Chapter 11:

Harry's reprieve from his sordid life was too come too an end, as their pleasurable trip for breakfast became a nightmare for the Granger family upon returning to what was left of their home.
The Grangers, and Harry as well, were left in shock as they were rushed to a safe house in Diagon Alley; they were escorted by Tonks, Mad- Eye Moody, and several other Auror's. The only object left after the attack was Harry's motorcycle, which he shrunk and took with him.
"I am so sorry," was all Harry could say as he sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands, attempting in vain too console Hermione. "I shouldn't have brought you into this."
"I have been in this since I was attacked by a troll in my first year of Hogwarts, Harry." Hermione replied. "I will be in this, until it is over."
"I just... I'm sorry." Harry conceded.
"It's all gone." The morbid voice of Roy Granger permeated the room as he walked through the door. "I just finished talking too an Auror, a Tonks. She says we will be taken care of by YOUR ministry." He stressed too Harry.
"Be glad no one died sir." Harry replied defiantly.
"It won't help fighting," explained Mrs. Granger as she walked into the room, eyes stained with tears. "Harry is right. Remember 'mione's stories, it could have been alot worse."
Mr. Granger only sighed in reply.

"The war is in full swing now Albus. Now every one has too admit Voldemort is back. The Dark Mark stood in the sky above their home." Lupin anxiously spoke.
"I understand Remus, but with the confiscation of Hogwarts, there has been a severe limiting too the ability for me too protect the children." Dumbeldore replied, his face haggard with worry.
"I agree with Remus, Albus. It's time the boy ends his vacation and we finish his training. We all know Voldemort is attempting too ressurect the work of Chiram. We found one of the ancient artifacts attributed too his creation on one of the Death Eaters." Moody growled.
"Remind me what happened too Chiram again?" Tonks piped up, looking quite confused.
"Chiram was an ancient magician, one of the first. He worked in metals and made some of the most powerful magickal armors and armaments. He was always dissappointed with his work, no matter how brilliant it was. He then decided too build a furnace, with which he could fabricate items of epic proportions." Remus took a breath before continuing. "To sum it all up, Tonks my dear, a few disgruntled workers sabotaged his lifes work, completely destroying everything. Then, he cast himself into a burning lake of liquid metal that had formed from an explosion, causing the lake too never extinguish. Seems one of his ancient relatives was a fire spirit, and he too became a spirit of the flames. From then on, the lake of fire rested in a secret spot, unknown too any, after it had been moved there through apparition."
"But what would a lake of lava do for Voldemort?" Tonks asked, looking even more confused.
"Theoretically, with it, Voldemort could build a weapon with enough power, too destroy anything, or impenatrable armor, or Merlin knows what else." Remus finally finished.
Tonks screwed her face up into a look of anger as she exclaimed, "That sucks."

Harry could sense him before he could hear the fall of his peg-leg. "Moody is coming." He remarked off hand, as though he were commenting on the weather.
"He is allready here, he escorted us, remember?" Hermione replied.
"No, up the stai-" Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.
"Potter, it's time we leave. Your vacation is over and we need too get too work." Moody growled.
"Im coming too." Hermione stood up, stark defiance etched into her face. "It will take more than one man too defeat Voldemort, Harry. I want too help."
The look of shock on Hermione's parents faces would have been comical if the gravity of the situation wasn't so serious.
"Harry will need me, mom and dad, and when we are done we will go back too being normal kids. So either you say yes, or I stun both of you, and leave here anyways." Hermione said as she walked too stand beside Harry.
"We can't stop you... but you both better be careful." Mr. Granger said exasperatedly. Mrs. Granger could only nod in agreement, as she choked back tears.
Before they left, Harry reached into the pocket of his jacket, handing Mr. Granger a CD. "I bought this for ya, hoping it would help us settle our differences. A peace offering I s'pose." He then turned and walked out of the door.

Harry felt odd too be back at Grimmauld Place, the house he had left only a short while ago was now again his home. He hadn't wanted too return, but he did.
"Master Potter is home!" Dobby squeeled as he rushed forward, throwing himself onto Harry's leg. "We is so happy to see you again!"
"Thank you Dobby, I'm glad too see you and Winky as well."
After Dinner, Moody left with only a warning of being prepared for the morrow. Both Hermione and Harry scurried off too bed, tired and in need of rest after a very hectic day.



