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What Happened to Frank?     Rated PG 13

Written By: MaryAnn

The team was in the lounge when Frank and Elaina got back to headquarters after taking Sarah and Megan to the airport. Sarah was going to visit Frank's parents in New York for a while and make a quick stop off in Chicago to surprise Derek for his birthday. Elaina was hesitant to let her go but she was missing Derek and Becky, so she let her. It was only going to be for a couple of days and she and Frank decided they could use some time to themselves.

"I miss her already," Frank said as they walked in the lounge and sat down with the others.

"You were missing her before she left," Elaina commented.

"This seems different from the times we send her to the ranch. I guess it's because of the security issue," Frank said.

"Your mother and father will take good care of her. Besides she has her bracelet and Megan to keep track of her. By the way Cody, thanks for making the remote devise for Meg to carry with her. We're going to do something special for you and Sab to show our appreciation," Elaina said.

"What would that be?" Cody asked.

"I'm going to pay for your loft to be remodeled when you get back to Chicago," she announced.

"Why? We like it the way it is," Sabrina said, looking somewhat puzzled.

"You didn't have time to childproof it before we left. We want to make sure Angelina is very safe in her home. We're also talking about security measures being installed there. I've already talked to your landlord and she loves the idea," Frank explained.

"But this is way too much for that little thing I made," Cody replied.

"That little thing is a big thing to us. We don't want anyone kidnapping Sarah again. Since we changed her security bracelet into her medical bracelet, hopefully, no one will think to remove it as quick," Frank said.

"I have a question that's been bugging me. How did they get the bracelet off of you to give it to Zultan, when you were abducted?" Sab asked.

"I had to tell them how to remove it, they started their torture as soon as I was tied up to get everything they needed," Frank said.

"When I saw it on Zultan my heart sank. I didn't know how I was going to find you," Elaina said, hugging him.

"I'm fine, can we change the subject?" Frank asked.

"Sure. What's our next assignment?" Jake asked.

"We've been working nonstop since we got here, first with the def con case then the bikers. I think we deserve a couple of days of R&R," Frank said. "Right Boss?"

"Well, I guess we can take a few days off. I'd rather have them off when Sarah is home but being alone doesn't sound too bad either. After all that's one reason we sent her."

"What's the other reason?" Sab asked.

"What?" Elaina asked.

"What is the other reason you sent her away?" Sab asked again.

"We don't want to say yet," Elaina answered.

"Why not let them know? They'll find out sooner or later," Frank said.

"Ok, Frank and I have been looking for a surrogate, so we can have another child," Elaina announced, catching everyone by surprise.

"You're kidding," Maria wondered.

"I think that's great news," Monica said.

"So do I," Allison said. "Have you found a surrogate yet?"

"No, I have an idea for someone but Frank and I haven't talked about it yet," Elaina said.

"Who do you have in mind?" Frank wondered.

"Not here. I'll tell you in private," Elaina said, getting up and walking out of the lounge.


Frank followed her to the poolroom where she got a bottle of beer from the fridge behind the bar. Frank took it from her and thanked her. She looked at him then reached in and got another one for herself.

"You shouldn't do that," Frank said.

"I'm not driving anywhere for a while. I take it you want to know now, who I want as a surrogate?"

"Yep. You have my curiosity peaked." Frank sat on one of the barstools as she stayed behind the bar leaning on it as she drank her beer.

"I'd like to ask Miranda."

"HELL NO!" Frank yelled.

"Quite. We don't need them to hear this." Elaina went over and shut the door. "Why?"

"You know why. You may have made up with her but I haven't. I tolerate her but I don't trust her."

"I'm not asking you to sleep with her. I'm just asking you to let her carry the baby. It would be a part of me in a small way," Elaina explained.

"You do realize, she will suggest we sleep together. After all, the natural way is the best way to get pregnant. I know the way she thinks and that's exactly what she'll say." Frank took a drink of his beer.

"If she did she would be joking, Frank. She has changed but you refuse to see it."

"You're blinded by the thought of this child being a part of you. I don't want anything to do with her."

"I want someone I can trust.  I trust her whether you do or not," Elaina said, downing the rest of the beer and getting another.

