Last Caress

Chapter 3

Allenby's POV:


Amazing how such comfort is found within a mountain of bubbles.

I dunk my head below the surface of soothing water. I wonder, what should I do with Chibodee tonight? Or, should I say, this morning? It's probably about three-something. What's open at this hour?

I resurface, choking from my long underwater excursion. What is with me and nearly drowning twice within an hour?

"Allenby! Are you ok?!"

The bathroom door bursts open. A rush of cold air invades my warm bath tub and I freeze over once again. A man with pink and blue hair stands in the doorway, forehead creased with worry. It is almost comical how fast his face changes from stressed, to blank, to embarrassed.

Following a slight blush, a smile creeps to his lips as he takes in the scenery in the bath tub.

I look in the direction that he is, and realize that nearly all the bubbles have disappeared from the water.

I grab the object nearest to me, which happens to be a hair dryer, and chuck it as hard as I can at his stupid head.


Unfortunately, Chibodee recovered his senses in time to dodge my assault. He ducks, stares at me one last time, then slams the door. From what I can hear, he is running back to the living room.

"Damned pervert," I mumble as I get out of the tub. I grab a towel and wrap it around me. Better get covered before he comes back for a second showing.

Hmm…showing? I think I've decided where to take that damned American.


Chibodee's POV:

I sit on the couch, a debate going on in my thoughts. Allenby had said to wait for her (I remember that specifically). But do I really want to anticipate such impending doom? Yes, it is that dramatic. This is an Artemis-Actaeon-like situation here. Regrettably, I am the guilty hunter, caught in the act of spying on the naked goddess.

I hear rustling in Allenby's room. Oh, crap! There's no point in escaping now!

"Chibodee, as compensation for the embarrassing and cruel acts you have performed upon me, you owe me a movie."

I turn around and see a beautiful woman standing in the doorway. Her hair is in blue waves that end right before her shoulders. She wears a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Beautiful curves can be seen through the simple garments. No sparkle of jewelry was present on the lithe form.

"Chibodee? Hello?!" Allenby rolled her eyes.

"Hm? Oh! What do you want to see?" I asked, trying to disguise my reverie with ignorance.

"Anything with Paul Newman," she answered immediately. Her green-blue eyes hazed over as she began to think of those dreamy blue eyes.

Now, I admit the man could act, but I'm not really in favor of watching Allenby drool over him for two hours.

"Allenby, do we have-" she gives me a deadly glare, indicating that we do.



Allenby's POV:

I smile as we walk to the theater. Not only am I going to see a Paul Newman movie *sigh*, but I'm not going to be the one paying for it! Yes, today started out terribly, but it will end magnificently.

I glance at Chibodee from the corner of my eye. He's looking straight ahead, no expression on his face. I've never noticed how handsome he is. Even though I detest pink, Chibodee's messy hair style is still attractive. His wonderfully straight, pointed nose is strong and distinct. His jaws are square, his lips are full. But my favorite feature on him is his eyes. Piercing green eyes that show every emotion felt by his tumultuous heart.

And I haven't even observed his body yet.

"What movie do you want to see? I think the only Paul Newman movie is 'A New Kind Of Love'," Chibodee said. He looks so cute when he's reading, with his eyebrows furrowed like that.

It's not that I like him, or anything. I'm just…er…checking him out because of the… bath incident…yeah! That's it! This is just my way of getting revenge.

Damn, I don't even convince myself.

"Let's go to that one. He is exceptionally sexy in that movie," I say, trying to think about my blue-eyed hero.

Chibodee raises an eyebrow. I wish he'd stop looking so god damned hot!

It's ok, Allenby. Once you get in that theater, Paul's the only guy you'll be focused on.

Why do I even try?