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Falling Back,

By Winterwing3000

Waking up un-volunteering, Téa picked her way to the bathroom. Groaning, she turned on the water to the tub. I am so not gonna get used to this.

Téa Gardner, ballet dancer of 17, has been waking up repeatedly before her alarm clock rang. The birds weren't out yet, the cars were too far away to be heard, the next-door neighbors usually woke up around noon, and her mother's next-door sleeping and her teddy bears were sitting comfortably around her. So none of these things were out of place to bother her… rather, it was herself that was disturbing her nightly rest.

Most of the time, she thought it was just the school pressure and the end of the year is coming rather rapidly. Already a senior, she only had about five to six months of school. Her credits were sent to Tokyo U and her community service times were greater than needed, so that shouldn't bother her. The gang was doing fine, and even Joey had a great chance of graduating (after much convincing from his sister to study).

Stripping her pajamas off, she climbed into the warm tub of water. Sighing in relief, she dunked her head into the warm liquid. After a while, she finished scrubbing herself and got out. Wrapping herself in a towel, Téa dried herself and pulled on a pair of sweats and a tank top. "I've gotta go to get rid of this stress…. it's been killing me for two whole months!"

Tying her shoelaces, Téa stood up looking determined to burn the anger, pain and distress inside her heart.

Jogging outside, she ran towards one of her favorite spots, the park's slope. It was still early, so she didn't expect that there would be any people at the walk lanes. Running near the pond, Téa noticed that the sun was not up yet.

Looking confused, she checked her watch. "What! It's only 5 in the morning." Smacking her forehead, she crouched down in embarrassment and the past came creeping up, back from the darkest place in her memories.

The sky blue eyes met dark violet ones in the dark. Téa and Yami were walking up a slope to their favorite spot. The willows made a curtain, blocking other people from looking to what they are doing. It was early in the morning when Yami called her out to talk. Holding his strong and supple hands gave her warmth and comfort in the morning air.

Call My Name "Call my name,"

Dareka Ga Yobu Koe that voice of someone calling

Kurayami No Fukai Kanashimi The deep sadness of the darkness

Shiroi Suhada No Kimi Ga

Boku No Soko Ni Hikari Wo Sasu Your pale skin fills me with light

"So, Yami, what's the problem? You look distant…" Téa asked. The gentle breeze blew her shoulder brown hair into her face.

"Téa …. I have to leave Domino city. To go back to my origins, back to Egypt. Even with my own body, I can't stay." Yami looked up from the ground, with eyes that would carry tears.

Kuro Ka Shiro Ka Wakaranai Mama Without knowing if it was black or white

Konna Ai Wa Jidaiokure Nano Ka I wonder if this type of love is old-fashioned?

Bokura Wa Ichinichijuu For the entire day

Asa Ga Otozureru No Wo Matsu Dake We just waited for the sunrise

Stunned, panicked thoughts ran through her mind. "But… you can't leave me. You and I, we're fated… aren't we? You can't just leave me like this. After all we've been through. Why? Tell me Yami, why?" Tears flowed down her cheeks, staining her shirt. Looking down to her hands, she felt lonely and helpless, not able to stop the tears from falling.

Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo Even if you could shatter tomorrow

Koko Kara Nigedasanai I won't run from this place

Tsukareta Karada Wo Iyasu It cures the fatigue of my body

Kimi No Hohoemi Yo Your smile

"Téa, don't cry. I can't stand seeing you cry." Using his handkerchief, he wiped the tears from her eyes. Drawing her into a deep embrace, he held her close. Téa placing her head on his chest and he smoothed out her hair. Caressing each lock like gold. Tea's sobbing ceased, and started hiccupping softly.

Lonely Heart Lonely heart,

Moteamasu Kokoro feelings beyond my control

Pokkari Ana Ga Aita You Da It's like a wide hole has opened

Jibun Wo Osaekirezu Nanika Ni Iraira Shiteta Unable to control myself, I became angry at something

"Téa, promise me something. Just one thing." His voice sounded hoarse.

Peering up at her boyfriend, she whispered softly, "Anything…"

"Forget me, start again and live a happy life with the true one you will love after I'm gone. I want you to be happy and if you're, then I could live in the after realm in peace." He said sincerely, searching in the depths of her sky blues for the answer.