"Why not ask Maria? She's related to you."

"She's married. Besides she just had twins. I'm not putting her through another pregnancy this soon," she said.

"You have to have other relatives you can ask other than Miranda," Frank said, finishing his beer. "Why don't you ask Connie?"

"Why do you like her?"

"Why is it when I suggest someone you turn on me with green eyes?"

"There had to be a reason you suggested her so quickly," she said, coming around the bar to sit down.

"I suggested her because she's single and she's related to you. Isn't that why you picked Miranda?"

"Yes, I'm sorry for insinuating it was something more. I guess I could ask her. But if she says no then I can ask Miranda, deal?"

"I'll think about it. I'm not promising anything."

"Better then you saying flat out no." She kissed him on the cheek. "Forgive me?"

"Yes, but don't pressure me for an answer about Miranda if Connie doesn't do it."

"I won't. I'll try to be patient."

"Can we go home or do we have to stay here all day?"

"We can go home, go horseback riding and then, we can horse around more in the tub," she said with a big grin.

"Very good plan. I'm all for it. Not necessarily in that order," he said holding her close.

"Let's go tell the others to take off and whatever."


Cody was about to walk over and knock on the door when it opened. "Hey, you guys have a phone call. It's Andy. Said it was urgent."

"I see our plans going out the window," Frank commented. "We'll take it in my office."

"Ok." Cody transferred the call as they walked out. Sab came in with Angelina strapped to her in a carrier.

"We're going out on the porch. Want to join us?" Sab asked.

"Sure do. I have a feeling we're getting a new assignment."

"What makes you think that?" Sab bent down and kissed the baby on the head.

"Andy's calling. We always seem to get more work when he calls," Cody replied.

"Maybe he's just saying what a great job we've been doing," Sab suggested.

"Could be but I doubt it. Let's go get some fresh air." They walked out to the porch and sat on the shady side.

"I really like it here. It's quite and the weather isn't that bad. I like this Headquarters better than I do the one in Chicago."

"I do too. I wonder if we can talk Elaina into getting us a different HQ there?"

"Never hurts to ask."

Cody looked over to see Frank. "Didn't hear you sneak up on us?"

"I didn't want to wake Angelina," Frank said seeing the baby sound asleep. "All of you can go home. We're not going to work for a few days."

"What did Andy want?" Sab asked.

"Nothing that concerns you. Just some business Elaina and I have to deal with sooner or later. We're making it later."

"Can we go riding or would we be interfering in your personal time?" Sab asked.

"We don't mind. You're not going to bring her are you?"

"No. Mom and Casey will watch her for us."

"Good, I don't think she's old enough to ride yet. Elaina and I have the same idea, so we wouldn't be able to watch her."

"Don't worry we have it covered. We'll see you later then," Sab said as she and Cody got up to leave.


"Maria, do you want to go gambling for a while? Monica and I were going for a bit. Thought we'd have a girls day out," Alex asked.

"I'd love too but I don't know what Jake's plans are."

"Ask him, you deserve a day out with us," Monica said.

"Ok." Maria walked out to find Jake. She went to the nursery and found him changing Robert's diaper. She started laughing when she saw a wet streak on Jake's shirt. "He finally got you!"

"Don't laugh! I never laughed when it happened to you." Jake finished with the diaper and put Robert in the crib.

"Bull, you laughed behind by back," Maria said. "Do you care, if I go gambling for a while with Monica and Alex?"

"You're leaving me here alone with the twins?"

"Yes, is that so bad? I stay alone with them, sometimes."

"But Mom is usually here. She and Sonny went out. I won't have any help if they both get cranky."

"You can deal with it, you're their father. Just do you're best, if you have trouble call me. I really want to go." She made a pouting face.

"All right. I'll take care of them. Just don't shut off your phone," Jake requested. "Try to win a lot of money so we can retire early," he said, giving her a kiss.

"I'll try dear but don't hold you're breath."

"Be careful," he said as she left him with the twins.

She walked back to her office to see if the girls were still there. "Hey we can go. He's going to enjoy some time alone with his children."

"Good. Lets go gambling ladies," Alex said as they all headed out.