I Love You,

I lay here tonight alone,

And feel the sadness even in my bones,

I start to cry as I remember that horrible day in late September,

I feel your strong arms as you hold me close,

You were so handsome its hard not to boast,

I remember you use to stay up late and watch me breath,

I remember how much I didn't want you to leave,

But you went I should of gone too,

Then I would still be with you,

I can see the water as it flooded the road,

As you came upon it the road started to bow,

There was no way you could of seen it, no way you cold of known,

No angel flew the road you were truly alone,

I rusted to the hospital when I got the call,

The nurse started to me I started to ball,

"We did all we could,"

I remember what the nurse told me even though I already knew,

You told her to tell me "I love you."