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"What hospital do you think will take her looking like that? Mother? Can you hear me?"

Buffy received no response. Mystique hadn't bothered to change herself into something more human. She had come out of nowhere to save her mom's life. Hearing the sound of sirens Buffy took hold of her mother's hand.

"Mother please wake up! Mother!" Still her mother was unresponsive. Buffy had her eyes shut and was clutching her mother's hand tightly as if willing her to change. It was Remy who first noticed the change.

"Mon Dieu!"

The contact between Buffy and Mystique was somehow enough to get Mystique change started. Her features began to change. Mere minutes later, they were looking at a duplicate of Buffy but only an older version. An Ambulance siren was heading their way. Buffy opened her eyes to see an older version of herself.

"Help is coming Mother." Buffy told her mother as the ambulance stopped and the Paramedics came over with their equipment.

"Help her please." Buffy said in a teary voice.

She didn't know when she had begun crying. She felt someone pull her away and looked up to see her father.

"They need to do their job and you would just be in the way."

Buffy nodded as her father hugged her tightly. The paramedics got her stabilized and onto the stretcher and began to load her up.

"Two of you can ride with us the rest of you can meet us at Community General." The medic told them.

"I'm going!" Buffy told them. Her father released her.

"Remy go with her. Scott and I will be there as soon as we drop Joyce and Rupert off."

Remy nodded and moved to join Buffy in the Ambulance.

Buffy, Remy, Scott and Logan sat in the waiting room anxiou

sly awaiting word. The Ambulance had brought her mother in over two hours ago. Just when Buffy thought she would start pacing again an older doctor with gray hair approached them.

"I'm Dr. Mark Sloan. You're here for Ms. Darkholm?"

"Yes. I'm her daughter. How is she Doc?" "The next few days will be critical for her. She's lost a lot of blood and she has a lot of internal damage."

"Can we see her?" Buffy asked.

"Yes but only two of you at a time and not for very long. I'll show you the way."

Dr. Sloan took Buffy and Logan to Mystique's room. He left them alone so that they could visit. Buffy gasped seeing her mother covered in bandages. Buffy felt the tears well up in her eyes as she took a seat beside the bed. She took her mother's hand. She felt her father's hands on her shoulder. He gripped them in support and Buffy gave him a small smile before breaking down. Logan moved around front a knelt before his daughter taking her in his arms and held her as she cried.

"It's all my fault!" She sobbed.

"No it isn't. Mystique made her choices. She knew what she was doing. She's going to be just fine. You have to believe that. Mystique is going to be fine. Did I ever tell you about how I first met your mother?"

Buffy shook her head no as she sniffled trying to get her tears under control her father proceeded to tell her about how he had first met Xavier and Scott. Buffy chuckled when her father told her he had set off the metal detectors on the Statue of Liberty. He proceeded by telling her about the fight scene.

"She was pretending to be Storm and I could tell by her scent she wasn't. I took her totally by surprise when I stabbed her with my claws. By all rights she should have been dead but she survived and she will survive this." Logan said as he rubbed her back.

Doctor Mark Sloan looked into the room of his newest patient to see her daughter slumped over with her head on the bed fast asleep. Mark had made an exception about letting Buffy stay with her mother. He could see in her eyes that she needed to be here when her mother woke up. He smiled gently at how nice the scene looked. It made him think of his own children. Grabbing a blanket he draped it over her shoulder. She stirred and sleepily looked around not remembering where she was. When she saw Doctor Sloan it all came rushing back to her.

"How is she doc?"

"Her vitals sign are slowly getting stronger but she's not out of the woods yet."

"But she's definitely improving right?"

"Yes." Mark told her and was glad to see a bit of a twinkle in her eye. "You look like you could use something to eat. Join me for breakfast in the cafeteria. My treat."

Buffy was hungry but she really needed to stay with her mother. She didn't want her mother waking up alone. Mark seeing the indecision in her eyes made a new offer.

"How about I bring breakfast here?"

"That would be nice. Thank you Doctor Sloan." Doctor Sloan left and Buffy clutched the blanket around her as she checked on mother. She moved a stray hair that had fallen into her mother's face.

"I'm sorry mom. I want you in my life. Do you hear me? I want you in my life." She held her mother's hand tightly A few minutes later Doctor Sloan returned with breakfast.

Two day later Mystique still had not wakened up. Dr. Sloan assured her that that was normal with serve cases like this. Buffy still refused to go home even after her mom had talked to her. She kept telling them that she had to be there. Remy would spend his time sitting with Buffy when he was allowed. It was on the third night that Buffy had finally gotten her wish. She had been fast asleep in the chair when she felt the gentle squeeze of a hand. It was enough to wake Buffy up and she looked up hopefully into the eyes of her mother.

"You're here." Her mother spoke softly.

"I am. I'm sorry mother. I want you in my life. I love you." Buffy said as she broke down crying in relief. Her mother stroked her head.

"I love you too Elizabeth and I want to be in your life. It's okay. I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

Buffy wiped her eyes.

"I need to let the doctors know you're awake. I'll be right back."

Buffy quickly let go of her hand and ran out of the room. She returned a minute later with a young blonde looking doctor.

"Mother, this Doctor Travis, he and Doctor Sloan have been taking care of you."

Doctor Travis began checking her vitals.

"She's going to be just fine. She's through the worst of it."

"Thank you." Buffy said happily. "Doctor Sloan will be here in the morning. Why don't the two of you try and get some sleep."

They both nodded and watched Travis leave the room. Mystique patted the spot beside her.

"Come lay down in the bed. You'll be more comfortable and I want you near."

Buffy nodded and moved to the bed. She laid down facing her mother and soon the two fell asleep. That was how Remy, Logan, Scott, Joyce, and Rupert found them when they arrived later that morning.

A week later Mystique was released from the hospital. Mystique had talked with Joyce and thanked her for taking such good care of her daughter. Joyce thanked her for saving her life and for entrusting her with Buffy. Buffy had talked to her mom and told her that she would have to go back with her father so that she could become stronger in using her power. Joyce didn't want to let her daughter go now that she had finally gotten her back.

"You and Giles could move to New York then we could see each other whenever."

Joyce looked to Giles to see what he thought of that. Rupert just shrugged.

"As long as you're happy, I can live anywhere." Rupert told his fiancée.

"Then we have a lot of work to get done before we can move. We need to find a place to live."

So the group began to make arrangements for Joyce and Rupert. Mystique had left a day later telling Buffy she would see her when she returned to New York. That weekend they had all flown back to New York so Joyce and Giles could go apartment hunting. Back at the school Buffy and Remy caught up with Xander, Willow, Bobby, and Rogue. The group spent the day hanging out. Later that night Buffy escaped to her room for some quiet time. She was lying on her bed when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

She said turning her head to see who was entering. She smiled at seeing her boyfriend enter carrying a single rose.

"For you Chere." Remy said handing her the rose. "A token of my affection that doesn't even come close to your beauty."

"That's so sweet. Thank you Remy. This deserves a very proper reward."

She pulled on to the bed and kissed him thoroughly. To two sat in her room for a long time making out and just being with each other.