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By Winterwing3000

The sun beamed down on the large mansion as birds chirped merrily in the trees and the sprinkler ticking, raining down on the lawn. There was a usual racket coming from the east wing of the Victorian building and a couple of slamming doors, which caused a loud wailing and some muttered curses.

"Seto!" A female voice reprimanded with a slight edge to the sleepy voice.

"MOKUBA! Get down here, NOW!" a masculine voice bellowed.

It had been a little over three years after the incident and Japan had just entered into the middle of spring.

Téa arranged a funeral for her mother with her inheritance given to her from her mother's will and buried Anita Gardner in Domino Cemetery, but brought the ashes of her mother back to her hometown. Chisa was still alive, spending the next twenty years in prison while her ex-boyfriend and partner in crime was dead. After fleeing the scene, he stumbled upon the highway and was instantly killed during the collision with a speeding car. Yugi and co. had remained in Domino, with Serenity now officially living with Joey. The redhead was going to Domino high, graduating this August.

Joey and Mai started getting down in a serious relationship and Serenity was still chased by Tristan and Duke. Ryou returned to England to take over his parent's business and wrote to them monthly, describing his time and life as a businessman. Yugi was helping his grandfather run the Game Shop and was visited daily by Rebecca, who was still crushing on him, despite their age difference.

Seto Kaiba, still the infamous CEO of Kaiba Corp. has taken in Téa into his care, along with their daughter, Trinity. He was still the same, cold and ruthless during business, but slightly softened while being with his family. He changed hadn't really changed his view of the "dorky" gang, but accepted a few things. Téa Gardner, now mother of a two-year-old girl, hadn't changed a bit. She was still kind, generous and understanding. Though, she may have developed a rather large maternal side from raising her daughter. During the three years, Seto and Téa grew closer and decided that they should pick up from where they left off, which formed a tight knit family of four. Mokuba was in high school now, and nearly as tall as Téa, having a early growth spurt. Though, he was most likely to be as tall as his brother by the time he enters college.

"Yes Seto?" Mokuba asked his brother as he skidded to a stop in front of his brother who wore a scowl with bed-tousled hair.

"What have I told you about slamming doors at 7 the morning?" he said in a scolding tone, frowning down at his younger sibling.

"But I really needed to go!"

"Then perhaps, next time you would listen to what I say about drinking so much soda before bed."

"You boys still fighting?" Téa said coming out from the door just to their left, with a baby in her left arm as she rubbed her eyes with her right. Her mid-back brown hair was in a messy braid, with strands and wisps sticking out of it. She let out a small yawn and then gave Trinity, who was gurgling, having finally calmed down, a smile.

"Sorry Téa!" Mokuba hastily apologized, catching his brother's glare.

"Nah, its okay. I think Trin here needs to be fed anyways… say good morning to Uncle Mokuba!" the mother said cheerfully to her daughter, who waved her small chubby arms and made a small noise of happiness.

Mokuba reached over and wiggled his pinky, which Trinity immediately grasped and started to swing it. Téa let out a small giggle and glanced over to her boyfriend, who looked on the three of them with soft and gentle azure eyes.

She gave him a genuine smile and watched as he returned it with a small smile.

"Well, let's get things ready. After all, the sakura blossoms don't wait for anyone to bloom!" Téa said enthusiastically. Seto gave a sharp nod and Mokuba said "SURE!".

Trinity gave a cute squeal and then looked around with her small eyes, searching for someone. Téa knew who she was looking for and handed her over to Seto.

When he looked at her with questioning eyes, she merely said, "I think she wants her father now… and I need to go change and prepare the picnic. You know how Joey and Tristan eats!"

Seto looked as she walked to their room to change and then down at his daughter.

No matter how many times he saw her, she still fascinates him. Perhaps it was the resemblance to the both of them or the meaning that she was actually his daughter. Either way, he still doesn't understand why. He was still doubtful.

Could this small baby truly be his own daughter, his flesh and blood?

