up to his mouth, as if trying to stop the recollection of any more memories about his father. I just sat there, dumbfounded. I'd never even assumed Duo's past was anything like this.

"The farm went downhill from there on in" he continued, "And we were all really struggling to keep ourselves alive. And then my oldest brother was involved in an accident that involved the crippling of his right leg, meaning he walked with a limp. And he was in constant pain ,as we didn't have the money to buy the relief medicine for him. It isn't like now, where you can just go into town and buy a packet of aspirin. It cost a lot to get any kind of drugs, and you also had to have them imported from the big cities. I knew I had to get him some. But he always insisted he was fine. But as stubborn as I was, I didn't listen to him.

I entered his room one evening, to find him sat at his desk, his head in his hands. As I ventured further he looked up, meeting my gaze in the mirror. He gave me a faint smile, a trait of his that reminded me of our father.. despite us not being blood relatives.

"What brings you here at this late hour, Duo?" he asked turning around to face me, "Is everything alright?"

I could see the pain writhe and twist about on his elegant and noble face, which was so unlike my own. I swallowed and stepped closer, so I was in the pool of light that came from his oil lamp that was still burning on the desk.

"I'm leaving this village tomorrow to earn some money in the city" I blurted out, "I'm going to buy you some medicine and earn enough so we can eat properly again"

He shook his head slowly.

"We've had this argument before, Duo. You're only fifteen. I don't need any medicine-"

"Yes you do!" I shouted back, feeling tears prick at the backs of my eyes, "You always say that! And we need more money, I know it!"

He gritted his teeth, and stood, grimacing from the pain.

"No Duo! I am older than you and I say that you stay here! You don't know what the city is like, you'll be in great danger!"

"You can't stop me!" I replied, turning away from him, not wanting him to see the tears that fell from my eyes, "I'm going. And I'll return with great riches" "

Duo broke off, an ironic smile crossing his lips. He looked down at me, who was starring at him spell bound.

"I didn't know that I'd never return to them" he said, laughing slightly, "Well I did, but they never saw me. And all they heard was rumours of my death"

He stood, and crossed over to the big French windows, that looked out on the city below. He pushed them open, the faint roar of cars entering the near silent atmosphere of the room. He sighed, letting the cool air wash over him before turning his gaze back to me, and gesturing towards me to join him.

I rose and moved to his side, looking sideways at him, at his profile. He smirked, and crossed his arms, all the while still looking out at the scenery below us.

"But I did make it to the big cities. Eventually. Although that was never really my intention to start with. I was planning on becoming.... a highway man.

There was a stretch of road a good eighty miles from where we lived, that was well known as being the equivalent of what you might call a motorway nowadays, where the richest carriages would pass by, taking elegant gentlemen and ladies to their balls at huge country estates that lay all over the countryside.

And there was a particularly dark and desolate part, that ran past a thicket and a river, making it the ideal place for a robbery. I knew this thanks to a stranger that had once passed through our village, whom later we had learnt was on the run. He had told me and my younger brothers about his daring escapes, and his many robberies. He also described with great relish how he'd found this particular stretch of road that was the most lethal, and he had nicknamed it the Shadow Stretch. We, being so young, didn't quite understand that he was a 'bad man' until our father explained after the man had moved on.

But, his words still stuck with me, and I took the information he'd given me, and rode upon one of our own horses that we had brought from a circus that had travelled through here once. He was completely black, ideal for a highway man's horse, and his name was Raiden.

I stayed at a small roadside inn, called the Stag and Hounds, where the owner asked me no questions about my age or occupations, and was happy with the money that I gave him for rental of my room, money that I had got from pawning off some of my most prized possessions from childhood.

One thing that makes me almost cringe nowadays, is the fact that I never thought twice about the penalty for getting caught. And there was so many times it nearly happened, and yet I never thought of hanging. I was far too concerned about my brother and the money to start with.

