Poltergeist by Electric Spyro

A.n. New fic that's not a sequel to anything! Yay! Once again I was inspired to write this. Mostly from this show called Eerie, Indiana. omg that is an awesome show! lol. i watched it all the time when i was little even tho it only lasted for like twenty episodes. wait - what am i saying? i still watch it! ;op

anywayz, this means this fic will be a Smallville/Eerie, Indiana crossover. Even if you haven't seen Eerie, Indiana plz read this fic. i'm not a big fan of crossovers myself (mostly because they start 2 get a little too sci- fi for me) but some (like this one!) are cool. so please at least read the first chapter and review 2 make me happy.

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"Man, this bites," Pete stated angrily just as Clark walked into the Torch office to give Chloe his new article.

"What bites?" Clark asked Pete curiously as he handed his finished paper to his other friend.

"This year's school field trip. My brother said last year they went to England for a week and the year before that they went to Walt Disney World."

"And?" Clark urged as he sat down in a chair next to him not quite understanding his point.

"This year's fun ride is to Eerie, Indiana," Chloe added brightly her eyes still forcing themselves to look at the computer screen in which she was typing the front page story.

"Eerie, Indiana?" Clark repeated puzzled.

"Yes and if you'd have said that with a little more rage you could sound just like Pete," Chloe notified smirking at Pete and then quickly snapping her vision back on the screen.

"You cannot tell me you aren't the tiniest bit disappointed. I mean, who the hell has ever even heard of that place?" Pete said defensively.

"You never know, Pete. It could become the best trip of your life," Clark announced openmindedly.

"Besides, it's not like their forcing us to go or anything. In fact, you have to pay for your own train ticket if you decide to go," Chloe added matter-of-factly.

"We have to pay to go to this dump? No way. Have fun guys. I'll be staying here playing PS2 and watching Lord Of The Rings. At least that will be a fun adventure," Pete practically shouted as his temper shortened rapidly. "Eerie, Indiana is one step up from staring at a wall."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Chloe informed leaning even closer to the monitor as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "This site was designed by two kids who live in Eerie. It says they've recorded over eighty eight strange or odd things that have happened to them and others while living there."

"They've gotta be joking," Pete said in disbelief.

"Sounds like they got Eerie and Smallville mixed up," Clark spoke up as he stood and walked around to look over Chloe's shoulder at the screen along with Pete.

Chloe scrolled down and continued to read aloud:

"Four possible UFO sightigs, fifteen ghosts and/or apparations, bigfoot prints, werewolfs, and over fifty haunted structures in Eerie. Well, that pretty much puts them on the same level with Smallville as far as weirdness goes."

"How do you know they aren't making this crap up to try to get people to come to their boring-ass town? They could be sci-fi maniacs for all we know," Pete spat still not wanting to accept the fact that this trip could be fun.

"Still, I think I should go. If I can find these kids I might be able to get an interview out of them," Chloe wondered out loud.

"I'm in. What about you, Pete?" Clark glanced at his friend who stared at them unbelievably.

"I can't believe you two just ate that whole thing up. What if they're lieing?"

"Then we wasted our money and you can make us regret it for the rest of our lives," Clark promised.

"You know what? I should go just to show you guys that this place is no where near Smallville standards."

"Then you're going?"

"I know I am," Lana interuppted as she walked into the office greeting everyone with a friendly smile.

"Hey Lana," Clark immediately greeted cheerily as he beamed at her. Seeing Lana smile made his day perfect.

"Hey Clark," she answered setting her bookbag down on the couch."I assume you were talking about the trip to Eerie?"

"Yeah. All of us are going except for Pete. Isn't that right?" Chloe whirled around and stared at Pete along with everyone else.

"You're not coming with us?" Lana asked bewilderedly as she frowned.

"What are talking about? I'm packing my things as soon as school gets out," Pete explained trying to hide the fact that he still wished they were going somewhere more populated. But what fun would it be in Smallville without his friends?

"Great," Lana exclaimed.

The morning bell rang and everyone filed out and merged in with the rest of the bustling crowds of students dully walking to their classes.


"Don't forget to call if thing goes wrong."

"And don't run off anywhere without letting someone know where you're going."

"And don't try to save the world while you're there, son. We want you to go and have fun."

"Alright! Okay! Geez, it's not like I'm going into the navy. It's just for a week. I'll be back next Saturday," Clark broke in for the fifth time.

He loved his parents - he really did - but sometimes they could get pretty annoying.

"And you have everything?" Martha double checked worriedly.

"Yes, mom," he confirmed firmly.

They were standing in front of the train that would be taking Clark and his three friends to Eerie, Indiana. It's jet black engine puffed up clouds of dark smoke as it came to a halt at the station. The other train cars were painted a deep maroon color. Everyone was hurriedly rushing by and Clark felt excitement bubble up inside of him again.

He'd never really been out of Kansas unless you counted when he was three and fell down from the planet Krypton in a meteor shower. It seemed as he got older, Smallville got - well - smaller. He needed to leave and find new adventures. A trip to Indiana seemed like his best bet.

"Yo Clark! Over here!" Pete shouted waving his hands madly.

Chloe and - Clark's heart skipped a beat - Lana were with him along with a crowd of other Smallvile High students and teachers.

"I guess I better go now," Clark hinted giving his parents one last hug and then jogging over to his friends.

"Do you really think he should be going on this trip? Something could happen," Martha whispered to her husband as she waved goodbye.

"Well, it would be kind of awkward to stop him now," Jonathan answered as he watched his son talk excitedly with his friends."We both know that he's getting older and one day he won't need us to worry about him anymore. He'll be perfectly fine."


"I got cards, checkers, chess, and snacks. This train ride is gonna be better then the trip itself!" Pete said as Clark approached them.

Clark only half heard what Pete said because he was to busy looking at Lana. She was wearing tight jeans and a white tank top. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she silently laughed as Clark stared at her.

"Are you okay, Clark?"

"Huh? Oh - yeah I'm great," he answered quickly as he forced himself to look away from her.

She continued to gaze at him. He had some nice jeans and a Nike t-shirt (stole that outfit from CbtD. lol). She was surprised he didn't have his favorite fannel. It was a nice change.

"Alright everyone! If all Smallville High students would look over hear please!" Mr. McDaniels, the den of the school and leader of the trip, shouted.

Lana reluctantly moved her gaze from Clark to Mr. McDaniels.

"First, I want you all to know that this is a fun as well as educational trip for you and I expect each and everyone out here to learn at least one new thing.

"Second, you all will find a seat in the many compartments which each hold up to six people. If someone cannot find a seat and you have room, please be nice for a change and let them sit with you. The sleeping areas will only be used at night. You and a partner will share a room and no co-ed rooms please. This is a school trip.

"Lastly, I want you to remember that we are tourists in Eerie and I strongly urge you all to stay with the group. I will give you more information when we get there. You may now board the train. We'll be leaving in five minutes."

Chloe, Pete, Clark, and Lana climbed the steps and found an emtpy compartment. Pete immediately dished out his snacks and they all played cards until midnight when Mr. McDaniels informed them that they must get to bed.

Pete and Clark found their room while Chloe and Lana found theirs and they all fell asleep knowing that when they awoke they would be even closer to Eerie, Indiana.

And, for some reason, Clark felt like that was a bad thing instead of a good one.


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