Title- A Light in the Dark

Author- Space Faerie

Rating- PG-13

Summery- Snape has not been feeling well, hes been throwing up and hes always tired, hes just not himself. After he faints in class Madam Pomfrey has a reason to his problems, but its a very surprising and complicated one.

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Warnings- SLASH!!! MPREGGY (men pregnant) SLASH!!! MPREGGY!!! You no likey you no read, you no likey and you read and you flame, you are a bad squishy! Got it? Good.

* * * * * *

'No. Not again.' Severus Snape told himself as he lie in bed that morning. He was having the oh-so familiar feeling of whatever he had eaten the day before come up. He slowly got out of bed, but then started to run to the bathroom as he felt all his food pushing its way up and out of his mouth. This was the third time this week. 'What the Hell is causing this?' He thought as he barfed again. He was watching colors come out of his mouth that he was sure he had never eaten, some he had never seen. And he was starting to worry. After cleaning himself (and the bathroom for that matter) up he went to breakfast. He should't go, it would problem come up the next morning, or even in the afternoon. He didn't even have the strength to sneer at Neville Longbottom, who was watching Snape make his way down the Isle and quivering in fear of having points taken away for something he problem didn't even do.

Severus Snape looked down at his plate. He closed his eyes and tried to force the feeling of something making its way up his throat away. "Severus, something the matter?" Minerva McGonagall asked, who had observed Snape turning green and pushing his plate away. "Nothing Minerva, I'm fine as always and I will be attempting to teach brainless brats as I do every day of my miserable life." He said, his eyes still closed. 'Why can't that woman mind her own business!' He thought. "Oh Severus don't lie! You look like your going to puke! Are you feeling well?" She asked, prodding him with questions that did not help his situation. Snape could feel it rising farther into his mouth, He could almost taste it. He nodded. Before she could prod anymore he got up and left without touching his breakfast.

After puking two more times Snape had regained enough strength to see who he had for first period. He began to feel worse as he saw the Gryffindors and Slytherins filing into the classroom. Snape opened his mouth to speak but he couldn't't, he felt as if he would puke again. He also started to feel faint. But he had to teach his class, he had a reputation to keep. He waved his wand and the days instructions appeared on the black board. When he turned around to go into his office he turned to fast and had to grip the desk in the front row for support, the room was spinning. He started to walk to the back of the class slowly to fetch a drink of water but he only made it half way when he fainted. Lavender and Parvati (who happened to be sitting at the desk Snape was by when he fainted) squealed with fear. They jumped up and ran to to Hermione screaming questions on what to do. Hermione rose her wand and pointed it at Snape : Enervate (A/n: that may be spelled wrong too) she said. Snape rose into the air and Hermione floated him to the Hospital Wing.

'Here it comes again.' Snape thought as he felt that feeling rising in his throat, only this time when he opened his eyes he wasn't in his Chambers, he was in The Hospital Wing. And there was a bucket by his bed, as if someone knew he was going to puke. Without question he grabbed the bucket and vomited until it hurt. Every time he did the bucket would magically empty itself and allow itself to be refilled. His stomach hurt very badly. Madam Pomfrey came into the room looking like shes seen Voldemort himself in person. "Poppy? Wha- Why am I here? and Whats wrong with you?" Snape asked in a horse voice. "Severus, we need to talk. Firstly, you are here because you fainted. How have you been feeling lately? I mean, Have you gained any weight? Have you been throwing up every morning? Are you tired? Any weird tastes? Anything at all?" She asked. 'How does she know I've been throwing up every morning for four days in a row, and how does she know I'm tired in the afternoon, and how does she know I'm not feeling myself?' He thought. What he said was "Poppy, I can assure you-" but he never got the words out, he had to throw up again. He had all the signs. Madam Pomfrey shook her head. She spoke slowly and very seriously

"Severus, I think you might be pregnant."

* * * * * * *

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