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Summary: unexpected feelings creep up on the least likely people. Sorry, no good with summaries.

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*** 1. Bad Day

"Oy, Granger" drawled a voice seventeen year old Hermionie Granger had come to tolerate, even like.

"Are you going to the ball tonight? Oh wait, you have to, Dumbledores orders" the voice continued.

"Back to last names now are we Malfoy? And was there any point in that little statement of yours" the girl retorted.

"Ooh, are we a bit testy because we don't have date?" the annoying but very sexy boy answered.

"How do you know I haven't got a date?" Hermionie asked, starting to get a bit annoyed.

"Yeah right Granger. Potters going with little Weasley and Weasel is going with Lavender Brown" Draco stated.

"Malfoy. Harry and Ron are not the only boys in Gryffindor! Who says I'm not going with somebody from another house, AND.. What bug crawled up your ass?" she practically yelled.

Hermionie Granger and Draco Malfoy were well- known enemies and both appointed heads in their final year at Hogwarts. Everyone except the headmaster thought this a bad idea as the two were known to fight verbally and magically.

They had both changed in many ways over the years at the magical boarding school. Hermionie was no longer the bushy- haired bookworm she had once been, although still very work orientated, she had learned to loosen up. Hermionie now had long wavy hair and a gorgeous figure.

Draco, still the bad- boy prince of Slytherin had stopped gelling his platinum blonde hair so it now hung loosely in his stormy blue/ grey eyes. He also had a well- toned body from years of Quidditch, which made most girls melt on sight. The most important thing was that Draco's father, the infamous Lucius Malfoy was out of his life. He had been given the dementors kiss earlier that year. As a result of this Draco has dramatically eased up on his tormenting.

Hermionie had found herself becoming increasingly detached from her best friends who both had girlfriends. They still talked and spent time together but Hermionie felt things had changed and with them taking different subjects and her living in the heads dorm they saw less of each other.

Draco had also detached from some of his Slytherin friends, not that he had that many, most feared his name or were just after his influence. With their new living arrangements Hermionie and Draco had found themselves spending more time in each other's presence and had become, well, not enemies. Not that anyone would notice of course, they only spoke in private or to throw the odd insult in public to keep up appearances. In their common room the two had talked about anything and everything, but they weren't friends!

Draco knew that his comments would have annoyed and maybe even upset Hermionie and felt somewhat of a git after they had flown out of his mouth.

"I'm just having a bad day" he yelled back at Hermionie

"Well don't take it out on me, I'm not your personal punch bag. Why I even bother to be civil to you I don't know " she countered, very pissed that he was reverting back to being a complete jerk for no reason.

"Look, I've had Pansy simpering over me all day, her group making google eyes at me and other dimwits complaining about why I don't harass people as much anymore. The last thing I need, is a lecture from miss bossy boots- know- it- all!"

Hermionie looked at him with tears forming in her eyes, his words hurt and she didn't know why. Surely she was used to this by now, but he'd been different lately - nicer.

"I thought you'd changed Draco" she said quietly and walked away to her room.

~ You fuckwit, you think you like her then pull a stunt like this, nice one! ~ Thoughts buzzed round Draco's head

"Hermionie wait!" he called

Draco walked to her room and stood outside her door, he knew how much he'd hurt her.

"I'm sorry" he said softly

"I didn't mean it, I was angry. I had no right to say that. Please forgive me" and with that he left.

Hermionie's heart skipped a beat at the sincerity in his voice. Although he had hurt her she knew how hard it was for him to apologise like that. She opened her door to see his retreating figure.


She called him and when he turned at the sound of her voice looked into his mesmerising eyes and they locked with her soulful deep brown ones.

"Thank you"

He gave her a half smile and proceeded to his room.

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