Sailor moon R Chapter 55 "Heart of the Flame"

Bakura woke from another one of his dreams he was covered in sweat from and breathing heavily.

When will these dreams stop probably when Sailor Uranus has ended his life?
And I hope that would be soon since the dream were driving him mad thought Bakura as he got out of bed.

It was a beautiful Morning if it was a day for him to die but Sailor Uranus would have to earn her vengeance.

Bakura got dressed and made sure his monster summoning deck was in his pocket as he felt his deck he worried that Tea would get hurt in the process of fighting this person who haunts his dreams and even his waking moments.

Bakura said to himself "he would have to break up with her for now until this whole thing is taken care off sorry Tea."

-Cherry Hill Shrine-

Rika into the flame who sister Ashlique always stared into hoping what ever magic it held would help her too but nothing so far happened and she was losing her nerve.

This flame is useless it does nothing why don't I have the same gift as my sister said Rika.

?Because you have closed your heart to your gifts you must trust in the heart of the flames or else they are useless to you you must open it" said a voice from the door

Rika turned to face the door and standing there was Grandpa sorting a deck of cards.

"The heart of the fire is very strong you have to open your heart to be one with it" said Grandpa.

What do you know Old man you don't even know me so stay out of my business said Rika.

Before Rika left the room grandpa said "No matter what you say to me ill always love you granddaughter "

Rika paused for a second then ran off.

"Your hopeless grandpa" said Ashlique who happened to eves dropping on the whole thing.

Gramdpa smiles and says "why is showing my feelings hopeless"

"Rika doesn't care about the feelings of others" said Ashlique.

Your wrong the look on her face spoke volumes when she rewacted to what Rika just needs time for her wounds to emotional heal more she will open herself to us in time said Grandpa.

Ok grandpa but I still thing your hopeless said Ashlique as she walked off to meet with Mayra for there date

-Tea's School-

the next day in school Tea was knitting a sweater for her Beloved Bakura in her sowing class.

I hope he likes it said Tea looking at disastrous attempt at knitting.

Ryoko swallowed her criticism and said I think he will love it.

Ryoko Trying not to laugh and trying not to look like she's trying not to laugh.

The teacher enters the room and started to inspect each students project and give both Ryoko and Tea an F

"But Miss Reika I try my best I should A for effort" said Tea.

"That not how the grading system goes Tea you have to try harder," said Miss Reika.

"Ok Miss Reika" sighed Tea looking down at the sweater.

Suddenly a guy in red crimson armor smashes in through the window followed by other guys wearing the same color of uniform they carried the same weapon but one large blonde guy had a sword so big it could possibly decapitate the whole class in one swing.

The blonde guy stepped forward to the point where everyone saw the scar on his face.

"I know Sailor Scouts are here come forward for your swift and painless deaths at the hands of your greatest Nightmare," said the Blonde Guy in the Crimson Armor.

One guy leaped from his desk out of fear and headed toward the door in a panic and an instant later he was on the ground with no head.

We are the Crimson Knights and I Am Nightmare now come forward before more blood is spilt in your name I personally don't care if I have to these one at a time to get to you.

Tea whispers to Ryoko "we need to get out of here so we can transform"

Ryoko gets up slowly .

"Don't they will kill you" whispered Tea

Ryoko just winked at her in response

"Are you a sailor scout?" Asked Nightmare

"No but these are!!" said Ryoko lifting up her shirt flashing the Crimson Knights and the whole class.

"Ryoko!! Now go to the principal office" Said Miss Reika in shock.

Tea stood up and licked Ryoko nearly gagging in the process.

"You too go to the principal office" shouted Miss Reika.

Miss Reika Turned to Nightmare and said "they don't usually behave like this atleast in my class"

Tea and Ryoko edged there way to the door and was about to run for it when a blade went slamming into the door in front of them.