She had a darker shade of brown hair than Téa did, but not as dark as his own, somewhere in between coffee and dark chocolate. Her peachy skin was smooth and soft and there was a star-like birthmark right on her left shoulder blade. And her eyes.

They were the color of the darkening night, twinkling with bright stars. The color of sapphire blended with a hint of cornflower. The color of the peacock's blue feathers, with a shining gloss to them.

They weren't his eyes; his were much darker. But they weren't Téa's eyes either. It was a mixture of both, sky blue with midnight blue. Was there really such a color in the world?

"Da!" the girl exclaimed, smiling up at him with a bit of drool coming out of the corner of her lips.

Seto was caught off guard when Trinity called to him, addressing him as a father. He stared at her, watching her, as she showed no fear looking into his dark eyes. He was drawn into her eyes. It held much innocence and happiness, something that he never had.

"Seto? Aren't you going to get ready?" Téa asked him, coming out of their room, tying the end of her braid with a red ribbon. She was dressed in a spaghetti-strapped yellow summer dress, small lilies embroidered at the bottom right of the dress.

He gave her a small incline of his head and then handed her Trinity, who made a small frown. "I'll go now. I'll check on Mokuba and the food, so take your time dressing her." Seto said.

"Sure thing. Say bye bye to daddy now! We need to get you dressed, okay?" Téa asked Trinity playfully, waving her little hand at Seto, who gave a small wave of his own hand.

"Hey, look! There's the gang!" Téa said, pointing up to the group who was waving down at them from the hill with the large cherry blossom tree to the side of it. She kept a steady hand on her baby as she readjusted her straw hat on her head. Mokuba ran ahead of them with a girl that he met at school, racing and laughing along the way.

Seto was strolling next to Téa, one hand holding a wicker basket with their lunch and the other placed on her back. Once they made it to the top, Yugi and Téa exchanged hugs as Trinity was being smothered with hugs and kisses from her godaunts and goduncles. Seto and Joey causally greeted each other with the usually names.

"Hey there moneybags, treatin' Téa right?"

"Hn, probably better than you with Valentine, mutt."

"My, aren't you the cutest thing!" Mai cooed, tapping the baby's nose, making her giggle.

"How are you Téa?" Yugi asked, taking a good look at his childhood friend.

"Never better! Seto's getting better each day… sometimes I still think about mom. But I know that she's watching over the three of us." the brunette nodded and then let out a small yelp as Tristan picked her up from behind and crushed her into a bear hug.

"Nice to know that you're doing great Téa!" Tristan said, laughing as Téa awarded him with a lighthearted smack on his arm.

"It is Téa! And Trin looks very beautiful today!" Serenity chimed, bouncing the baby girl on her hip. Trinity wore a sailor suit, complete with bow and hat and black shoes. She made a sound when she heard her name mentioned and started chanting.

"Twin, twin, twin, twin!"

"So how are you doing Kaiba?" Yugi inquired, walking over to the CEO who stood by the tree, near Duke.

"Fine, Yugi. You?" Seto glanced over to Yugi, who leaned against the tree himself.

"The shop's doing great. I'm glad to be working with you Kaiba." the tri-color haired man said, smiling a bit.

Seto, Yugi and Duke all signed a contract, linking their companies together. The Game Shop supported Kaiba Corp. with the latest developed cards and trading business as Kaiba Corp. funded Duke's arcade. In return, it featured Kaiba Corp.'s latest designs of duel disks and arenas.

"Many have been wondering if you'll be starting another tournament, Kaiba." Duke said, smirking up at the older man. "Especially the females. I wonder if they knew that you're about to p—OOF!" the pony-tailed man was nudged rather harshly in his gut by Seto's foot right before he completed the sentence.

"Is something the matter boys?" Téa asked, one brow rose in curiosity. Mai and Serenity was helping her setting up the picnic blanket and the food. Tristan and Mokuba went down to get the coolers from Joey's car as the blond man was playing with the baby.

"Just peachy keen Téa. I think I'll uh… go and help Serenity with the food." Duke said quickly, avoiding the stuck out foot of Seto. Yugi only gave her a knowing smile and told her yes.

