Thoughts of Speed

Chapter 1: When I'm Gone…

By: Kuroi Neko-kun

Summary: Heartbroken by dejection, Speed transfers to Las Vegas in replacement of Sara Sidle. Will he find refuge or more pain?

From: CSI-CSI: Miami

Warnings: Slight slash/ Lots of slash

Disclaimer: All of them belong to CBS. I borrow, twist their minds, then brainwash them to remember what they should and let them go. No real harm… Really! 

A/N: This is a teaser. It's short, so I hope it does good teasing… X_x


Tim Speedle's Point-Of-View:

It was not an easy goodbye. Then again when were goodbyes ever easy? Everyone was there at the Miami airport, either resigning to my departure or hoping that I would change my mind. There was only one person who could change my mind from heading to Las Vegas but he was not saying the words I wanted him to say. I avoided his blue eyes when he spoke. His voice had lilts of hope that I would stay but nothing in it said about his feelings. He asked me whether I was sure and I said yes with such vigor that it took him by surprise. He patted my shoulder before allowing me to leave. I trudged to the departure hall, faking a smile to all my other friends. As I walked away, I felt the choke in my throat and the excruciating pain in my heart. After all the wonderful nights together, would it kill him to say three simple words? What am I even thinking? I got myself into this mess. I got us drunk. I offered to let him stay in my apartment. I kissed him. I ripped his shirt off. So this was entire my fault. I expected too much, especially when he told me that he could not let this continue. He was in love with his brother's widow. I knew it even before I engaged in sexual activities with my own boss. I could only shout back at him that day when he told me that.

"Why didn't you stop me when we kissed the first time?! Why did you let me take you in my room?! Why, Horatio, why?!" Those questions will probably haunt him now. I hope it does. I hope he thinks about me every time he sees my replacement. Still, would it kill him to turn to me, smile his own special way and say," I love you, Speed." Even just to make me stay? I sighed, knowing that those words would never be spoken now. I hope that Las Vegas proved to be what it was: Second Chance City.