I am not stupid sit down now before I part your pretty little head from your weak pathetic bodies said Nightmare pulling his sword out of the door which was now demolished

"Why do you always flash the bad guys Ryoko sometimes I really think you're an embarrassment to the sailor scouts" Tea whispered to Ryoko.

"And you aren't" Ryoko Whispered back to Tea.

"Heh" Tea nearly shouted.

"Quiet down are ill take your soul", said Nightmare.

Tea quiet down do you want us to die whispered one of there fellow classmates.

What are we going to do Ryoko and I can transform in a crowded class it would put everyone in here in danger we have to get out of here and soon. Thought Tea.

I'm getting tired of this sailor scout show yourself or ill Annihilate them all.I can sense you are near said Nightmare chopping a desk in half .

That school property your breaking your going have to pay for this said Miss Reika.

"Shut up You humans are getting on my nerves" said Nightmare shoving miss Reika to the ground.

Suddenly the door fall open and behind it was a strange looking in a pink sailor scout costume.

Finally a Sailor Scout get her said Nightmare pointing at the scout.

Her? What are you talking about Holy crap I Am a girl when did that happen said the pink sailor scout.

Joey? Said Tea and Ryoko at the same time .

"I am Sailor Mini Moon here to fight for love and to triumph over and that means you said the pink scout."

Nightmare followed by the other Crimson Knights charged Sailor Mini Moon who freaked because if how odd this was and ran.

Ryoko were about to leave to when Miss Reika now back on her foot said Where do you think your going with out a hall pass?

Ryoko turned and said Remember we have to go the principal office

"Ok go then" said miss Reika

Ryoko and Tea went into the girls bathroom made sure there wasn't anyone there and transformed into scout uniforms.

Sailor Mini Moon was cornered as Nightmare advanced with his sword at neck level

Venus Crescent beam shouted Sailor Venus but it just pinged off Nightmare's sword with out effecting him at all, it got his attention anyways and he to face Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus who were now being joined by Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter

Sorry were late we just noticed what was going on just a minute ago said Sailor Mars

"Mars Fire Ignite shouts" Sailor Mar sending a beam of fire which just pinged off Nightmares sword as well

Sailor Jupiter sends a blast of lightning, which didn't have any effect either.

"Oh my god this guy is tough" said Sailor Venus just dodging the swinging blade of Nightmare.

"Pink sugar hearts attack shouts" Sailor Mini Moon and heart shaped energy balls start hitting Nightmare in the face.

"Ouch quit it already" said Nightmare trying to block them with little success.

Its time Sailor Moon said Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon and says "Moon Scepter elimination" and bright shoots out a vapor all but Nightmare who managed to get out of the way.

"I'll be back Sailor Scouts" said Nightmare before stepping into a flaming portal.

The scout celebrated for a few minutes then looked at Sailor Mini Moon

Sailor Venus looked around and said "we better find a safe place to talk about what the hell is going"

Sailor Venus went off followed by the other scouts dragging Sailor Mini Moon

-To Be Continued-

(Funny and Interesting facts about Sailor moon) -Grades aren't everything- -The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach- -Go with your gut feeling- -Sometimes extra studying is hazerdous to your health -Waiting until the last possible minute to get someone out of a jam always adds more drama to life =Always help the less fortunate (perhaps a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead surrounded by a mischeivious retinue of scoundrels?) =Whether it be roses, dolls, or "squid on a stick", it's the thought that counts. =Capes make cute guys ten times cuter, where they make dweebs ten times dweebier =Hang onto your towel at the hot springs =When the going gets tough, the wailing meatballheaded crybabies get going =Every living person looks something like your ex =Klutziness is endearing to guys =If you want a lot of popularity, get a flute =Even school uniforms have fashion possibilities =A rose can, at times, be a formidable weapon =If you don't have a blue drop on your head, you're not really embarrassed =No matter what you eat, you can always burn it off on the run to school =NEVER forget your lunch =Love conquers all (This list of facts is from