She then turned to Seto. They stared at each other for a moment and finally Seto sighed and said yes as well.

"Hm… do I have a feeling that you're keeping some secret, or is it just me?" she said, looking at her with a teasing grin and wriggling eyebrows. Chuckling at her antics, Seto shook his head.

"It's just you, Téa. C'mon, I think Wheeler is going to be a bad influence on Trinity. And I prefer my daughter to be neat and intelligent…" Seto said dryly, looking over at the two playing peek-a-boo.

"Okay…!" Téa grasped his larger hands in hers and pulled him with her to the picnic blanket, joining the gathered group as they prepared for their luncheon underneath the spring blossoms.

Yawning, Téa tied up her braid and got up from in front of the bureau, pulling down her pink nightgown from hiking up her legs. Seto was in the bathroom, taking his shower.

For the rest of the day, after lunch, they spent it on touring around Domino Park. The girls fed the birds and encouraged the boys to do so… which they did reluctantly. The males nearly fell into the pond as the large geese and ducks chased them. The girls were giggling and laughing helplessly at the sight and Trinity clapped her hands merrily.

The baby girl had wobbly gotten to her feet and took a few steps toward some ducklings and ended up running around, having taken her first steps on her own. Luckily, Mai had her disposable Kodac with her and took some pictures. When Trinity finally fell back onto her diapered bottom with wide blue eyes, tearing up and mouth quivering, Seto came up to his daughter and swooped her into his arms (and so uncharacteristically of him that he shocked Joey and Tristan) and pressed his lips against her smooth forehead to soothe her.

As if she never fell, Trinity brightened considerably and hugged his neck, rubbing her little brown head against his neck. The females 'aww'-ed and Téa felt tears of her own. Near six, they went out to a decent Chinese restaurant before going home from there.

Sighing contently, Téa threw her braid over her shoulder and headed for bed, hearing the showerhead turned off. Seto would be out in a few minutes, so she might as well get into bed…

Sitting down on the king mattress, she stretched her legs and slipped under the white covers. Turning off the night lamp, she went for her pillow and took it into her hands to fluff it. As she turned to put it back, Téa noticed something dark sitting there.

Curiously, she picked it up from the bed and nearly gasped as she felt the shape and material of the object. A small velvet box…

She heard the door of the bathroom click and the yellow lights streamed into the darkened room. Her eyes turned to the shadow and then to the man of the shadow, finding the dark blue eyes.

Seto obviously heard her quick intake of breath, but he watched on, waiting for her next action, as he stood at the door in his blue robe.

With trembling hands, Téa bit her lip in anticipation, and went to flip open the box. The cardboard box made an audible creak and what was inside made her light azure eyes water instantly.

"Oh my god… Seto… I…" she fumbled on her words, whole body shaking.

Inside, sat a platinum band with a four-carat diamond right in the middle. There were small golden petals that surrounded the jewel, forming a flower. Taking it out of the slip, her unsteady fingers traced the band, feeling engravings of thin vines and tiny leaves. The diamond winked at her from the illumining lights of the master bathroom.

Tears slipped from her eyes, leaving silver streaks in its wake and a choked sob was held back.

"Oh… Seto…" her voice was raspy but filled with joy.

Silently, Seto went over to her and went down on one knee right next to her bed. He grasped her hand and looked at her.

Midnight skies clashed with noon's.

"Marry me?" he said, the two words finally slipping out his mouth.

Pursing her lips, she closed her eyes and inhaled calmly. Opening her still glassy orbs, Téa nodded without hesitance. "Yes… of course…"

Seto slipped on the ring and kissed her hand.

Then giving her a rare true smile, Seto got up and pulled her into a crushing hug. Téa returned the embrace and turned her head to kiss him on the cheek. The bathroom lights had shut off once the body-heat sensor felt nothing but air and steam.

Seto turned his own head and pressed his forehead against hers and slowly, his lips descended on hers, capturing them in a long, passionate kiss. Groaning, Téa fell back onto the bed, pillow slipping onto the floor.

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