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Jan. 22, 2554 4:11 PM Forerunner home world

A young girl in a Kimono skipped across stepping stones in a pond a bucket in hand. Her black hair flowing behind her. Her eyes swirled with changing color. Her sandals tapped lightly as the danced amongst the dragonflies. The forerunners kept their ways no matter how technology evolved. They kept their ways. With young Kaiya's family deceased. She was but a mistreated slave. An extraordinary girl who's innocence brought her amazing abilities.
Suddenly, it seemed like a shooting star, but it fell Into the well protected dome, It obviously once had a course. Kaiya watched, Her eyes widened in amazement. Her hair turned brown according to the change from a depressed mood to excited. She ran in the direction taking her wooden bucket of water with her. She paused, a Human craft, escape pod, Kaiya rushed to a fallen. Thing, Clad in green and black armor, she could barely she through the yellow visor, but there was a face, She set the pale down and removed the helmet quietly, inside was, sweat and blood. The helmet had covered a man's head. "Sir..?" She whimpered. Ordered to her was she was not allowed to speak unless spoken to. She grabbed the bucket and dumped the contents onto the man's face. He sat up, his vision blurred, Kaiya soon came into view. "S-sir? Are. Are you alright?"
"I'm fine." The chief said looking around "where am I..?" Chief had learned from Mendez to keep calm around young children. Kaiya never looked the man straight in the eye, "I'm sorry I had to poor the water on you."

John then realized his face was wet. He looked at the girl "Hm. I guess that's alright. The girl shook her head. "No! No it's not! Master will surely be unhappy!"

"Master?" John queried.
"Yes! Master Koofai. I. I am a slave."
John thought for a second, on earth, slavery was extremely ancient. "I'll talk to. Master Koofai then."
The girl whimpered and ran off. She stepped through the stream unconsciously leaving foot prints. John watched quietly, he then stood grasping his helmet and cleaning it out before placing it back on. "That went well." Cortana protested, "You didn't even find out where we are." "We'll be fine. She left a trail. We can talk to this Koofai and find out where we are." John stood and walked on. He followed the footprints of the young girl. He then paced as he stepped across the flowing water. It wasn't much further until he reached a small village He looked forth the young girl was still fleeing before she ran into a large estate. John ran after the girl "STOP!" he shouted. The girl ran in, followed by the sound of a slap, then a loud cry of pain. John ran into the same area she did. The young girl lay on the ground helpless and beaten. John glared at the tall strong man standing over the girl. He glared back at John. "Who are you?" He rumbled. John stood calmly. "I said who are you!?" John said nothing. "DON'T MAKE ME GO OVER THERE!!"

". . ."
The man marched over attempting to hit John but missed poorly. The young girl came to normal form. Her hair was short and periwinkle colored. A sky blue marking on her forehead. John stared nearly getting a fist in the helmet. But ducked, He shot forth bringing his fist into the man's gut.


I know. Short. But, I'm working on it.