Sailor Moon R Chapter 59 "Fine Porcelain"

Sailor Moon and Sailor Senna followed Sailor Neptune and the Water cocoon that Sailor Uranus was sealed inside.

They reached Tea's school and went inside.

Isn't this a weird place to talk said Sailor Moon.

Sailor Neptune said nothing she just went silently down the hall till they reached the nurse's office and she gesture for them to go in.

They all entered the nurse office and then Sailor Neptune said de transform and sit down.

Sailor Moon and Senna complied after Hesitating for a couple seconds and de Transformed and sat down.

Sailor Neptune waiting for awhile then slightly unsealed Sailor Uranus just the cocoon around the head dribbled away

Sailor Uranus coughed put some water and took a long deep breath.

Sailor tried to move and couldn't and shouted what do you want let me go if I have to get out of this on my own ill make you pay.

What you three where doing was unbecoming of a sailor scout we should be on the same side said Sailor Neptune.

"I am after a murderer I have the right of vengeance" said Sailor Uranus still trying to get free from the cocoon.

"vengeance is against the sailor scout code and should not be practiced" said Sailor Neptune.

"Where were you when I was evil" asked Ayna.

"Sorry I was sorta pre deposed at the time" said Sailor Neptune.

"I didn't agree to any rules I stole the wand to get my revenge now let me out" said Sailor Uranus, . once you summon the powers of a sailor scout you agree to the terms and follow the rules of conduct said Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Neptune pulls out a box and opens it saying "Until you are reformed I have no choice".

I ball of light flys out of the box and hits Sailor Uranus in the fore head and she screamed.

The cocoon ripped away like water in a breeze and Sailor Uranus crumpled to her knees.

The instant the Sailor Uranus got to her feet she leaped at Sailor Neptune but stopped and colapsed clutching her head in pain.

Any thought of violence towards anything not evil she will get a shock equal to how bad the thought is..

"Im going kill AHHHH screamed Sailor Uranus"

"you bitch" said Sailor Uranus then clutching her head in pain again falling over.

"Who are you?" Asked Tea.

"Yes very I will show you" said Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Neptune de transforms and now standing there was a girl with brown Hair wearing a Student nurses uniform.

You son of a bitch said Sailor Uranus before being shocked out cold and de transforming.

I know you you're that student that volunteered to be the nurses assistant weren't you in a coma Serenity said Tea.

It was that incident at the ice cream shop where peoples were attacked by Jedeite I was knocked into a coma like I said to Ayna I was pre deposed when she was turned evil said Serenity.

-1 year ago-

a police park in front of the granger home, its been an hour after the bodies of grangers

this is weird there seems to be no forced entry it was like they where killed in there sleep said the captain.

The blade mark make it look it was a sloppy work and the door was smashed in half said the other officer.

"Whoever did this was sick and twisted and took the bodies and used there guts as graffiti" said the captain.

"We found a survivor she was hiding in the closet she mite have saw the whole or at least the aftermath" says an officer carrying a girl about 12 years old out of the house.

"Did you see anything" asked the officer.

"A blade.... spinning" said the girl.

"did you see who was holding this blade" asked the captain.

"It vanished" said the little girl.

" she's in shock I don't think we will get anything out of her lucky shes ok but mentally shes not ok I have seen this mant time before" said the captain.

"Any next of kin" said the other officer

the captain typed on his mini palm top and said "yes a Soloman Hino and Ashlique Hino"

Get her to the hospital and have her checked up and then send a note to Mr. Hino at 234 cherry hill lane if the tragic deaths of Hitori and Matoki Granger" said the captain.

"You will be ok Rika everything will be fine" said the Officer escorting the her to his car

another officer opens the back and lets Rika and closes the and it drive off

They left me alone!! Thought Rika as she watched the street pass by the car window.

-Present day-

Bakura followed the shadow till her reached a dead end and looked around there was nothing in sight but a whole bunch rocks.

A noise cought Bakura attention and her turned around and behind hi maws a guy with long platinum blonde hair wearing some sort of mask.

This took bakura off guard but just for a second and register what he was following wasn't sailor Uranus but the man in front of him.

"Who are you " asked Bakura.

The figure just watched and said nothing. Then the figure slowly took the mask off revealing a pale face that looked dagger into him.

"Delacroix" said Bakura.

"Now your going to pay for what you have done to me" said Delacroix unsheathing his sword and charging at bakura.

Bakura ducked and pulled out his sword and went into a battle stance and through a trap card at Delacroix which dodges and pulls out a card of his own tosses it exploding at Bakura which he dodges but chain come out of the place where it exploded and latches onto Bakura.

-Tea's school nurses office-

Tea startled realization and thought if this is Sailor Uranus then what was Bakura chasing got up and was about to leave when Serenity Said Where are you going.

"Bakura mite be in trouble I have to go" said Tea.

Then I have to go with you and so doe's Ayna and Sara over there.

They woke up Sara who was a little more pleasant not by much but got the idea that if she had anymore hostile thought her head mite explode.

All of rhem transformed and ran out of the school but were stopped by Sailor Neptune who said "this is fast mode of travel" and then called upon crystal wings and they were off to save Bakura.

-The path- Bakura had managed to break the chains and was back to his feet and ready for another trap like that

Delacroix runs at Bakura and takes a running slice at Bakura he dodged but didn't dodge the knee the connected with his rib cage with briefly knocked the wind out of bakura..

Bakura crumples to the ground gasping for air but manages to get to his feet again.

You took what was mine the key of destiny should be mine you stopped me from getting my hands on it said Delacroix.

So were a traiter and you used Princess Sara for you own fowl plain and you love her didn't you asked Bakura.

"So she was a was a means to my end I didn't Love her at all she was my puppet to get what I wanted and nothing else I'm glad that stupid bitch is dead she was worthless because all I did to to make her fall for my charm was waste" said Delacroix.

"She is right behind you" said Bakura.

Delacroix turned to come face-to-face with Sailor Uranus if looks could kill this was deadly.

"I didn't mean it sweet" said Delacroix and tried to hug Sailor Uranus and she back away in disgust her face was the color of fire.

Delacroix groveled at Sailor Uranus saying "this is the basterd that stabbed you don't you want to kill"

Sailor Uranus shoved and yelled "world shaking" creating a world shaped blast over her head.

"Everyone duck for cover" said Sailor Moon.

"Charm this you jackass" said Sailor Uranus releasing the world shaped blast which disintegrated Delacroix and destroyed the wall behind him.

Are you happy now can you take this thing out of my head before I go insane said Sailor Uranus.

You have to prove yourself to it said then it will leave said Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Uranus growled and said "I'm going to fucking kill you bitch" and collapsed to the ground and rolled around screaming till she passed out.

Some people don't learn said Sailor Neptune.

-To Be Continued- (Sailor moon Fun facts) ---In the episode, The Power of Friendship, when Serena contacts Raye with the communicator, watch the little blue screen on the communicator. See the little bunnies that flash accross? ---Why when Serena transforms into Sailor Moon, the first change that happens is she gets insta-nails and then she wears gloves? The same thing goes for the other scouts when they get star power. --In the episode Ski Bunny Blues, the animator or animators of the scene of the beginning of the race were either really tired or really lazy. All the other contestants look the same. The only thing different is their hair and clothing is colored differently. ---Also in the episode Ski Bunny Blues, check out Serena's skis throughout the race. Her skis change colors!! Wouldn't you love to have skis or shoes that did that?