Two Crossing Times

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Chapter 1 – Disaster Storm



"Come on Squall!" Rinoa shouted. "You can do this."

"Woo hoo, go Squall!" Selphie practically screamed.

Squall's face was screwed up in concentration. He could feel his fingers starting to hurt. His opponent was wearing down. He could finish this soon.

"Go, Zell, go!!" Quistis yelled excitedly.

Zell's fingers were hurting too. He was being badly beaten by Squall. He was very good at this. He could see his life go down and he started to fight back even harder. But he pressed the wrong button and Squall took the chance to win. Zell watched as his life faded.

"No way!!" He shouted miserably as his life disappeared

"YES!!" Squall yelled happily. Rinoa grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek.

Zell dropped his head in shame. Beaten by a complete amateur.

"Boy, Zell," said Irvine, "for a martial-arts expert, you sure do suck at fighting games."

They were in Deling City's new arcade. They had gotten some time off together from Garden. Zell had brought them here to make a bet. If he was beaten at any game he would buy everyone a meal from the chip shop.

"Hope you brought your wallet Zell," Selphie said stifling back a fit of giggles. The look on Zell's face was priceless.

"That's not fair!" He moaned. "Best 2 out of 3."

"Sorry, Zell." Squall said, still holding Rinoa. "But I promised Irvine that I'd play a two player on Time Crisis 2 with him."

Zell cursed silently. "Oh man, I hate getting beat."

Everyone, except Zell, burst out laughing.

Squall stopped laughing when his mobile went off. He accepted the call and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He said. The others looked at him wanting to know who it was. "Yes. What, now? But sir we're on vacation!" Everyone knew instantly that it was Headmaster Cid. Since Squall had become Commander of Garden, he was always the first to know about any missions that came up. This had to be very important if Cid would phone Squall while he was on holiday. "Alright, I'll tell the others." He put the phone away and looked at everyone.

"There's a new mission up. Cid wants us back at Garden now." He sounded a bit annoyed.

"Does he want all of us back?" Quistis asked.

"Yes," Squall answered, "he chose us specifically for this mission. We've to get back to Garden as soon as possible."

"Good thing we brought the Ragnarok, huh?" said Selphie. With that they left the arcade and headed back to their hotel.

* * * * *

"Man, this so isn't fair!" Rinoa moaned, while packing her things. "I mean we're supposed to be on vacation." Rinoa's dog, Angelo, was also with them. She lay on the floor watching Squall and Rinoa pack.

"It pisses me off too, Rinoa." Squall said packing away his things too. They both shared a room. Squall and Rinoa had been going out for over a year. They had started dating after they had defeated Sorceress Ultimecia. The others, Selphie in particular, still laughed at the idea of Squall having a girlfriend.

"It's hard enough to get a vacation, especially for you Squall. You're the Commander of Garden, you get less vacations than the Headmaster."

Squall chuckled at that statement. She was right though. He had been promoted when he had come back from time compression. Commander was a very important job and a very tiring one too. Sometimes, Squall would get so stressed out from his work that, he would sneak out of Garden, go to the nearest town or city and find something else to do.

"I know. This mission better be important, or I might just resign!"

Rinoa was actually quite shocked to hear that. He may have only been 18, but Squall was very mature about his work. "You don't mean that, Squall."

"Don't I?" he answered simply. He zipped up his bag, which had all his clothes and accessories inside, and put it on the floor. He then walked over to Rinoa and hugged her from behind. "If I resign, we get more time together, don't we?"

He kissed her neck and she moaned in pleasure. She turned round to face him.

"I guess you're right." She said before laying her lips on his. Squall pulled her closer to him and kissed her passionately. Rinoa ran her finders through his messy brown hair while Squall's hands were round her waist. They kissed for several minutes until they were interrupted, by someone opening the door.

It was Selphie. Angelo looked up and wagged her tail.

"Oops, sorry! Am I interrupting something?" she whispered, standing at the door, barely managing not to giggle.

Squall and Rinoa both shook their head's, still holding onto one another.

"Well. . .ahem. . .we're. . .uh. . .leaving in ten minutes. Okay! Bye!" She ran out the room.

Squall and Rinoa looked at each other and laughed. The kissed each other again and picked up their bags. They walked out of the door and headed to the Ragnarok, hand in hand, with Angelo close behind them.

* * * * *

The Ragnarok was a large red airship shaped like a dragon. It was originally a spaceship that was missing. Luckily, while floating around in space, Squall and Rinoa found the Ragnarok, but it was filled with Propagators. Squall had managed to bring the ship to Earth and Selphie had taken over the driving. After time compression, Esthar had let Garden keep the Ragnarok as a reward.

As they went on board, everyone else was already on; they put their bags in a watertight container. They used it to keep their bags and equipment from getting wet, if the ship ever crashed into the ocean. Squall, Irvine and Selphie went up to the main deck, while Zell, Quistis, Rinoa and Angelo went to the living quarters to get some rest.

"Yo, Squall!" said Irvine while the headed up the elevator, "Where about is Garden anyway?"

"They're near Edea's house," Squall replied "We can head past Centra to get there."

"There's supposed to be a storm tonight," Selphie told them, "I hope we can get there safely."

"So do I, Selphie," Squall said sadly, "So do I."