Ano Koi Wo Wasurerarenai To "I can't forget that love"

Deatta Koro Hanashiteta Ne That's what you had said when we first met

Honshin Wo Kakushita Kao Your face hides your true intentions

Mada Boku Niwa Sukui Ga Arisou? Is there any redemption for me?

Turning her head away, she closed her eyes and nodded. Her heart pained, promising a dreadful pledge. She felt hands cupping her face. Opening mourning orbs, she faced purple ones. Yami bent his head down and pressed his lips against hers to seal their promise forever. Saltiness mixed with their kiss, both were crying their hearts out to their loved ones.

Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo Even if you could shatter tomorrow

Samayoi Tsuzukeru Darou I guess that I'd still keep wandering

Aishite Hajimete Shitta Loving you, I discovered for the first time,

Ushinau Kowasa Wo That fear of losing you

Blinking away the tears, Téa and Yami stood up from their sitting. "Hey! Why don't we hang out for the rest of the day! I have nothing to do anyways… But if you can't, then I understand…" Téa exclaimed, suddenly out of the sad mood.

Yami smiled sadly and walked to where ever the day was in store for them.

Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo Even if you could shatter tomorrow

Nani Mo Mienaku Natte Mo Even if I should lose my sight

Yasuraka Na Toki No Naka De We'll start walking

Bokura Wa Arukidasu In those times, when we were at peace

After spending the day at the amusement park, the zoo, the beach, and the park, the couple looked one last time at the sunset that would end their relationship. Leaning on her head on his shoulder, Téa asked, "Yami, could you promise me one thing?"

"What is it, Téa?" Yami said looking a bit worried.

"Don't forget me, when you're gone." Kissing him forcefully for one last time, Téa got up and ran home, leaving a very downcast Yami.

Standing up, he said to the back of his ex-girlfriend, "Good-bye, Téa….." Taking his leave, he stuck his hands into his pockets and disappeared into the darkness.

Kimi No Maboroshi Yo It's a ghost of you

Ugh…. Forget it Téa Gardner! That's the past! You have a future to finish! He's gone…. dead….. He is never going to come back from the dead! So get that straight! Téa mentally yelled at herself. Checking her watch again, she saw that it was almost seven. She'd better get home before her mom breaks. Sighing, she trudged her way home with heavy feet. Heading into a dark ally for a short cut, she heard noises in front of her.

Lifting her head up, she saw three gangsters in front of her. Eyes widening in fear, she backed away. "Hey…. What do we have here?" the muscled man sneered.

He stepped forward and reached out to touch her cheeks. With a quick instinct, she bit his hand, making him yelp and jump back. Taking the distraction, she turned around and ran out of the ally. The man cursed and told his men to follow her.

When I'm in a crowd
Or on an island by myself
Silent or too loud
Wishing I was somewhere else
And I can't believe
You hit me fast and hard
When you turn to me and say
Never change the way you are

A brunette male of six feet and maybe and inch or two walked out of the sliding glass doors, one metal briefcase in hand and the other in his light trench coat. The air around him was prideful, serious and mellow. His icy blue eyes turned his attention from his alpha omega watch when loud unsteady footsteps reached his ears.

Seto Kaiba saw a brown haired girl running straight for him, and wondered why she was running so fast. Not that he cared, but it was one of those idle thoughts that floated around his head.

Looking behind her, he saw three guys charging out from the ally and towards the helpless female. When she smacked into him, her force made her fall back. Clenching her eyes for a hard fall, she was surprised (at least in his eyes) to find that someone had caught her. She quickly ran behind her savior for protection.

Trying to catch your eye
Things will never look the same
Now I can't deny
You're the moth and I'm the flame
There I go again
I should walk before I run
How can I explain
I can't stop
what you've begun

Seto stood in front of her, facing the street thugs. Damsel in distress… how pathetic. Usually, he would have brushed by these things, but something in his heart… tweaked. He has been hanging around those "Heart of the Cards" geeks for too long.

"Get out of the way!" the boss spat at him.

"You'll have to get through me first." Seto said emotionlessly. The gangsters crack their knuckles, waiting for the signal to beat the CEO up.

