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Dark Ecstasy

by Chantal

Story Summary:  Hermione is in the middle of her seventh year at Hogwarts.  Voldemort is in hiding after a particularly damaging battle in her sixth year, so everyone is enjoying a guarded reprieve from the war.  Draco, however, is in emotional turmoil.  He's in conflict with himself over a secret he's had since that last battle.  Things turn ugly and Draco uses his rather evil, sadistic side to attempt the ownership and downfall of Hermione Granger.  Hermione, however, isn't going down without a fight.  She'll seek help in the one moment Draco's not looking and a suspicious Severus Snape will be ready.  This is an eventual HGSS.

Chapter 1:  Draco's Secret

"Draco, do you know how wonderful you are to me?  I don't think I could be happy without you.  I am so in awe of you…how sexy you look, how smart you are, how incredibly clever…Oh, Draco, I want you, I need you, I love you…kiss me, please…" she breathed her soliloquy into his ear while she ran her hands unabashedly over his firm body.  He obliged her by kissing her deeply and somewhat roughly.  She squealed in delight as he roamed his hands over her soft breast and squeezed tightly.  He began to unbutton her blouse methodically when he heard her deep voice call, "Draaacoooo!"  Wait, her deep voice?  Draco looked up and saw both Crabbe and Goyle staring at him.  Draco Malfoy had been indulging in one of his fantasies about her again.  Then he noticed her walking around the lake and laughing with her dimwitted friends. 

'There she is…strangely beautiful with her long, full, flowing chestnut hair and piercing sienna eyes.' Draco began his musing after staring at her for what seemed like an hour.  'She's so damned intelligent and full of spark, but a mudblood just the same.  Why can't I just forget about her?  She is nothing that I'm supposed to want, and yet I do…badly.  I don't know where or when it started, but my obsession with Hermione Granger has reached epic proportions, and after the events of earlier today, there's no going back.  She has seen to that.'

…Flashback to lunch in the Great Hall, 12:30 pm

"Granger!" Hermione heard the baritone voice of the annoying Slytherin ferret known as Draco Malfoy.  'Ugh!' she thought.  'Not again, Malfoy…Get a life!'

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Hermione replied through clenched teeth without even looking up from her vegetable soup.

Draco slid between Hermione and Ginny causing both girls to finally look up from their previously enjoyable meals.  He ignored Ginny and stared at Hermione with an evil grin as he reached out and began gliding his finger slowly along her jaw line. Hermione stared at him with disgust and both girls tried to squeeze him out. He was stronger, however, and stayed put.   

"Come now, Granger…You can be nicer than that. I'm over here to give you something after all! After seven years, you must be truly tired of the Bores of Gryffindor known as Potter and Weasley.  I know some interesting and…um…enjoyable…ways to break you out of your boredom.  What d'ya say?  It's really an offer of a lifetime…"  Hermione's face twitched and contorted into a grimace that promised she was bubbling over with anger inside and was about to explode.  Suddenly, she shot out of her seat on the bench and slapped Draco squarely across his pale face. 

Draco recoiled from the slap.  He just stared at her in shock and couldn't believe how high-pitched and indignant Hermione's verbal response was.  "Of all the idiotic, stupid, ignorant, stupid, delusional, STUPID ideas!  You must absolutely desperate, Malfoy!  What's the matter…are both Pansy and Millicent tired of you today?  Or, have they just finally come to their senses and told you to permanently 'sod off'?  You are really pathetic!  I wouldn't be within 100 feet of you if I didn't have to go to school with you.  You are a repulsive, sick, sadistic, narcissistic ferret!"  Hermione breathed deeply while Malfoy, along with everyone else presently eating in the Great Hall (including some professors), collectively stared at her with gaping mouths.

Hermione took this silence as an invitation to continue her tirade that was seven years in the making.  "And another thing, Draco Malfoy," she spit his name out with what everyone swore was actual venom, "if you EVER think about even talking to me again, I will hex you so badly your Death Eater family and friends won't even recognize you!"  And with that, Hermione spun around and stalked out of the Great Hall while every set of eyes in the place were focused on her exiting form.

Then, slowly, the eyes that were so focused on an enraged Hermione turned their attention toward the object of her tirade…Draco Malfoy.  He was frozen on the bench at the foreign Gryffindor table when he heard something he never thought possible…everyone was laughing at him.

…End Flashback…

That was seven hours ago and now he was up in the Astronomy Tower watching Hermione stroll around the lake with her arms linked with those of Potter and Weasley. She walked like she had not a care in the world.  Draco's pale face slowly reddened.  'No, this won't do.' he thought. 'She's not going to make a fool out of me, no matter how much I want her.' 

"Wait, that's it!" Draco shouted to no one in particular.

Crabbe and Goyle, who were sitting over on a bench greedily eating stolen cakes from the kitchens, just stared at him, then each other, and shrugged.

Draco didn't pay them any attention.  He knew what he needed to do.  He was going to have Hermione Granger…own her.  Not only that, but he was going to make her beg for his help, make her need him and only him, string her along, get whatever it was he wanted from her, and then be done with her once and for all.  He was a Malfoy, after all.  She would regret ever crossing him and he would have the last laugh.