* * * * *

They were crossing the Centra Ocean about an hour later. The rainstorm had turned into a thunderstorm, the storm winds making the Ragnarok sway slightly. Everyone, except for Selphie who was driving, had fallen asleep. Selphie had told them that it would take at least another hour to get to Garden, so everyone had decided to take a nap.

In his room, Squall couldn't get to sleep. The thunder from the storm outside was keeping him awake. Rinoa though, who was curled up next to him, her head on his chest, was sleeping peacefully, as was Angelo, who was lying on the floor. Squall smiled as he looked down at her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had Rinoa, not Seifer. His rival had always teased him for falling for her; he was constantly calling him 'puberty boy.'

Squall looked at the ceiling, and remembered to when he and Rinoa had first met. It had been at the SeeD-graduating ball, where she had practically dragged him onto the dance floor. He had refused but she forced him in the end. He then met Rinoa again in Timber. Her resistance group, 'The Forest Owls,' had hired SeeD to her them win back Timbers independence. Rinoa and Squall always argued with each other. Rinoa wanted Squall to open up to everyone, while he wanted her to shut up. At the time, he never would have imagined that she would be his first love.

Squall had always kept himself to himself, afraid that if he opened up, his friends would abandon him. He had lost that feeling of comfort before. That had been when Sis had left the orphanage. He had never truly known his feeling for Rinoa, until she had fallen into a coma. When she had been possessed in space, Squall had jumped into space to rescue her. Ever since then, he had known one thing. That he loved Rinoa.

Squall looked back down at Rinoa and kissed her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. Her lips formed a smile as she held him tighter. She gave him a small peck on the cheek and then moved to his mouth. Their lips met and Squall slowly rolled her over so he was on top of her. He licked her lips as she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. They lay there, kissing passionately, as the storm outside got louder.

* * * * *

Selphie sat in the pilot seat, while Irvine sat in the seat next to her. He was sleeping, while she tried to stay awake. She had to pilot the Ragnarok.

Selphie tried her best to keep the ship straight, but the wind was making it hard for her to control it. She was starting to see the occasional lightning strike, but each one was dangerously close to the ship. She eventually started considering landing, but if the mission Cid had was important, they couldn't afford to be late. She felt the wind get stronger, as she found it harder to control the ship.

Then it happened.

She heard an explosion from the left side of the ship as it was struck by lightning. The explosion woke Irvine up. The electricity short-circuited the main computer, causing the power to go offline. The Ragnarok plummeted down towards the ocean, Selphie unable to prevent it.

"Selphie, what happened?" asked Irvine, panicking.

"We were struck by lightning. The main computers offline, I can't control the ship!!"

The Ragnarok hit the water hard, headfirst. The pressure from the crash smashed the window in the main deck, allowing water to come spilling through. The water quickly filled up the room, with Irvine and Selphie inside. They quickly swam out the window that had been smashed, and swam up to the surface.


Squall and Rinoa were flung of their bed with the impact.

"What the hell was THAT!?" Squall nearly shouted.

"I don't know!" Rinoa whispered as Angelo started barking. Something was wrong. She thought that they might have landed, but Selphie never landed that hard.

"C'mon!" Squall said going out the door. Rinoa and Angelo followed him but stopped when they saw him looking at the floor.

"What? What is it, Squall?" She looked at him, and for the first time, saw fear in his eyes. She looked at the wall that Squall was staring at, and gasped.

Water was coming in from a hole that had been made. Some of the wall had been singed. They must've been struck by lightning.

"SHIT!!!" Squall shouted, "We've got to find the others." And with that he ran down the hall to warn them. Rinoa ran after him, seeing a few more holes with water pouring into them.

Squall reached Zell's door.

"ZELL? ZELL? Open up!"

Zell yawned while he opened the door.

"What?" he asked groggily.

"The Ragnarok's flooding! We've got to get out of here!"

"What! How!"

"I don't know, but I'm going to find Selphie and Irvine. Hurry! You and Rinoa get Quistis. See if you can get out of here."


Zell and Rinoa hurried to Quistis' room while Squall headed for the main deck. He reached the elevator and saw water pouring down the wall. It was coming from the deck!

"Oh Hyne! Dammit!"

He started to panic. They didn't have much time. He could feel the Ragnarok tilting slightly as it filled with water. It was now up to his ankles. They couldn't go up, so they'd have to go down. He decided to open the cockpit. This would bring more water in but it was their only chance at escaping. Rinoa, Zell, Quistis and Angelo came round the corner as Squall opened it. The water spilled through even faster than he thought.

"Squall! What are you doing?" shouted Quistis as she and the others walked up to him. The water was now up to their waists.

"It's the only way out. You have to swim through before this room fills up totally. Go!"

She was the first to swim through, followed by Zell, then Angelo. Rinoa didn't want to leave.

"Squall, I'm not going without you!" she grabbed onto him as the water reached her neck.

"I'll be right behind you, I promise. Now go!"

She hesitantly ducked under the water and swam out of the Ragnarok. Squall was now struggling to stay above the water, so he ducked under it and swam out. The Ragnarok had plunged deeper from when his friends had escaped so he had the hardest job of getting to the surface. He kicked his legs as hard as he could; he was slowly starting to suffocate. He broke to the surface, feeling the cold air and water sting his eyes and face.

Through the storm he saw land nearby. He swam over there, which was difficult, thanks to the force of the waves. He reached the shore, very wet and very tired. He got up and walked up to the edge of the shore, where he collapsed from exhaustion.