~Our Story~ By Blade Seti

The characters, critters, world, and pretty much the entire idea, in this fan fiction, belong to Square Enix. I'm writing it because I love both Final Fantasy X and X-2 dearly, and I wanted to write a fanfic that would try to do them justice.

I would greatly appreciate any feed back, or comments, if something seems a bit off, which will probably happen. But I do beg of you, that you don't bomb me with flames if you hate it. Flames do not help a person make their work better. I am happy to accept feed back, but not senseless flames. Those shall be deleted on sight.

This story contains MAJOR spoilers for anyone who has not finished FFX-2 or has not seen both the Good and Perfect endings. So don't get mad when you read this and find the whole thing explained. You have been warned.

Another thing I would like to say before you continue is that this story might take a while to get going. I have an idea for where the story should go, but it may not be very interesting. We'll see how it goes. Feed back is always welcome.

This story is how I saw the endings of the games, and what I thought might happen afterwards. It involves all the main characters from FFX2, but mostly it revolves around Yuna and Tidus. It may start in the FFX time period, but I assure you, it does continue onto FFX-2. To understand this story best, you'll pretty much have to know all of FFX- 2, and FFX. I apologize for not writing a more detailed area about FFX-2, and if it seems skippy. It does have a point. Really. I hope.

And without further ado, here it is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Prologue ~

The dance was always the same. Spinning with a practiced grace she twirled around and around, her arm and staff swinging in silent beauty. It was always painful, to feel each pyrefly break free and scatter into the air only to ebb away into the sky. Rainbows of color shimmering in the last journey, towards the Farplane. She could feel the spirits calm and then disappear, and though she knew it was better that way, it still saddened her.
But this time it was a thousand times more painful, despite the knowledge that it was the final time she would have to perform it. With every slow turn she could see the aeons hover in the air around Sin, slowly disappearing into the rainbows as her dance ended their dreams. As each one disappeared, she could no longer feel the link that had always bound them together. The aeons she had fought beside, that had protected her, and that had sacrificed themselves to fight Sin, were gone. But still she danced, as she knew there was nothing else to be done. There was no other choice.
Fighting the tears, she slowly came to a stop, only to see Sin explode into millions of bright pyreflies. She almost doubted her own eyes.

Sin was truly gone. Like the aeons, it too, had disappeared. A great relief filled her, but it was not enough to overcome the pain she felt in her heart.
Turning back towards her friends, she saw the wonder in their faces. The amazement that was in their eyes, the disbelief in their faces as they gaped in awe at all the pyreflies. All except one.
She watched with a dread filling her heart, all the relief suddenly gone. His hands were. fading. Fading like a dream. After a moment he looked up at her, feeling her gaze. She saw the look in his eyes, the words that he had been trying to tell her before when she refused to listen.
She shook her head violently before he could speak, refusing to accept it. He could not disappear. It could not be true. He had promised to stay with her. His eyes looked sad, but his face seemed to try and hide it. He was fighting it too, but hardly better then she. Neither of them wanted to accept it.
"No." She heard herself say, shaking her head again at him.
His face turned apologetic and sad, but still he tried to hide it from her.
"Yuna, I have to go." He said quickly, though his words were nothing more then ones they both knew he had to say, not what he wanted to. He could not promise what he could not do.
"I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand." He added, even more apologetic. His words felt like daggers into her heart. She stared at him in disbelief. He couldn't go. It wasn't true. He paused, then started to walk past her towards the edge of the airship.
"Goodbye!" The word echoed in her mind as he spoke them, and her eyes followed his movement in a empty gaze. After all that had happened, after all they had been through, he couldn't be leaving?
"Hey!" Wakka called out after him in surprise, but Tidus did not stop.
"We're going to see you again.?" Rikku asked, but the doubt in her voice could not be hidden.
He continued to walk to the edge of the airship without a glance back. Yuna struggled against herself and the emotions that were swirling around her mind in a whirlwind. It wasn't. it couldn't be. he couldn't leave her. Why was he going? It all fell away suddenly and she couldn't hold herself together any longer. She found herself running towards him, unable to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes. As exhausted as she was, she ran without care towards him. She had to reach him, she had to stop him. He couldn't leave her.
"Yuna!" Kimarhi shouted after her, but she refused to hear it. Tidus stopped and turned just in time for Yuna to reach him. She reached her arms out for him, wanting to feel the comfort of their embrace again. To let her know that it wasn't true and he was real.
She passed through him as if he was not even there. Her legs failing her she fell to the ground behind him. Her heart wailed inside of her, as the truth began to come to a reality. She could not even touch him. Lying on the cold, heartless metal, she could not bring herself to move. Her heart was pounding, and ever beat felt as if she would die. As she lay motionless, she saw a pyrefly float up in front of her eyes, heading towards it's final journey. The rainbow glittered in her eyes, another sad reminder of everything that was happening. Moments that felt like years passed by, until she finally found the strength to regain control. A tear rolled down her face as she slowly ordered her body to move again. Pushing herself up, she slowly stood.
Looking out over the field of light that Sin's body had created, she struggled against the tears. She could not stop this. He was going to disappear, and leave her. There was no more time left for them, only the memories would be left. There was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to express. But she had run out of time.
"I love you." She whispered softly, looking up to the pyreflies that were slowly disappearing into the night sky. The words had been inside of her for so long, but she had never found the courage to speak them. She'd never known if they meant anything. But suddenly, they were all she wanted to say.
She stared out at the fields of light, unable to do anything more. Words abandoned her and she could only fight back the tears. He was leaving.
Suddenly she felt him behind her, and she saw his arms wrap around her shoulders. For a brief moment, she could feel him again. She felt the warmth of the embrace and heard him breathe. She felt her heart lift, as cherished the moment.
As suddenly as it had come, it was gone. He slowly put his arms down, and then passed through her. For one split second she could feel him, as if their spirits seemed to touch, but before she could understand it he was standing in front of her. Tears began to flow down her face as she watched him begin to run towards the edge, not looking back again. Then he jumped, and fell into the field of light.
He was gone.
She felt everything inside of her suddenly collapse, and the tears would not stop. She fell to her knees and covered her face with her hands. There was a long silence before she heard her friends begin to speak among themselves. Rikku came up beside her and put a hesitant hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Yuna barely felt her cousin's touch. All she could feel was the embrace, the embrace she'd never feel again.
He was gone.