"Since you won't want the easy way out, then you'll have to face it the hard way." The fat man said smirking. "Go get him boys!"

I'm falling through the door
Flying 'cross the floor
When you look at me suddenly it's clear

You're burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

Getting into a fighting stance, Seto had kept his eyes on the troublemakers. One of them swung his leg to trip him, while the other was trying to land a punch in the stomach. Using his metallic briefcase, he whacked it directly at the person that was trying to punch him. He tried avoiding to be tripped, but fell on his rear when they kicked forcefully on his knee.

What goes on inside
Is a mystery no doubt
A roller coaster ride
I may never work it out
Here's the brand new me
Skates around and floats on air
I'm a sight to see
Rainbow colors in my hair
You have set me free
The one who gets me there

In a crouched position, he kicked his left foot into the guy's chest. Behind him, one of them bound him in a squeeze. Seto knock his head backwards, breaking his enemy's nose. The guy with the bruised chin and a broken nose nodded to the guy on the opposite side of Seto. Both charged at him, trying to sandwich him in between them.

I'm falling through the door
Flying 'cross the floor
When you look at me suddenly it's clear

You're burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

Knowing what they were up to, Seto waited for the right moment. When both men were about a foot away from him, he took a step back. This caused the fighters to smack into each other. Taking his chance, Seto punched the men and kicked them in front of the leader of the group. The leader was angry. His face was bright red and his knuckles were white.

Here is the place where
My head is spinning
Time is beginning
To race away
You come to throw me
Knock me off my feet
You give me wings to fly
The worlds goes crashing by again

He rampaged at Seto, knocking the breath out of him. Receiving a blow on his jaw, he backed up, finding his back on the wall. When he was about to receive another hit in the face, Seto ducked down. The guy hit the brick wall, making him howl in pain. Elbowing the guy in the face, Seto kicked him in the stomach.

Doubling over, the frightened leader of the gang whimpered and said with a mouth full of blood, "Let's get out of here." Scampering, his comrades left with him, speeding down the street.

I'm falling through the door
Flying 'cross the floor
When you look at me suddenly it's clear

You're burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

I'm falling through the door
Flying 'cross the floor
When you look at me suddenly it's clear

You're burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

Dusting off his hands, Seto turned around to the girl kneeling behind him. Bending to his knees, he said gently, "You're okay now, they won't bother you anymore."

Sobbing slightly, the girl threw her arms around him, pulling him into a hug. Damn him and his soft spot for crying girls…! Not familiar of what to do, Seto just stayed like that until the she stopped crying. Hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around her. She's so warm. Wait! What am I thinking…

The girl pulled back from the embrace, and hung her head low. "I'm sorry. I've wet your shirt. But…. Thank you for helping me." She mumbled. Wiping her eyes with her sleeve, she looked up and navy blue met sky blues.

Oh my god… it's…it's Seto Kaiba! "Thank you…. Kaiba." She got a gruff as a reply.

He stood up stiffly and offered a hand. Tilting her head up, she looked up curiously. "Well, are you just going to sit there all day?" he said coldly. His eyes pierced through her. Taking his hand, she stood up wobbly.

When he let go, she fell onto him. Wincing, her shaky hand grasped her swollen ankle. Must have sprained it when I fell. I'm such a klutz. Just great, how am I supposed to get home now? As if reading Téa's thoughts, he said, "You can't go like that. I'll give you a ride. But don't think that you're so lucky, it's only because I'm in debt of you for saving Mokuba during Battle City."

"Thanks Kaiba…." Seto swung one of her arms around his neck to support her up. Flipping out his sleek blue-white cell phone, he called, "Charles, send a car here outside of Kaiba Corp."

Shutting it, after two minutes, a long black limousine stopped right next to them. Helping her in, Seto slid in as well. "Where do you live?"

Stopping in front of a white house, Seto helped Téa out of the car and to the black gate. Pushing it open, they entered the front garden. The sprinklers were on, reflecting the sunshine while watering the roses, buttercups, lilacs, lavenders, violets, and sunflowers.

At the door, Téa searched for her keys. Groaning, she remembered that she didn't bring her keys with her. Pressing the doorbells, her brunette mother opened the door.

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