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A/N: This story focuses on a character named Alexandria Knight, but she goes by her nickname Allie. She's a character that I created in my other story, The Adventures of Kendra and Nadia and this story flows in continuity with it. For those that haven't read it, here's a brief summary: Allie is a grade eight student who is friends with Kendra, Nadia, and another character I created, Brandy Jamison. Allie meets Dean, the guy who attacked Paige the year before, at a soccer tournament at his school. She doesn't know what he did and, unknowingly, she gets involved with him. But one night after a school dance, Dean sexually assaults her and Allie is, of course, devastated.

This story takes place after the events in Holiday. Even though she has been talking to the school guidance counselor, as well as talking to Paige for support, Allie is still coping with what happened to her…


It had seemed like forever since she had been out and had any fun, so Allie was determined that she was going to live it up this night. Some of the kids at Degrassi had given her an invitation to this party and she decided that she was going to go, even though Kendra, Nadia, and Brandy couldn't make it. As the music pulsated to a rhythm that seemed to be hypnotic, Allie just let the beat take control of her. She hadn't danced like this in ages. She had even gone out and bought a hot new outfit, just for the occasion. For the first time, in a long time, she felt like her life was starting to have some semblance of becoming normal again. But just as she was starting to feel like tonight would be the night when she would finally make a fresh start, her past suddenly reached out and pulled her back into that familiar black hole of despair.

"Glad to see you could make it, Red. You and that gorgeous body of yours look fabulous." A familiar voice said to her.

Allie didn't even have to turn around to know who had just spoken to her. From that familiar cocky attitude, to the way he referred to her by her long red hair, she knew that it could only be one person. Dean. His name would be forever burned into her consciousness.

"What are you doing here?" Allie asked as she took a couple of steps back from him.

"Just here to have a good time, like always." Dean replied with a grin.

Allie had thought she was finally getting over what had happened to her. But seeing him here, she felt terrified. Terrified like the night when Dean took her innocence from her.

"What's the matter Red, don't you want to have a good time?" Dean asked her.

"Are you insane, you think what you did to me was fun?"

"Admit it, we had a good time together." Dean said, trying to convince her.

"No-we-didn't!" Allie yelled as some of the partygoers stopped to notice their conversation.

Allie noticed that Dean was apparently there with a date. The girl was pretty, with short blonde hair and she looked like she couldn't have been much older than Allie. In many ways the girl reminded her of herself, or the way she used to be, before she met Dean.

"Look girl, you have to listen to me. Dean is not the guy you think he is. You have to believe me." Allie said pleading with the girl standing next to Dean.

"Don't listen to her, she's just jealous because things didn't work out between us." Dean said to the girl he had brought to the party, "Say, why don't you go get us something to drink, I'll be over to find you as soon as me and Red get something straight."

Despite Allie's warnings, the girl walked over to the table with sodas and waited for Dean.

"Look, you've got to stop it with your crazy accusations. You know everything that happened between us, happened, because you wanted it." Dean asserted.

"The reason it happened was because you don't know what the word No means." Allie replied, "You didn't know what it meant with me, or with Paige."

"Come on Red, you and Spirit have got to move on and quit living in some fantasy world. If you have regrets about what happened, that's not my fault. But you two have to quit ruining my good name by going to the police, just so they can harass me." Dean said to her.

"You don't have a good name, especially with me." Allie replied.

"I don't have time for this, I came to this party to enjoy myself with my date, not to argue with you about your crazy accusations." Dean said as he turned to walk away.

In that moment, Allie realized that her worst fears had come true. Not only had Dean raped two girls, but now, it looked like he was going to get away with it. The legal system just didn't work if it couldn't stop a predator like him. So Allie decided she was going to stop him, herself.

Allie walked over to the coat area where she had set her purse down. She picked it up and slowly walked over in Dean's direction.

"What do you want now Red? I've said everything to you that I intend to tonight." Dean said as he held a soda in one hand and had his other arm around his date.

As soon as Dean made his statement to Allie, the crowd started to make a commotion as someone noticed what Allie was about to do. Even the girl who was standing next to Dean quickly moved away from him.

"Gun! That girl's got a gun!" Someone yelled, as the crowd around Allie and Dean started to scatter.

"Come on, you're not scaring me and I know you're not going to use that. So just put it down." Dean said as he stood there without flinching.

"It's like you said, we have nothing left to say to each other." Allie said.

There was a moment of silence and then…


...as the revolver she was holding went off.