I remember my first robbery so clearly, it's almost as if it only happened a few years back, rather than several. It was a summer's eve, and I was prowling about the moors with Raiden, when I saw the lights of carriage, the first I'd seen in my first few weeks as a robber. I donned a black scarf around my face and hair with excitement and also anticipation, before riding up to meet them, my father's old pistol which he kept in fear of burglars held in my shaking hand. The drive froze, and pulled the horses to a stop as I rose up, my gun pointed at him.

"Your money or your lives" I said quietly, dismounting Raiden and moving over to the carriage door, "Get them out here. Now"

I had no idea where my courage, or my menace came from that night. All I know was that I was doing this for my brother and no-one else, and so that in a way it was fine. I also think that I longed for the thrill and danger, something I had received little of in my upbringing.

Three women clambered out of the coach, all older than I was. It must have been a comical scene to unseen eyes, there I was, a small, skinny boy, holding up three young ladies and a middle aged man. It was my size that betrayed me, not my face this time.

Unsure of what to do next, I held out my bag and gestured towards it.

"All the jewellery. In there"

I admired the calmness with which the ladies obeyed me, slipping of each of their sparkling trinkets and dropping them into the bag, even reaching up their arms to retrieve jewels I would never have even thought of looking for. When they were finished, they looked at me, almost daringly.

I nodded, frozen in their glares. For almost a second I debated handing them back over, saying sorry and running. Yet my brother's face kept coming back into my mind, and so I just nodded, and pulled myself back up on Raiden, before running away into the darkness. When I had stabled Raiden back at the inn, I went up to my room and threw myself on the bed and cried. I couldn't believe what I had done. I was.... in the wrong. And yet.. I had enjoyed it.

A few days after, whilst at the bar, back then age wasn't such an issue for the consumption of alcohol, I met the inn keeper's son, a man much like myself. We soon got talking, and rather daringly I asked him whether he knew of someone who'd be interested in buying some jewellery. He laughed and leant closer, so I could smell the stench of alcohol fresh on his breath.

"I am that someone" he replied lowly, his blue eyes never leaving mine, "Highway robber? You're the youngest I've met so far"

He leant back, his long platimun hair, much like yours Quatre, falling over his shoulders.

"I've worked with many of your lot in the past. You're new, aren't you?"

I nodded, and he smirked slightly.

"Well, allow me to help you out. I can sell your stuff on for you, and pay you beforehand. However, you realise I will get much more from this than you shall?"

I nodded, not caring at all. If only I could get some money. We made some pacts, and he followed me up to my room where I gave him my bag of stash, and he gave me the largest amount of money I'd ever seen. Enough to buy my brother his medicine"

Duo fell silent and turned to me, his expression a cross between amusement and regret. I just looked back at him, feeling my gaze waver under his.

"I know what you'll ask. 'Okay, you got the money, you got enough for his medicine, that was it right? You could return, give the money, and live happily ever after?'. Hah, no chance. I was young, foolish and a risk taker at heart. It was a case of nature over nurture as I ignored my father's teachings and continued on this dangerous life, simply for that same thrill I'd got from it the first time I'd done it. I sent for the medicine and sent it to the farm, along with some more money. The rest I used for my rental of the room. And so it continued.

Zechs became my teacher, and would wait up late to let me in, as not to alert his father. We made more and more money, and I would accompany Zechs to the big cities sometimes, and buy such clothes that I had never seen before, such luxurious clothes of velvet and silk, which cost about as much as our entire farm did.

I even got together a outfit for my robberies, a simple black velvet trouser suit, with white frilled shirt and black lace. Along with a hat similar to the one that the stranger had worn, and a face mask much like his. I remember Zechs being extremely impressed, as it was. And then Duo the highway man was born.

But let me stress, I still sent home money to my brothers with each robbery I made. And life seemed good for once, everything coming up right. But then, then I chose to rob a certain coach Which.... is when I met him"

"Him...?" I echoed, my voice sounding foreign and meek after his deep, majestic voice, "The one who....?"

Duo nodded, the faint shimmer of tears in his eyes.

"The one who made me. My beloved"