Chapter 30

Catherine got up early the next morning and personally walked Lindsey to the bus stop. Waiting until her daughter got on safely, Catherine stood in the brisk morning air for 5 minutes before returning back inside. It was then that all of yesterday's feelings came flooding back, drowning her sense and her mind until they could hardly breath. At first she was angry, at Grissom, at Mrs. Fields, at herself. Yesterday, Lindsey had walked up to her and asked what happened to her hand. An accident she told her daughter. Her mommy was clumsy at the hospital. But as soon as the anger flared up, it died away as if a soft breeze descended upon it. Then came sadness. Finally, Catherine made a decision. She would forgive and forget. She knew that Grissom was tearing himself up about what had happened, she knew he didn't get any sleep, she knew. Of course she knew. She was just going to go up to him and say, "it's ok." And then let things take their course. That's what she'd do. That's the perfect solution. And Sara would not need to know.

She got herself ready and dialed Warrick's number. A nice, soothing voice answered. "Warrick," Catherine's mouth turned into a smile before she could reply.

"Hey, Warrick. It's Catherine." She sat down into a nearby chair, cradling the phone in her hand.

"Hey Cath!" Was his voice just a tad more cheerful? "How are you feeling?"

"I'm good, thanks." She was enjoying their conversation. The two fell silent, engulfed in their thoughts. 'This is so nice.' 'I can't believe she actually called.' Catherine was the first one to come out of her reverie.

"Oh yeah, you know I'm stranded?" She inwardly smiled and prayed that Warrick would not mention the word, 'Taxi' Instead, she heard a chuckle on the other end.

"That's right. I completely forgot, well," He changed his voice, "When shall I pick you up Ma'am?" It was her turn to laugh.

"You decide. I'll be waiting sir." Both of them hung up in a much better mood, followed by scrambling to get themselves presentable to each other.

Warrick arrived half an hour later and rang the doorbell. Catherine answered, wearing a white tank top with a covering blue jacket, jeans and black shoes. Warrick quickly looked her up and down, hoping that she did not notice.

"The car awaits," He held out his hand and Catherine took it. She walked down the steps and watched as Warrick closed the door and returned to her. He held her hand like a true gentleman, as if escorting his date to the prom, and opened the car door for her. As soon as she was comfortably seated, he slammed the door shut and ran over to the other side of the car. Hopping in he asked, "Where to?" Catherine slyly smiled.

"The hospital, of course." Warrick nodded, and the car jerked forward.

Grissom got up around 7:30. He actually stood up from the living room chaise and walked into his bathroom. He occupied the bathroom for about 15 minutes until he went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. He did not sleep at all, he just. . . thought. About how badly he treated the people who were most important in his life. First Sara, then Catherine. What was wrong with him? The one time he managed to fall asleep, he dreamed about a horrible nightmare. Everyone had deserted him. Walked away and left him alone. He woke up in a cold sweat and refrained from sleeping since.

Making an omelette he ate it without tasting a bite. Grissom was on autopilot. The only thought that was in his head this dreadful morning was, "Gotta get to the hospital. Apologize, see Sara, make everything better." He finished his breakfast and walked out the door without even bothering to lock it. He came back a few seconds later, grabbed his keys, and ran out once more.

Grissom arrived at the hospital in record time, weaving in and out of cars, trying to make it to the hospital before anyone else so he could have a few moments alone with Sara. As he walked into the familiar building, he noticed Warrick, standing by a wall, two coffees in hand. He slowly made his way to him.

"Hey, Warrick." Despite his instincts, Warrick refrained from yelling at his boss. Catherine had explained to him what her plan of action was. Let it go. That's it.

"Hey, Grissom, you sleep ok?" He looked crestfallen, looking on at the young man, Grissom deeply sighed.

"No, Warrick." Putting his hands into his pockets, Grissom looked for the right words, " I'm really sorry about yesterday Warrick. I was just so mad, I almost lost Sara, but we found her and she was recovering and then, I, I almost lost her again." He pulled his hands out of his pockets and accepted the coffee Warrick was offering him, "Thanks, I um, I hope that you can forgive me."

Warrick nodded, "I get it Gris. You better go talk to Catherine though." Grissom nodded, he looked at Warrick inquisitively, "She's with Sara." Grissom mumbled a thanks and walked down the hallway.

Grissom advanced toward the door, and stepping right outside the door he heard two muffled voices. At first he was ecstatic, Sara was awake! But then, he knew that Catherine was probably telling her about what happened. Finally, he entered the room. As soon as his presence was noted, the two women fell silent.

"Hey Sara, how are you doing?" Sara looked a bit uneasy,

" I'm fine, thanks." she answered, tight lipped. Then, he turned to Catherine,

"Good morning Cath, can I speak with you please?" Catherine decided to act out her plan and pleasantly said good morning. Then, she smiled at Sara, got up from her chair, and walked outside of the room.

"Hey. . .Gris." She stood there, arms crossed, looking Grissom in the eye. The other sighed deeply and began.

"Catherine, I am terribly sorry about what happened yesterday. I was under a lot of stress, and I though that I had lost Sara again. I hope that you can forgive me, and if you can't, I will understand." He nervously shifted his weight from one foot to the other while waiting for Catherine's response. He did not have to wait long.

"Grissom, I understand. Don't worry about it." Grissom stepped forward hastily and caught hold of Catherine's good hand.

"Thanks Catherine. Thanks a lot. It really means the world to me, I wouldn't be able to stand it if you were mad at me. Especially right now." He fell silent for a while but Catherine did not respond. " Let's go see Sara now." Catherine inwardly smiled, everything was behind them now.

They both entered the room, greeted Sara, and the sick brunette saw the tension snake out of the room as if it were never there. The trio chatted a bit until Catherine decided to go check up on Warrick. Closing the door behind her, the red head vanished from sight and left Grissom and Sara alone. He was the first to speak, "Sara, I'm," She sat up, getting comfortable. Knowing Grissom, this might take a while.

"Grissom, what's wrong?" Their eyes locked and Sara saw the slight shimmer in his orbs. Just a tinge of shimmer that actually proved to her that he was capable of emotion. Even though they were not tears. . . it was the next best thing coming from the Bug Man himself.

"Sara, I'm so sorry."