Moody's scream had begun a chain reaction with Harry, shaking him from his slumber and rousing him into a chorus of yells with the duo as the only members. "I told you Potter, constant vigilance.! Now get up, we have work too do."
Harry stretched for a moment before realizing his wand was gone. He looked around for a moment, a look of realization crossed his face as Moody tossed it onto Harry's bed.
"Watch it better boy." Harry spent the rest of the morning with Hermione practicing a slew of spells. Though both of them had mastered them all in the D.A, Harry was glad they were having a refresher. Eventually the day came too an end, and the two scooted off too bed, though Harry had a plan for when he woke up. Harry lay in bed, he was waiting for him this morning. "I'll get you today." Harry thought.


Harry could hear footsteps... one... two...three...

"ACCIO WAND! INCENDIO! AVIS! AHHHHAHAHAH! I got you! You basta-! LUPIN! I am so sorry! LUPIN COME BACK!" Moody couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the morning after watching Lupin run down the stairs, cursing and being chased by irate birds.
"Good aim boy, good aim! And a good idea to boot, but you need too learn to identify the target you've acquired," was all he could say.


After several months of agonizing training, Harry had begun too surpass Moody in almost every field. Even Hermione had begun too nip at his heels in skill, and he realized that it was time for Harry too begin his training with Dumbeldore. Though the training with Dumbledore never came. The next morning Harry awoke too the sound of Tonks explaining frantically that they knew where Voldemort was, and that their chance was now.
"I'm coming too.!" Harry spoke as he raced into the kitchen. "I'm going too finish this damn prophecy, now and forever!"
Tonks offered Harry a portkey to travel with her and before Harry realized his mistake, he felt the strong jerk too his navel and he was standing on a metallic, magickal catwalk traversing a lake of bubbling liquid steel.
"Welcome Harry Potter." Tonks drawled in a suprisingly masculine voice.
"Hello Mr. Malfoy." Harry returned, as he placed his finger on the voice. "Polyjuice potion... I should have known." Slowly the form of Tonks faded and Luscius Malfoy stood as her replacement.
"My Master has awaited this day, and today, you will die. And no one will stand in his way. I will see you in Hell, Potter." Luscious spat as he leaned backwards over the railing and plummeted into the simmeringore below. Instantly, the entire lake turned a sickly shade of green for as far as the eye could see, and Harry stood watching.
"It would take the death of one person giving their life freely, too infuse the lake with enough energy to build what I request. A sacrifice of oneself to seal the fate of another." The voice hissed, as Harry spun around too find himself face too face, again, with Voldemort himself.

Harry noted the deranged smile that warped his visige. "Chiram, bring forth unto me a weapon that can peirce the magicks that protect this boy!" Voldemort's voice rung out, as the catwalk, neigh, the entire Earth shook. Finally, amongst a hail of burning rock, a sword erupted from the core of the lake landing with a clatter between Harry and Voldemort.
"Chiram, bring forth unto me a weapon that can peirce the magicks that protect Voldemort!" Harry echoed as he struggled too find anyway to defeat Voldemort. For a moment, Harry felt all was lost when Voldemort began laughing. But then the world shook again, and another sword clattered upon the catwalk. Immediatel,y both wizards rushed forward, claiming their prizes.
"You are dead no matter boy!" Voldemort spat as he lifted the sword above his head, narrowly missing Harry who jumped backwards out of the way.
"As are you!" Harry screamed as he swung wildly at the Dark Lord. Harry felt the heat radiating from the churning, viscous earth below. Both wizards attempting too weild their weapons with neither being particularly less clunky than the other.

After several minutes of the two warriors clumsily attempting to skewer each other, they broke apart to catch their breath for a moment, eyeing with suspicion eachother's every move. Harry finally realized what had too be done, there would be no other way. "We are both evenly matched, Tom." Harry grinned.
"You will falter eventually, and I will pounce on you, Harry." Voldemort hissed back.
"It isn't exactly the veil, but... When we get too the other side, I hope Sirius is there too help me endlessly beat you!" Harry spat before raising the heavy blade above his head, swinging down sharply, penetrating the magick that held the catwalk above the lava below. Voldemort couldn't even manage to scream his argument before the magick halted and the floor fell from below them both. The plunged into fire.

The bubbling of molten rock continued on...

... and the world was safe again...

... the sacrifice of one man who had never been given the pleasure of being
a boy had ensured the safety of millions...

At least for now........